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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's transgender daughter, formerly Xavier Alexander Musk, has reportedly filed a request to change her name to reflect her gender identification and even cut off all ties with her biological father. Here's more. #Tesla #SpaceX…
Xavier turned 18 in April & filed the documents at LA County. She now wants to be called Vivian Jenna Wilson. She lists her reason for the name change as "gender identity & the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father.. in any way..."
Vivian's mother is Canadian author Justine Wilson—who was married to Musk from 2000 to 2008. She also has a twin brother, Griffin. According to a TMZ report, the hearing on her name change is scheduled for Friday.
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Elon Musk is supporting the party that is opposed to:

📚 History
🌈 Equality
♀️ Reproductive Freedom
👩‍⚕️ Healthcare
⛽️ Lowering gas costs
💊 Lowering drug costs
🧓 Medicare
👵 Social Security
🌎 Climate Action
and even
🗳️ Democracy

Why does @elonmusk hate America?
Here's @elonmusk explaining that he will support the GOP despite the fact they are the party of "corporate evil" & "religious zealotry."

The only reasons he gave for abandoning women, minorities, democracy and the planet are his animosity toward "unions" & "trial lawyers."
Elon Musk wishes Americans were as easy to exploit as Chinese workers.

He hates that unions gave us:
- Weekends
- End of child labor
- 40-hour work week
- 8-hour work day
- Unemployment benefits
- Workers compensation
- Employer-based health coverage
- Family & Medical Leave Act
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Here is another episode of the never ending launch price/cost saga, starring @momentusspace: I am surprised that I have not yet seen any commentary on their appreciation of the price of access to orbit as shown in the May 2022 investor presentation.… 1/
Beyond the fact that I don't know what is their basis for calculations, in particular how they allocate the cost of "own propulsion" to the launch, considering that the propulsion systems serves other functions, I gather from this that 15k$/kg is their price tag? 2/
So the "last mile" service actually applies a factor 3 to the baseline rideshare price on #SpaceX? I fail to see the viability of this model, but maybe it is still too early (also considering that #Vigoride didn't do very well so far:…) 3/
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#ElonsProblems - So Elon Musk's #TwitterTakeover coincides with #Tesla stock losing 35% of its value in five weeks. I know it will bounce back, but I feel like there's a little #karma in all this. :) Image
2/ #ElonMusk #ElonsProblems - #Freespeech most vociferous advocates seem the least likely to understand it.…
3/ I actually truly appreciate #ElonMusk for #Tesla and #SpaceX. But I don't appreciate his Napoleonic overreach, name-calling, disregard for #freespeech or #whistleblowers. His legal problems are of his own making.…
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In advance of my monthly analysis of #Starlink conjunction data I wanted to share some additional analysis undertaken over the last few days. It's a work in progress but here's a thread looking a little deeper at the #SpaceX approach to #Starlink orbital space safety [1/n]
#SpaceX provided some relatively detailed information about its approach in a briefing to the #FCC (here:…) and in an update on the website (here:…) [2/n]
My focus has mostly been on understanding the implications relating to the choice of the probability threshold for collision avoidance manoeuvres. With the #SOCRATES #Starlink data now running across nearly 3 years we can gain some insights that may be useful [3/n]
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#ElonMusk’s $44 billion bid to take over #Twitter is the biggest move yet by the billionaire.

But did you know Musk was already a millionaire in his 20s? 🤑

Well, that also brings us to the question: How did he make his fortune?

Find out at 👇… Image
It all began in 1990s when #ElonMusk started an internet business with his brother that also helped newspapers go online.

Take a look at how he built his fortune, at a young age👇…

#ElonMuskBuysTwitter #TwitterTakeover #TwitterSold ImageImage
Throughout his 20s and 30s, #ElonMusk founded and acquired several companies like #SpaceX, #Tesla, #TheBoringCompany and more.

And on April 25, 2022, he sealed the deal with #Twitter for $44 billion. Here's a look at his journey 👇…

#ElonMuskBuysTwitter ImageImage
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De la démocratie en Amérique.

Le cas #muskbuystwitter pose des questions politiques (plus que technologiques) importantes étant donné le rôle central de Twitter dans l'actualité et l'agenda politique, sa propriété est une question sensible.

Petit thread sur la question 👇
1/ L’evenement tient à la personnalité de Musk, excessive, et une idéologie, à la fois libertatienne et conservatrice. Son projet de liberté de parole maximale, à l’image des plateformes de l’Alt-Tech a été salué par l’Alt-Right US qui s’est toujours estimée censurée
2/ Par ailleurs, sa proximité avec Trump inquiète le camp démocrate / progressiste US, notamment pour ses prises de position sociétales (anti-woke, etc.) mais pas que... leur entente tient aussi du fait que Trump est l'un des grands sponsos du projet #Starship de #SpaceX .
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@umairh Raises great points.

But Medium is NO substitute for the egalitarian public platform Twitter has provided!

Medium’s paywall—and its requirement that posts be long form and “professional-caliber”—preclude its being a good communication or political organizing tool for us peons.
@umairh Can just anyone post a 280-character comment or a 25-comment thread on Medium—for free?
Can everyone who wants to do so on a given day or in a given hour do so?
Can everyone who might want to read such things do so—for free?

If not “yes” to all three, then no dice.
@umairh And also, any platform that doesn’t provide free space—to an unlimited number of users every day—for promoting business startups or the work of aspiring creatives or crowdfunding appeals or mutual aid or advice…
is no substitute for the #Twitter we know and love.
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Theory: I strongly believe that Elon Musk will face criminal charges before November.
1) @TheJusticeDept has pledged to crack down on white collar crime, and midterms are coming up. The political angle's to distance the lax enforcement... 1/9…
...during the Trump administration (think Jay Clayton & @HesterPeirce), and blame economic issues on corporate malfeasance.
What better way to do so than to lay out all the ways that Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, stole billions & deserves jail? 2/9
2) Musk's PR machine has gone into overdrive in the past half year or so. It seems to have started with @danahull attacking the Biden administration.
Then came the Times Square ads, the @TIME & @FT Man of the Year awards, additional lobbying from @business, and more. 3/9 Image
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Highly recommend watching the latest TED Interview between @TEDchris and @elonmusk!

To save you some time in case you can't watch the full video, here's a series of 16 highlights from the interview below: 👇 🧵
1// The Importance of Optimism & Positive Thinking:

"We want to wake up in the morning and look forward to the future. We want to be excited about what's going to happen. Life cannot simply be about solving one miserable problem after another". - @elonmusk
2// There's a pendulum between "tech pessimism" and "tech euphoria".

> Extreme Pessimism: Nobody works on anything if the future is sad or in a state of disarray.

> Extreme Tech Euphoria: Nobody needs to work on anything because tech is rapidly innovating and solving problems.
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Live interview now with @elonmusk streaming here (for free):…

Thanks, @TEDchris !
$TSLA 📈 $TWTR 🐣 #SpaceX 🚀 #WhoKnowsWhatElse?!?
Please direct all complaints on the late start to Chris. 🙃
Interview beginning now, with a recorded interview now and a live appearance before an audience later.
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#SpaceX launches 48 new #Starlink satellites into orbit!
Are they insured?

Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX successfully deployed 48 new Starlink satellites into orbit this Wednesday. (1/5)
Starlink is a constellation of broadband satellites that SpaceX is assembling in low earth orbit to provide internet access to most of the world.

This mission to provide high-speed internet to remote locations has been widely commended, but it isn't free from controversy. (2/5)
As over 6000 #satellites orbit Earth, many astronomers have pointed out the increasing chances of collision with an aircraft or another satellite. If such a collision were to occur, the loss would be astronomical!

And this is where Satellite Insurance becomes useful. (3/5)
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(1/11) Why didn't #SpaceX use #Mechazilla to lift #Booster4 onto the #OrbitalLaunchMount?

This piece of equipment is the main reason for using the #LR11000 Super crane to lift the booster, instead of the #Chopsticks. I'm going to refer to it as the Locator Pin.
(2/11) When fully extended, the locator pin is inserted into this position on the starship #StarshipSuperHeavy's Hydraulic Power Units (#HPU's). There are two of these located on either side of the booster.

(3/11) I'm not sure if the aero cover actually makes contact with this hard point on the booster, but its not meant to take much force either way. In order to not damage the booster, these locator pins are designed to have a relatively light tough.

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(1/8) #StarshipAddicts, I think we have a major update for you about one of the #Starship variants we have been expecting to see at #Starbase!

It has been speculated that this nose cone barrel section was to be used for the #CargoVariant.
(2/8) Thanks to @RGVaerialphotos, we now know what it looks like from above. In this image you can see in interior structure which is most likely used to open the "payload bay"
(3/8) If you watched the most recent episode from @RGVaerialphotos flyover review you will remember us mentioning that the size of this payload door makes a lot more sense for #HLS #LunarStarship than it does for #Cargo version.

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(1/10) Hey #StarshipAddicts! If you didn't get a chance to check out the latest @RGVaerialphotos Flyover review livestream then you missed some interesting details about new progress around #Starbase. Here's a summary of last weeks top finds. A lot of info in this image alone! Image
(2/10) CH4 Storage Tanks:
The tanks shown in this picture are assumed to be the additional Methane storage tanks needed in order to fully fuel a #Starship/#SuperHeavyBooster for orbital launches and also suborbital WDR / Cryo testing on the new staging pads. ImageImage
(3/10) CH4 Storage Tanks:
@LabPadre #Gatorcam caught these four tanks rolling into the port on a barge on the morning of Feb 15, 2022 at KSC. These are identical tanks to the four tanks that we have seen at the Sanchez site.

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Elon Musk had hinted at some exciting announcements during his #Starship update on Thursday - I think we’ve got the first of many!

#Polaris will partner with #SpaceX for 3 human spaceflight missions, with 2 Crew Dragon flights coming before the first crewed Starship mission.
There’s more:

The first mission, #Polaris Dawn, will launch NET Q4 of this year, taking advantage of Falcon 9’s and Dragon’s full capabilities. The mission will culminate in an attempt at the first-ever commercial spacewalk, using a special #SpaceX EVA suit.

📸: SpaceX/Polaris
The crew of #Polaris Dawn:

- Jared Isaacman, CEO of Shift4 and Inspiration4 astronaut
- Scott Poteet, a retired USAF lieutenant colonel
- Sarah Gillis, Lead Space Ops Engineer at #SpaceX & astronaut trainer
- Anna Menon, Lead Space Ops Engineer at SpaceX & Mission Director
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1\ Serious question time: Remember the last time we had a cold war and there were HUGE #nuclearban rallies? Things like @Greenpeace got started. We are in a pandemic. Where are the anti-proliferation rallies for #bioweapons? Image
2\ For that matter where are the campaigning groups pushing back against #climate hostile #geoengineering practices like atmospheric seeding?…
3\ Where is the pushback against plans to seed Earth's orbit with thousands of vision and sensor blocking #SpaceX #Starlink satellites, which will eventually become #spacejunk?…
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(1/14) Hey #StarshipAddicts , @CSI_Starbase has concluded that #B4 is NEVER going to leave the ground under its own power & #B5 is just a massive lawn ornament.

#StarshipSuperHeavy #B7 is up next, lets look at some of the difference we have noticed so far!

(2/14) Fwd Dome Section:

On the FWD dome we see a new design for the stage separation clamps. These may have not been completed yet on #B7 but the initial shape of them is a departure from the previous boosters.

📷:@StarshipGazer | @CosmicalChief
(3/14) Fwd Dome (cont):

Autogenous pressurization lines have been moved higher up towards the top of the #CH4 tank dome instead of below the stringers like the #Block1 #SSH's (Sorry not sorry for making new acronyms)

Anyone else wish this was related to Hot Gas Thrusters?
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Starlink: 2000 satellites launched (and >10% already decommissioned). Why isn't #SpaceX accelerating the deployment? What is preventing it? Why is it not happening? I would have expected a higher frequency Starlink launch rate at this point (40-50 launches/year at least). 1/
I know that this is not a popular opinion, but I can only see two (non mutually exclusive) reasons for this: 1) Falcon9 is too expensive; 2) Falcon9 turnaround time is too long. Tu put it short: it is not as effective as required. 2/
In a recent talk with Lex Fridman @elonmusk said: "the upper stage is at least 10M$" & "the booster is not as rapidly and completely reusable as we'd like" ... "the minimum marginal cost not counting overhead per flight is on the order of 15 to 20M$" 3/
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🧵 My current thoughts on Tesla and its future in 17 tweets (or more):
(1/17) In general I'm not surprised that Tesla has delivered more cars this year. We remember the reports of shipping 5 year old battery packs and missing parts (like USB ports etc), replacing chips and removing radar all together and the overall decreasing build quality. Image
(2/17) Tesla operates on the premise their cars are good and autonomy can be bought today or as we like to call it: Tesla commits massive fraud. That's proof numbers mean more than quality and safety. However, it seems likely Tesla will have to pay for this eventually: Image
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Starship, but with a third stage…

Powered by the SpaceX Raptor, this huge upper stage will help send over 340t to Low Earth Orbit, 125t to the Moon, and 20t beyond Pluto with a single launch!

Launch simulation by @Phrankensteyn below and specs in the thread.

#SpaceX #Starship
Design pt.1:
- forward and common dome makes up methane tank, aft dome placed after 3 subsequent ring segments
- holds 540t of superchilled methalox propellant, with tank mass at ~16t
- a large third stage optimizes for heavier payloads, while still being very high energy capable
Design pt.2:
- powered by single (6.5m diameter, 400s Isp) or dual (3.9m diameter, 390s Isp) 330 bar Raptor vacuum
- nozzles to be folded up within interstage to save vertical space
- heaviest engine combination weighs 6t, making overall mass ratio ~25.55
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(1) Hey #StarshipAddicts...I have a feeling that a lot of you have heard various things here and there about possible issues with the #OrbitalTankFarm at the #Starbase launch complex. Check out this thread if you want the FULL story starting from the very first signs of trouble
(2) This is a break from my normal style, I'm going to tell you all a story.

At the end of May 2021, I took my first ever trip to Starbase as a treat to myself after quitting my job as an Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry.
(3) The moment my last shift came to and end, I got in my car and drove 10 hours straight with the intension of not stopping until I got to the #Starbase sign. I drove through a massive 4 hour rain storm that ended, right as the #Highbay came into view.
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#PhotoRetrospective2021 April.
April brought lots of #Macro subjects to shoot.
1. Carolina Satyr, Hermeuptychia sosybius
2.False Underwing Allotria elonympha
3. Two-lined Spittlebug, Prosapia bicincta
4. Grasshopper Nymph

1. Grass-like Mantis, Thesprotia graminis
2. Speckled Sharpshooter, Paraulacizes irrorata
3&4 Green Horse Fly, Chlorotabanus crepuscularis
Another shot of the Sharpshooter with a leafhopper friend.
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