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30 Sep
🧵Oberoi Realty Vs Sunteck Realty

‼️Since real estate is d talk of d town, so let’s compare d 2 nearest competitors in d MMR market.

Both have
-minimum debt

-no CG issue

-clean and reputed promoters

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👉So, Oberoi Realty is already a reputed brand name in MMR market.

It is into mid & luxury segment along with a commercial portfolio which provides it consistent rental rev.
👉Sunteck too was into mid and Luxury resi segment but in 2018 they forayed into affordable housing.

They do not have any active commercial portfolio, but they do had plans to create assets ,which were delayed due to covid.
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26 Jun
How Ethanol Policy changed the fortunes of GLOBUS SPIRITS❓

👉So, Globus spirits is one of the largest grain based distillers in India.
👉They sell country liquor in the markets of Rajasthan ,Haryana,West Bengal and Delhi.
Have 30% mkt share in Rajasthan in IMIL segment.
👉They enjoy around 30%+ Ebitda margins in IMIL segment (earlier they were 20%+)
👉So, the co. decided to enter Bihar market and set up a distillery there.

👉And when all the capex was completed,they faced a huge setback from the state govt.
👉After Nitish Kumar was sworn in as C.M., he declared Bihar a Dry state,as a result of which their plant was shut down.

👉After all the legal struggles and battle they received an order from High Court in oct 2019 whch allowed them to operate d plant in order to produce ENA.
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15 Jun
🧵Route Mobile - Routing Messages to your Mobile📶

Just a brief thread on what Route Mobile does & what the future holds for it?

Scroll down👇 Image
📲Route Mobile Ltd (RM) provides cloud-communication platform as a service (CPaaS) to enterprises, over-the-top (OTT) players & mobile network operators (MNOs).


👉So what they basically do is that they act as an intermediary between enterprise & their customers.
Further Simplifying it ➡️ The msgs which u receive on ur phone for banks transactions,OTP,Order confirmation from e-comm etc. are all routed through CPaaS Software known as API’s.

➡️Their Api’s are integrated with the enterprises whch they serve and they get revenue per sms sent
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11 Jan

A small thread on how Co. hv changed over last few years🧵

👉With new & young mgt. they r aggressive in capturing market share


results r already visible.

@pd_log @mmvRavindra @SwarnashishC @AnishA_Moonka

👉Online sales contribute 20%+ of total Rev.

👉Co's products r bestsellers on FLIPKART

👉If u search for mixer grinder than on the very 1st glimpse you will notice 'BESTSELLER' bagde on Butterfly Rapid Mixer grinder Image
👉Same is the result with many other products like GAS STOVES & ELECTRIC KETTLES ETC.

👉Their Rapid Mixer grinder is among the lowest priced but Good quality products.

👉Their direct competitor PRITHI costs double than that of BUTTERFLY'S PRODUCTS ImageImage
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11 Sep 20

FOIL is in d oleo chem based additives buss with majority of additives sales coming from food (30%) & plastic(40%) segm. together contributing 70% to d overall revenues & rest being contri. by additives like paints, rubber, cosmetics etc.
Founded in 1970, by Mr. Ramesh Shah, a Mumbai-based businessman wid experience in chem. trading and Mr. Prakash Kamat, a skilled technocrat from Institution of Chemical Technology.

Promoter hold 75% stake & only 3.48% (10.65 lacs shares) r available for Retail shareholders.
Co. claims to be d largest organised player of Oleo-chem based green additives in India.
-Amng top 6 global players in the specialty food emulsifiers
-1 of d 5 global players in d polymer additives industry
-dey also claim to develop proprietary tech. to mfg green additives.
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15 Aug 20
Adi-Finechem #FAIRCHEM

-Adi Finechem Ltd. Founded in 1985 by Shri R.Harivallabhdas and Shri Nahoosh J Jariwala.

-It is engaged in mfg of Oleochemicals & Neutraceuticals.

-They operate through only one plant in SANAND,AHMEDAAHMEDABAD,GUJARAT.
- With the capacity of 72K MT inc. from 45K MT up 60% from 2016.

-The plant has one of the largest processing capacities for natural soft oil-based fatty acids in India.

-Their main products are
i) OLEOCHEMS-dimer, monomer, linoleic acid etc.
ii)Neutraceuticals - (Natural) Mixed Tocopherol and Sterol Concentrate

They r further undergoing expansion:
-Neutraceuticals - to manufacture sterols and higher concentration tocopherols.
-to manufacture bio-diesel using three by-products of its manufacturing process:
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30 Jul 20
LAURAS LABS Q1FY21: Marvellous no's
-Operating Leverage comes into play
-Margins aided by Backward Integration👍
-Finance cost ⬇️
-PAT 11x🚀
-Rev. +77%
- Ebitda Marg.- 29.29% vs 15%
-Pat Marg. 17.63% vs 2.74%

Co. has successfully derisked its business from mainly an ARV API co. to diff segments.
-Has been star performer. Reaping rewards of past inv.
-Good predictability of buss. bcoz healthy order book in both Tender & non-tender seg.
-As per mgt they r at full capacity utilization lets see how much more incremental sales it can generate in FDF.
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29 Jul 20
-A HYDERABAD based pharma co. having presence in 4 VERTICALS - API’S, GENERIC–FDF(fixed dosage formulations), Synthesis and Ingredients.
- founded by Dr. Satyanarayana Chava (CEO) around 2007
- R&D spend 5.7% of Rev.
-750+ scientists and 50+ PHDs
-Carries out its operations through 6 plants – all USFDA approved except UNIT-5 (CDMO) which is a dedicated Hormone and Steroid facility for ASPEN PHARMA.
- Total capacity 3615 KL, 751 reactors and 5 billion tablet capacity
-65% is export revenue and 35% is domestic revenue REVENUE BREAKUP In Rs.Mn
- UNIT1 & 3 contibutes 80% of topline.
- Unit-2 is sole US formulations facility wid capacity of 5 bn tabs/capsules per yr also undergoing expansion which will be operational by Sept’20.
-Unit-6 is for captive API consumption
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6 Jul 20
- 30years old co. engaged in R&D, mfg & marketing of bulk drugs, intermediates and custom synthesis of APIs (CMS)
- Cleared 15 USFDA audit without failure.
- 93% of revenues through regulated markets
-3 Mfg Sites Total capacity - 729 Kilo Ltr
-Unit 3 (197KL) was acquired 2017 for about Rs.100cr & it was largely funded through debt.
-Unit 3 still hasn't contributed to the rev. & it is expected to contribute in FY21

-Business is divided into 2 main segments
2.Custom Manufacturing Solutions (CMS revenue by verticals
1.GENERIC DRUG SUBSTANCE (GDS) contributed 68% to FY20 Topline
is further divided into 2 verticals.
1.Prime Api's (High Vol. Low Value)
2.Niche Api's(Low vol. high Value)
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24 Jun 20
A specialty chemical co. into mfg of AROMA CHEMICALS, NUTRACEUTICALS & OLEOCHEMICALS.
-Its parent co. Fairfax Holding owned by Billionaire Investor PREM WATSA.

- Fairchem came into exitence in after FAIRFAX INDIA HOLDINGS acquired 45% stake in Adi Finechem in 2015.
& later in 2016 it acquired 51% in Privi Organics & merged the two as a result Co. was renamed as FAIRCHEM SPECIALTY LTD.

- ADI n PRIVI r stil managed by the same promoters n they still hold stake in Co.
- Although Fairchem is 1 entity but there are two business running under it
-Both of these businesses were merged with a viewpoint that they use same processes n there can be synergies between two.

-But mgt later realized that both these businesses r different in nature in order for them to grow they should be separated.
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