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10 Apr 19
Why the word "#diversity" is counterproductive to building equitable, fair organizations: a thread, a rant.

First: #language has both literal and contextual / socially constructed meaning. For our purposes, I'm talking about the socially constructed meaning of "diversity".
In last year's State of Diversity Report, we found that people overwhelmingly associated the word "diversity" with two groups: White women and Black Americans. Even outside the U.S.…
Literally, Aussies were more likely to say that African American people were "diverse" than Indigenous Australians.

Let me tell you something specific: BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT DIVERSE. Neither are women, Latinx folks, people with disabilities, etc.
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15 Nov 18
So about a million people have asked me about @lesbiantech and the issue re: speakers fees and tickets.

Here's a thread, and prepare yourself for it to be a classic Aubrey Middle Way Response.
First, I do think when possible that events should pay speakers. I also believe that it is absolutely fine for people to agree to speak for no payment (I do this often, and yes I get the privilege I enjoy for being able to do so).
Other things:
-Public speaking is work
-Companies and individuals get value from being on stage and/or sponsoring events (this includes the value to individual employees who get to attend / participate)

I have spoken at LWT SF multiple times, and Atlassian has covered my tix.
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7 Oct 18
THREAD. Balanced teams vs. "diversity".

Some people are confused about whether, at @Atlassian, we've shifted our focus from creating intersectional justice and equitabe opportunities for everyone, with a spotlight on those who are underrepresented in tech.

That's easy: NOPE.
We're moving away from *language* that is outdated and a *barrier* to the progress we want to see. Our 2018 State of Diversity report (…) showed us two problems with the word "diversity" (on top of other issues holding back #diversity & #belonging in tech).
1. People overwhelmingly associated the word with underrepresented or minority groups.
2. The minorities people associated with "diversity" with were gender and racial minorities.

Let's unpack why this is problemmatic af, A LESSON.
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