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CEO of Six to Start (Zombies, Run!, The Walk), author of A History of the Future in 100 Objects, former neuroscientist and experimental psychologist
2 Aug
QAnon isn't an ARG, but ARGs can teach us why QAnon is so popular – and how to restore the lack of trust that led to QAnon's rise.

This 5700 word post draws on my 19 years of playing, documenting, designing, and running ARGs. Share and enjoy!…
Thanks to the many people whose replies and work I cited, including @hondanhon @JoshFialkov @annehelen @typhoonjim @mjandersen @gabrielroth @lauraehall and more!
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9 Jul
Theory: QAnon is popular partly because the act of “researching” it through obscure forums and videos and blog posts, though more time-consuming than watching TV, is actually *more enjoyable* because it’s an active process.

Game-like, even; or ARG-like, certainly.
This has always been part of the appeal of conspiracies and the occult, but I feel like QAnon is one of the first to have done this deliberately in a very online, responsive, real-time manner.
This is blowing up, so I’ll add this:

Today, ARGs generally don’t have stories, they’re more like puzzle trails. But back in the day (2000-2010), they were all about stories.

Purposely fragmented, contradictory, confusing, sprawling stories.
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