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(1/n) Today is #WorldBipolarDay 2023.
This is celebrated each year on 30th March to observe the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, the famous painter who was posthumously diagnosed with #Bipolar Disorder.

Lets know what is #bipolardisorder & its #treatment
A 🧵
(2/n) Bipolar Disorder is a disorder of #mood that also affects our #thinking , perception, #behavior , decision making & thus hampers socio-occupational functioning.

A typical disorder consists of #depression , #mania or a mixture of both in varying types in its course.👇🏽
(3/n) A manic disorder is when there is:
persistent & pervasive elevated/ irritable #mood
⬆️ energy & activity for > 7 days ➕
other sx like Grandiose claims, ⬆️self-esteem, engaging in risky endeavours + ⬇️sleep need etc

Socio-occupational dysfunction.
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We are honored to welcome Dr. Holly Swartz, Prof of Psychiatry at @PittPsychiatry & Editor-in-Chief of American Journal of Psychotherapy (@APA_Publishing) to @uwsmph @UWHealth Psychiatry Grand Rounds to discuss:

"Psychosocial Interventions for #Bipolar Disorder"

#PsychTwitter Image
Network meta-analysis indicated that psychotherapy, including CBT, family focused therapy, and interpersonal & social rhythm therapy (IPSRT), are effective interventions for bipolar depression and for prevention of recurrence of bipolar disorder.… Image
Core strategies of bipolar-specific psychotherapies (cognitive therapy, family therapy, interpersonal & social rhythm therapy, psychoeducation & integrated care management): Image
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I will be in the audience cheering on @georgiaedemd @IainCampbellPhD @ProfDanielSmith and @ShebaniMD and on what I believe will be a historical moment in the #MetabolicPsychiatry movement.
Save me a chair, @janellison and @bschermd ;)
Let me explain what is going on. This ain't no receptive, open minded low-carb medical conference that these researchers are presenting to.
Their research on bipolar and other serious mental illness is going to be dropped on a bunch of conventionally trained mainstream MDs and researchers.
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Mitochondria are essential to our overall health and well-being. In addition to producing energy, they regulate many critical processes in the body. (1/11) #mitochondria #energy #health
Mitochondria play a key role in the production and regulation of neurotransmitters. They also help produce key hormones like cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone. (2/11) #mitochondria #hormones #neurotransmitters #neurotwitter
Mitochondria are involved in epigenetics, which is the expression of #genes from the nucleus. They send signals to the nucleus that turn genes on or off. (3/11) #epigenetics #genes #mitochondria
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Thread Alert! 🧵Starting the conversation with your doctor about using a #ketogenic diet to treat mental illness can be daunting, but it's important to be proactive about your health. #bipolar #depression #schizophrenia #ocd #anxiety (1/9)
Mention the information you've heard from other doctors and the specific mental health condition you are hoping to treat with the #keto diet. (2/9)
Express your eagerness to try the diet, but also emphasize your concern for safety and your willingness to work closely with your doctor. (3/9)
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Can eating a ketogenic diet improve symptoms of serious mental illness? Yes. Yes it can. And once again, I am not just making this up. 🧵(1/5)
A study was done at Clinique du Castelviel (Psychiatric Hospital) in Castelmarou, France, with 28 participants (12 #bipolar, 6 major #depression, and 10 #schizophrenia). (2/5)
They were put on classic keto macros. Do you want to know what happened in this severely mentally ill, hospitalized population? (3/5)
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What are the brain changes we see with a #ketogenic diet? This thread will refer to a published paper on #bipolar, but I want you to understand that any mental illness or neurological disorder will benefit from these changes. 1/13
First, let's begin by discussing changes in energy. Ketone bodies are a primary energy source for the brain leading to more efficient ATP (energy) production. They increase vascular density, which means more nutrition and oxygen for the brain. 2/13
Increased ketone bodies increase brain metabolism. You would think being able to burn more energy in a bipolar brain is a bad idea, but when there is an energy problem in the brain, neuronal structures become stressed and hyperexcitable. 3/13
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In my clinical experience as a mental health counselor working with clients with bipolar disorder, I have seen a reduction in ##medication usage and stability in #mood 1/8
One of the most exciting parts of this work is seeing my clients imagine themselves as someone who is well. #Bipolar disorder can supersede someone's sense of self, making them believe their symptoms are their personality. 2/8
However, I see the opening of possibilities and improvement in function as they start to dream about doing other things. Some of my clients choose to stay on some medications, but usually, there is a lowering of the dosages and discontinuation of many. 3/8
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Thread alert! Advice from @bschermd at @Metabolic_Mind about the #ketogenic diet as a treatment for #mentalillness 🧵⬇️ #depression #ADHD #Bipolar #Schizophrenia #OCD #Anxiety #PTSD (1/8)
@bschermd @Metabolic_Mind "Remember our caution. Therapeutic
nutritional #ketosis or simply starting
a ketogenic diet is a powerful #health
and medical intervention that can change
your body's #metabolism and could
dramatically alter (2/8)
@bschermd @Metabolic_Mind #brain function, medications, #sleep patterns, #energy levels, and other physiologic functions. You should not start a keto diet on your own. (3/8)
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Trying desperately not to think about it but having been inadvertently given access to all of my GP notes on system one including psychiatric notes when I was only trying to access a copy of my summary care record is very unsettling. I had deliberately intended never to read 1/
any of my notes. Having worked for the #NHS in some capacity intermittently since 2005 (including time as an admin assistant to a #MHA office) and as a doctor since 2011 I am acutely aware that medical notes can sometimes be brutally dehumanising. I understand it is @rcpsych 2/
guidance now that clinic letters are sent to patients but I previously opted out of receiving them. It always felt so strange to read about myself in such a clinical way. I began to dread the brown envelopes with the off white NHS paper that came through the letterbox. 3/
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"When we (@Metabolic_Mind) mention mental illness we're referring to severe
#depression #bipolar disorder or
#schizophrenia. But everything we say also may have applied to #ADD #OCD #anxiety moderate depression, #PTSD and more." (1/12)
@Metabolic_Mind I have seen it SIGNIFICANTLY improve or lead to remission in literally all of these disorders in my private practice and via my online Brain Fog Recovery Program. (2/12) #therapists #counselors #mentalhealthcounselor
@Metabolic_Mind It's ok to have hope that you can feel better. When you are suffering from any of these disorders, hope is a little scary. You don't want to be disappointed. Sometimes it's easier to practice acceptance of how you are feeling. (3/12) #hope #spoons #chronicillness
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A KD, or ketogenic diet, may be able to mimic the effects of mood stabilizers, which are commonly prescribed to treat bipolar disorder #BD. 🧵(1/5)
There are three main categories of mood stabilizers: lithium salts, anticonvulsants, and antipsychotics. However, the effectiveness of these medications can vary depending on the type of Bipolar disorder, and their exact mechanisms of action are not fully understood. (2/5)
Unfortunately, long-term use of pharmaceuticals can lead to negative side effects, such as chronic cardiovascular and metabolic issues. (3/5)
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Is the field of Metabolic Psychiatry new and emerging? Actually no. There has been a long history of metabolism being known to play a role in mental illness. #metabolicpsychiatry #mentalillness (1/12)
@ChrisPalmerMD provides an excellent outline of what we knew and when in this talk on the @Metabolic_Mind YouTube Channel (2/12)
@ChrisPalmerMD @Metabolic_Mind Sir Henry Modsley said in 1879 that diabetes is a disease that runs in families with insanity. #metabolism #metabolicpsychiatry (3/12)
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Greater evidence supports metabolic dysfunction as a likely root of bipolar illness. 🧵 #bipolar #mood #metabolicpsychiatry #inflammation #ketones
A low carbohydrate ketogenic diet mimics the mechanisms of mood stabilizers.
A ketogenic diet may repair or bypass metabolism deficits, decrease inflammation and regulate mood.
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"Many neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and major depressive disorder are characterized by cerebral glucose hypometabolism, 🧵
insulin resistance, neurotransmitter imbalances, mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and inflammation as potential causative factors."
#Alzheimers #Parkinsons #epilepsy #Bipolar #Schizophrenia #depression
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Interesting. I wish my brain worked, brainfog is thick atm.
#bipolar #EBV #autoimmune
Hypothesis: bipolar disorder is an Epstein–Barr virus‐driven chronic autoimmune disease – implications for immunotherapy…
The high anti‐EBV antibody titres in BD might reflect a high number of EBV‐infected cells. It is interesting to note that clozapine, an atypical antipsychotic drug used to treat BD, inhibits EBV reactivation.
If BD is an EBV‐induced chronic autoimmune disease, there are two ways to control EBV infection specifically and therefore treat BD: (1) treatment with antiviral drugs; and (2) improving immunity to EBV.
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Robert Bransfield, MD: Thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles demonstrate the causal association between infections and #mentalillness 400+ peer reviewed scientific articles demonstrate the causal association between tick-borne disease and mental illness. #ILADS2022 #Lyme
2/Bransfield: Up to 40% of patients w/ #Lyme develop peripheral or central nervous system involvement. Psychiatric reactions include: #paranoia #dementia #schizophrenia #bipolar #panicattacks #depression #anorexianervosa, and #ODC #ILADS2022
3/Bransfield: Lyme is over represented in psychiatric patients. #ILADS2022
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Dempsey: Bartonella is a stealth multi-systemic infection transmitted by fleas, biting flies, body louse, mosquitoes and possibly ticks #ILADS2022 ImageImage
2/Dempsey: Objective findings of #Bartonella include fever, rash, swollen lymph nodes, uveitis #ILADS2022 Image
3/Dempsey: #Bartonella is multisystemic and can involve every organ. #ILADS2022 Image
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1/ @kofinas was on the @BanklessHQ podcast w/ @RyanSAdams & @TrustlessState to discuss how the world is changing, how instability can lead to global escalation, and what role tech dependency has

I hope you enjoy this podcast summary 🧵
Image @midjourney: "wind of change"
2/ @kofinas grew up in the 90s when the 🌍 had settled w/ unity in a #unipolar moment. In 2016 w/ Trump's election, the tenor and the US-China relationship changed. A #bipolar order is usually more stable but we are not there & uncertainty will be part of it before we reach it
3/ In "The Changing World Order" from @RayDalio lists different historical systems & how they peak and decline. He also says that the US is declining & there is a conflict of visions (democracy vs. totalitarian) bc/ of that. @RyanSAdams is wondering if this could lead to #WW3
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So many people rely on painful memories of past catastrophes from the last time they stopped their psychiatric meds as justification for why they need to be on them, or proof of how #mentallyill they are. For years, I was one of these people.
What most if not all of us aren't told prior to starting these meds is that the human brain will compensate for the ongoing presence of a psychoactive chemical (which all psychiatric drugs are), changing its structure and functioning in order to maintain a state of homeostasis.
Depending on which neurotransmitters a particular drug interferes with, the brain (along with other systems in the human body, which are all interdependent upon each other) will shut parts of itself down, ramp parts of itself up, or otherwise disable itself, to put it crudely.
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The flood of foreign Govt visitors post-Ukraine, suggests, that they are finally trying to understand #India & #GOI #policy from the "horses mouth" (instead of seeing it through the biases of neo-colonialists and their Indian agents).
3/IFP #Japan #Kishida visit
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#Hypocrisy is the best policy in a #unipolar #world, but it wont work in the “multipolar transition” to a “#Tripolar #World with a #multipolar rim”!
The “#Bipolar #World with a #Multipolar #Rim,” is already here. The Russian conflict with Ukraine, wont change this. #High #Tech #Decoupling & #partial #economic #decoupling from China is a necessary for survival of free market, open democracies.
2/hwo The #Hypocritical #World #Order(#HWO): “The very people who want pragmatism on #Afghanistan, don’t want pragmatism on #Myanmar
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After talking about being #bipolar at work, it's clear that other folks want support and guidance on *how* to talk to your manager about your disability.

Mine is mental, and this is *my* advice and experience, YMMV.

Let's get started. 👇

(Inspo @Mimi_Aboubaker ...thank you!)
First, always always always read these policies before you decide to disclose:
- Anti-Harassment
- Anti-Discrimination
- Grievance / Reporting / Policy Enforcement
- Business Code of Conduct

Look for anti-retaliation clauses, at minimum.
These policies won't necessarily guarantee they'll be enforced, but if you don't see them, it's a huge 🚩 for even working at your company.

These policies are the minimum acceptable standard for operation imho.
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While there’s no way to determine if you’ll develop Seasonal Affective Disorder #SAD (or what exactly causes it), there are a few possible causes to be aware of.

Let’s break em down! 👇
1) Distance from the equator

Well, unfortunately you’re a bit out of luck on this one (unless you plan on picking up and moving to Ecuador, in which case more power to you).

Further away = less sunlight = higher chance of developing #SeasonalDepression
2) History of #MentalHealth struggles

History of #depression, #anxiety, #bipolar and other disorders can put you at a higher risk.
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