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13 Jun
New cases of #coronavirus in #Beijing are linked to a seafood market. Traces of the virus were found on a #salmon chopping board. It's very unlikely that this is a possible infection vector. Still, let's think through the possibilities.
The largest importers of salmon to China are Chile with 39% and Norway with 36% (Q1 2020). China has domestic salmon (TIL), but it's not competitive.…
Chile's salmon comes from large aquafarms, 60% of which are controlled by Norwegian capital.
However, Chilean salmon is much cheaper, which is mainly due to the lower labor costs. Workers work 12 hour shifts, 48 hours per week, at temperatures close to 0 °C. Image
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1 Apr
Finally found it. This is national Chinese CCTV13 news on 31 December 2019, reporting on the rise of pneumonia cases in Wuhan.…
This is the full news report, didn't realize I could expand the length over the default setting of Twitter. Hope it works this time.
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