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Good Question, WHY DO most people in this world choose to make fun/bully others who are different? …

Just look at the way people talk about 1 individual within this movement, an individual who has absolutely NOTHING negative to say about anyone else.
Crazy how that works,huh?
All of it just PROVES #WHY this world is the way it is & #HOW it got to be as bad as it has ..

Think of all those individuals who have been SCREAMING/Crying out for help but their words were just ignored because ones were asleep or to afraid to talk about TRUTH because
Of the bullies/Haters judgements continuously being placed upon ones who see/hear beyond what other can/choose too.

How many Warning Signs of what has happening in the world this whole time & how to stop the monsters doing it were shot down by those bullies/haters?

How many
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STay focused

So many have tried coming in my name, trying to be me & so many followed those individuals blindly …
Those who have tried coming in my name, they avoided Military, Avoided those who were SHOWING #REAL & Avoided SHOWING all the things/layers of life
That truth was specifically hidden within that PROVED all those who were not #REAL ..

Everything was created /Built up as it has been for Shane BROWNING, “ALL FOR A BUCK” ..

#WE ARE THE #BEST that is yet to come !

“I Told You Once you Sonofa bitch that I’m the BEST that
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The NEON god everyone made, the one that’s beneath the bright light upon the world stage,the ones that’s on TV, the one that’s made government pretty much the only thing that matters, he was chosen By God/#REAL & #REAL doesn’t care that MOST have chosen Lucifer & Him as the ones
To lead you across the finish line …

#REAL was thrown off like A piece of TRASH, So in the TRASH #REAL has chosen to stay amongst all the others who were just thrown away like they didn’t matter.
So many who were screaming/crying out for help, they were leaving TRUTHS hidden
In plain sight for ALL OF THE WORLD to know not only who is who, what is really going on but also HOW to avoid all the FAKES/FAKE/INFILTRATORS Along with all the propaganda.
Secret BACK DOORS around it all, very few chose to see & by very few, maybe A little over 140,000 Chose
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Remember when corruption put all those Bricks on the corners of intersections for [ANTIFA] & other rioters to cause destruction ? …

[They] did that & everything else MOCKING #ME, throwing it in my face LAUGHING, thinking no one would figure out what it was I have been
SHOWING this entire time on #WHY [they] were doing as [they] were …
Every single thing [they] have ever done to the world has had some kind of subliminal message/symbolism behind it Mocking God, KNOWING God would show the world but most the world joined in with [them] laughing,
Judging or Hating …
Every picture That’s been posted tells A story that paints an Even BIGGER image BEYOND Face Value SHOWING the #WHY & so much MORE.
Some have seen/known all along, they’ve tried very hard to SHOW, one of those SHOWING is the Military. Little of it was what
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Come on Bro, you know just as much as I do, to the MANY within the movement, none of this matters ..

Most only choose to see what they want to see not caring about the small details OUTSIDE of all the things that tear them apart inside ..

Everyone is being SHOWN God has been
The one waking everyone up, among everyone this whole time & little to none of it matters ..

All because eggs were put into 1 basket with so many who were chosen to be followed blindly ..

Absolutely nothing is what it seem & everyone would be on the same page if 30% of the
Map that was had, wasn’t always thought to be 100% of the map for the past 5 years ..

Mostly Everything is taken at face value.

Those who CHOOSE to see, they know & they are at PEACE within KNOWING …

The choice each individuals to know & each individuals choice alone.
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The Elderly/Middle Age People are Gods people Too, THINK about #WHY [they] are doing what [they] are doing to EVERYONE !!!

The Board On The Right, DAMN AM COASTA MESA .. 4Th Place #BEST TRICK!

Everything created in the world, for God.
All created KNOWING
Where someone would be on specific dates & times. Created everything as it has been just for him KNOWING all that he would do for the world so the woods didn’t fall for all the tricks, destroy themselves or this world!

Remember when Weinstein used that WALKER ?
He could walk, he was putting on A SHOW, HIM & MANY OTHERS #WERE ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS !!
Everyone has been communicating for so long now, all anyone wants is to know they can be forgiven & will do whatever they have to, to be forgiven ..

#ToBe Forgiven
#ToBe Unforgiven
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.@AustinCreedWins , NINTENDO 64/Regular …

Kong & Zilla, United as 1 for the time being … Common enemy, MECHA Zilla ..

Matrix Resurrections — 🌈 Time !!!
Mortal Kombat — Winning Time !
The Mandalorian
Home Sweet Home ..
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Nicht ganz 12 Monate nach meiner Kritik an der #Corona Politik als #Staatsversagen 👇habe ich heute morgen bei BR2 über die heutige Lage gesprochen. 1/2
Warum ich immer noch Staatsversagen sehe, habe ich hier zusammengefasst:
1. Übersterblichkeit geringer als UK aber höher als Schweden.
2. Dies nur, weil in 1. Welle in #Deutschland besser.
3. Danach waren wir schlechter - Folge von #Staatsversagen
4. Dies trotz 30% mehr Gesundheitsausgaben/Kopf als UK.
5. Und 3x Bettenkapazität als #UK und #Schweden.

Was zu der Mängelliste führt:
1. #Pandemieplan nicht umgesetzt (Vorbereitung).
2. An Plan nicht gehalten (#Panik)
3. Wirkungslose #Corona App
4. #Masken spät, teuer 3/4
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How Parents Can Continue the Fight for Education Freedom in 2022 #ampFW
"Parental rights are solidly on the 2022 ballot, and politicians are paying attention to parents now more than ever." #ampFW…
"If we want to make a lasting impact on education, it’s time to take the next step. The only way we will make education freedom–the ideal of funds following students, not systems–a reality is by passing smart/lasting legislation on the state level." #ampFW…
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Dear David,

For whatever this is worth to you, please note that I lost my mother at a tender age like you and would never allow anyone to denigrate her nor her memory.

I will NEVER write nor say anything against my Auntie Vero, who I cherish dearly....1/5
You are the king of social media & you definitely know people take it upon themselves to write whatever they believe will give them clout.
So many of your fans came to my SM handles to threaten me and some even asked me to go and die. Did you send them to threaten my life?.
3/5...I seriously doubt it and I do not believe you will do such thing.

So, irrespective of politics, please note that I am not that kind of person; I have maintained decorum in the face of provocation and I will continue to do so.
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Here's a thread...
We don’t get anywhere in life without help. Our success is based on the good folks we meet along the way. Excluding family, that was certainly the case for me and what helped kick s tart my tournament and bass fishin’ career into high gear. #wednesdaythought
My mentor was a tall lanky fella from southern Missouri who had the uncanny ability to locate and catch bass like no one on earth. He truly was the best bass fisherman I’d ever met and was definitely responsible for teaching me how to catch bass in deep water. #mentor #fishing
Back before B.A.S.S. there were national bass tournaments, which most of us don’t really remember. But, ole Glen Andrews won nearly all of them! @bassmaster
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I'm gonna do a long thread of my favorite 25 dishes in #MexicoCity

They're not in order-I don't think I could choose between them

To make the list, the dish has to be predictably available, so daily specials that may or may not reappear aren't eligible

#CDMX #DF #Mexico #best
Tostados, San Rafael


Pro Tip: Ask for extra creamy BBQ sauce on the side.

Comment: No clue how a place this small makes their own incredible bread & produces food this damn good!!

#Top25CDMXDishes #BestOfCDMX #MejorDeCDMX
Tacos Light El Padrino, Roma Norte (on Puebla a little East of Insurgentes Sur)

Mole Verde w/ Potato Cakes (Tuesdays only)

Pro Tip: Add a little of all 3 salsas.

Comment: The best mole sauce I've ever had.

#Top25CDMXDishes #BestOfCDMX #MejorDeCDMX
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WHAT makes YOU the very BEST version of yourself? . .
WHATmakes you LOVE yourself & Others MORE or GREAT today than you did the previous day? .
WHAT is holding YOU back from being this person, THE VERY #BEST YOU KNOW you can be that is within you just screaming to be released?
WHAT defines you? Define yourself in 5 Words or less.
WHAT makes YOUR heart beat so hard to where others feel that same PASSION & makes them want to be just like you or walk the path you pa ed for someone else?
WHAT is A path where there is no Path?

Gods GREATEST creation, YOU.
In YOUR darkest hours, I WILL Shine Down the brightest of Lights . .

Simple Man.
Simple Woman.

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I have something to show ..

It proves something, you would think with all these VK "experts" they would have put 2 and 2 together way back then. But nope, ones refused. None of what WE were showing back then truly mattered, so why should it now?

Dates & times matter right?
Who was VK talking to out in the open?
But VK & I "never spoke"? ..

This is getting ridiculous.
It really is.
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Do you guys/Gals want something to do? It may or may not blow your minds.
Go search up Christmas, YOU KNOW WHERE & when it is coming.
When Is Christmas coming this year?
How many Christmas Posts are there?
Who is the KEY STONE?
So many of you have seen the things I
I can do & all that I see before events happen. I share MANY events that happen before they happen, WHY? Even sports games final scores, I share the secrets of the world. WHY? To give ALL OF YOU #COMFORT?I Haven't changed,
I have been doing the same thing for everyone since DAY1.

"God Is on Our Side" ..
This should be FUN ..

This "Fraud" is just going to keep on doing what I do #BEST .. & That is keep on Smiling & enjoying every second of life KNOWING & Sharing what is to come. The ones who
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Is everyone done with your Hell loops now? Are you finally ready to see 'The Day that Never comes'? ..

Will you finally open up your hearts and minds to the IMPOSSIBLE that has been happening every

The Day that Never Comes (Live) via @YouTube
day for ALL OF YOU? ..

I don't like pushing anyone around. I don't like having to prove anything. I just want to be one of you. All these lies so many of you have spread around, it caught up to some of you. All I want to do is forgive EVERYONE but I already know SO MANY
will not be able to forgive themselves ..
It never had to be like this, it never had to go as far as it did. All anyone had to do was be still and connect the dots for yourself like you did with so many others who were infiltrating this movement..
NO, I'm not talking about VK.
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Thrilled to participate in today’s @PMTC2021 conference and talk about meeting students where they are at (figuratively and literally). My research ranges from #bioarchaeology to #MedHist (bones to books) and I love bringing theatre to the classroom! #PandemicMethodologies Black and white photo of Dr. Frederick Banting sitting at a
My greatest insecurity preparing for teaching in Fall 2020 was how to create a sense of community in the classroom for a course that had never before been delivered online. Summer 2020 reading: #MOOCs! #CourseDesign! #Tech! #UniversalDesign! #Stress! #PandemicMethodologies
Reimagining “Intro to Anthro of Health” required boldness. I looked to @DanielPaulOD’s unessay ( to throw out the rules of essay writing and welcome speculative work. This semester was the right one to take a risk. #PandemicMethodologies
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Hi .
Turn 10 ...
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It's crazy to me all these People so disappointed that "nothing has happened" or "nothing is happening" ..
There is literally someone showing them all the things that have changed for the better in the world and all they choose to ficus on is the bad other people are doing or
have done in the past. Why are people not creating their own new future BEING THE CHANGE while waiting for the truth they are waiting for? Huh? Why are these types of people relevant and the ones literally showing them A world that is ready to be molded the way YOU want it to
be for the better & how to do it but all ones seem to care most about is feeding into the ones & things that are literally tearing each other apart? Why does everyone feel the way they do for so long? because there is truth that has already been given to you by the Military
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After throwing all those Knuckle Balls, You throw your #BEST Pitch.

Nice Catch ..

Horn Swoggle
H.A. - H.A.
It's in the Bank & Gaining Interest ..

.@TrueKofi, Thanks for the reminder yesterday !
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all away after The Hug is made.
...And NO I AM NOT SAYING FORGET ALL OF IT OR STOP DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO OR DO WHAT YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE DOING, JUST BE YOU. If going to church brings you peace, go to church. If spirituality brings you peace & Praying to God
sitting outside under A tree bring you peace, Do it.

DO WHAT MAKES #YOU The #BEST Version of yourself that #YOU Can be that makes this World/Country A better place for EVERYONE ..
It's that simple.

I Care, I give A S.H.I.T.
South Harmon Institute of Technology
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#WW F SummerSlam 1997
The Key to open up the Casket filled with A Million Dollars was Key #3 ..

#H 1-2
August 3Rd, 1997
2 Hours & 49 Minutes
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