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.@NASA to Send 128 Glowing Baby Squids and 5,000 Water Bears to Space! Here’s Why…

(📸: NASA)
Have the giant leaps made by space agencies in technological advancement gotten you dreaming of wearing a spacesuit and flying off to space? Well then get in line, as #NASA is currently preparing to launch the most unexpected of creatures to space instead!
As part of #SpaceX’s cargo resupply mission, the American space agency will be sending 5,000 tardigrades and 128 glow-in-the-dark baby squids to the International Space Station (ISS) next week.
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There’s been a lot of confusion centered around this (very cool) video of yesterday’s Falcon 9 launch so I wanted to jump in and clear some things up

Short thread…
#AvGeek #Falcon9 #SpaceX @elonmusk
For starters, I recommend checking out this earlier thread I wrote on vapor cones and expansion fans as a lot of relevant points are covered there, so I won’t circle back to everything

This should explain the *transonic* vapor collar close to the rocket
Okay, so the audio in the original video is misleading. This event happened at about 9km altitude, so any wave generated at that instant would reach the ground roughly 30sec later. Not sure how the audio was synced but if it’s real time from the ground, it’s coincidental
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🚨 Kimbal Musk: Fake Farmer
Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal wants to build an image of himself as an urban farming innovator.
He went on national TV to say that his startup invented container farming, and “built 10 of these farms literally in old, used shipping containers”.
#Fraud 1/5
The media naturally lapped it up wholesale.

Kimbal’s website further reinforces his narrative with claims about "our farms", "our hydroponic system", "our latest farm design", & "our modular farm-tech platform". As if Kimbal holds proprietary trade secrets. 2/5
Now consider a company called @FreightFarms. See anything familiar? Purple LEDs? Vertical growing panels & hydroponics? Propping up container farms to encourage urban farming & as educational tools?

What Kimbal Musk & Square Roots wants to hide is...
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1/6 With #SpaceX in the news we look again at the profitability of their Falcon 9 rocket & what is going on with Starship. Without considering launch prices we can easily conclude that SpaceX currently doesn't make profits from these rockets, simply because of what Musk claimed.
2/6 We should keep in mind that Musk has nearly two decades worth of overstating and over-promising profitability and in general cannot be trusted with any statement. The competitor ULA has alleged that booster profitability would only be reached at ~10 reuses.
3/6 With this in mind we understand why SpaceX has to raise billions and billions for the supposedly cheapest spacecraft in history (Musk claims 1000x cheaper than anything else). The current Falcon 9 could in theory generate profit in the future but is many years away from that.
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Liftoff for Starship SN15!… #SpaceX #Starship
SN15 punching a hole through the low clouds above Boca Chica, Texas

SN15 first engine shuts down as planned, but the onboard camera feed is frozen. Insprucker says "everything continues to look good."…
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Remember 🙏🙌🇺🇲
#USArmy #USAF #StormHour
SAVE 🇺🇲😎👊🙏🙌
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#USArmy #USAF #StormHour
#SpaceForce #SpaceX #USNavy
#USArmy #USAF #StormHour
#SpaceForce #SpaceX #USNavy
#USArmy #USAF #StormHour
#SpaceForce #SpaceX #USNavy
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Et si pour changer du #COVID19 on se refaisait un petit thread medico sexuel en phase avec l'actualité, comme au bon vieux temps du twitter ? #Pesquet #SpaceX #ISS

Le sexe dans l'espace ⤵️... Space XX ?
Les hommes vont dans l'espace depuis 1961 (Yuri Gagarin), les femmes depuis 1963 (Valentina Tereschkova) et le premier vol d'un équipage mixte (Svetlana Savitskaya, Leonid Popov, Alexander Serbrov) a été effectué en 1982.
Comme il est dans notre nature de nous reproduire, il est logique d'envisager cette problématique à terme, notamment si un jour nous devons coloniser des planètes lointaines, et même simplement s'y rendre (et en revenir...)
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- A few days ago #ElonMusk shared a #SpaceX Crew video

- This video was a #message from the #Elite -

The #Crew mentions "45" days
(And has a hidden 5 & 1 in background)

- it appears to be a #hidden message about (5/1) & (5/4) 🤔

- 45 days from this video is = #June9th/10th 👀
I dont have it totally figured out yet...

I expect 5/1 to be the #start or #End of something & 5/4 to be the #end/ start

If we crash after the first... then possible signal to buy the #dip on the #4th

If we #pump hard after the #1st..... then maybe take some money on the #4th
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1 di 15.
Perché non siamo tornati sulla Luna, nonostante l’enorme progresso tecnologico degli ultimi cinquant’anni? Le ragioni sono molteplici, ma una parte della risposta sta nella mancanza di una strategia comune tra i due maggiori partiti.
2. La storia del ritorno degli esseri umani sulla Luna nell’ultimo mezzo secolo è infatti costellata di annunci repubblicani e ripensamenti democratici, che hanno causato decenni di ritardo rispetto ai programmi iniziali.
3. All’inizio degli anni Settanta gli Stati Uniti avevano ormai vinto la corsa allo spazio e le spese per la guerra del Vietnam si facevano sempre più pesanti: furono così cancellate le missioni Apollo 18, 19 e 20 che avrebbero dovuto portare altri sei astronauti sulla Luna.
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Widespread reports of a #meteor or #space junk re-entering the atmosphere in the Pacific Northwest (#WA #OR #Seattle), so checked GOES-West and there *is* an interesting cloud that appeared recently. (upper left of this image)
Here's the GOES image of that spot.
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Got video from today's launch of #SpaceX #Falcon9 rocket yet again, as usual on S transponder 2272.5MHz!
Decoded with @aang254's SatDump software.
Setup as usual WiFi mesh antenna, MMDS convertor and Airspy MINI SDR!
Link to @aang254's SatDump software.…
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Sommige Elon Musk fans vragen mij wel eens:

Ton. De hoevéélste SpaceX kaboem!! explosie was dit nou al? Terwijl Ome Elon net doet of verticaal landen 60 jaar terug al niet bestond, en met oeroude WW2-techniek wél lukte?

De 19e explosie.

(Zeg ik dan)
Maar daar had jij toch een draadje over? Van alle 19 #SpaceX explosies op rij, terwijl Ome Elon doet of 't 60 jaar terug al niet bestond?

En 3 decennia terug al betrouwbaar werkte. Zonder al die 19 explosies? (zeggen ze dan)


(Zeg ik dan)

Voor de liefhebber. Alle 19 #SpaceX explosies op een rij.

Van belastinggeld. Door dezelfde man die nog geen Tesla wiel aan een auto kan verzinnen zonder dat ze steeds afbreken onder het rijden.

Ja, óók van belastinggeld. Hoe wisten jullie dat?!

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Minutes after a seemingly successful landing, SpaceX's Starship rocket exploded on the pad…

#SpaceX #spacexsn10
#SpaceX finally launched a prototype of its #Starship rocket miles into the air on Wednesday, then landed it successfully. But 10 minutes later, the rocket exploded.

The roughly 16-story test vehicle - called #Starship serial No. 10, or SN10 - lifted off at 5:14 p.m. on Wednesday. As it climbed, it shut off one engine and then another.

#SpaceX #SpaceXStarship
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#SpaceX is targeting an atmospheric test flight of their 10th #Starship prototype today from Boca Chica, TX. The countdown was just held due to a stuck valve and the actual launch time is still to be determined.

No webcast link available yet. One is expected before launch.
Pad is starting to clear at this time. Still no official confirmation of a launch time or webcast from SpaceX.
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Lanzamiento, 03 Marzo:

Horario en diferentes Regiones:

16:00 + | 🇪🇸
15:00 + | 🗺️UTC
12:00 + | 🇺🇾🇦🇷🇨🇱🇵🇾
11:00 + | 🇧🇴🇩🇴🇵🇷🇻🇪
10:00 + | 🇨🇴🇲🇽🇪🇨🇵🇪🇵🇦🇨🇺🇺🇸ET
09:00 + | 🇲🇽🇬🇹🇭🇳🇳🇮🇸🇻🇨🇷🇺🇸CT
07:00 + | 🇺🇸PT

Mas detalles:…
La isla ya fue evacuada y la plataforma está cerrada y despejada antes de que empiecen las actividades previas al lanzamiento. #SpaceX #Starship #SN10
Las pruebas del sistema de control a reacción (RCS) de la #Starship #SN10 ya se realizaron hace unos minutos.
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Rueda de Prensa sobre la Misión Crew 2 de la NASA y SpaceX.

⬇️Hilo con todos los detalles: Image
Steve Stich de la NASA dice que Crew-2 aún esta prevista para el 20 de abril, pero puede ajustar la fecha para optimizar la mecánica orbital, todavía se está buscando volar entre las misiones Soyuz a principios de abril y el en mayo. Image
Steve Stich dice que la misión OFT-2 Starliner tiene un retraso de dos semanas en parte debido al tiempo perdido para hacer el trabajo de software en Houston durante la tormenta de invierno del mes pasado. Image
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Hi Space Twitter! I've been working on this @SpaceX Raptor Engine model for 4 months and it is FINALLY ready to be released into the wild! Let me know what you think and RT if you like it!
High quality renders available on my @ArtStationHQ page
@elonmusk #SpaceX #Raptor #3dart
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New @elonmusk @joerogan interview premiering on YouTube now:
$TSLA #SpaceX
Here's "Shackleton's Ad" that Elon mentioned: Image
And here's a map of the expedition of his ship, the Endurance: Image
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El fundador de @Tesla y @SpaceX donará US$50 millones para el ganador, 20 y 10 millones respectivamente para el segundo y tercer lugar.
Mr. @elonmusk dará 25 becas para estudiantes valoradas en 250.000 destinadas a los estudiantes que participen en el concurso.
Con el premio total de 100 millones de dólares, @elonmusk busca soluciones que puedan "extraer dióxido de carbono (#CO2) directamente de la atmósfera o los océanos y encerrarlo permanentemente de una manera ambientalmente benigna".
Cuánto dinero recibió de la @NASA?
Qué tipo de combustible ⛽️ utilizan los cohetes 🚀 de #SpaceX ?
Imagino que no emiten #CO2?
Automóviles 🚗 eléctricos con @Tesla todo ok ✅
➖Hace negocios con #China? O con empresas y países que no están en el acuerdo de #Paris?
➖Preguntas, nada más🤷‍♂️
Enlace de la @bbcmundo:
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51/ ...their cars, charging networks, in-car software you subscribe to (data, FSD, etc.) I love SaaS in the space sector.

(if you didn't see the first 25 post thread, click here:

Second 50 posts are here:
52/ #Astra has a quarter of a million square foot facility where they design, manufacture & test over 90% of their system in one building, unlike the large rocket companies like Space X.
53/ #AStra builds their batteries, motors, valves, tanks, etc. from raw materials at this facility.

It allows Astra to move quickly.

This is part of why they achieved orbital capacity in half the time it took Space X -- their entire team and facilities are in one place.
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This is the 2nd THREAD of the $HOL / $ASTR notes and why I invested 💥💥$300K into this Space Tech startup.💥💥

If you missed the first 25 post thread, you can read it here:

Continue reading the thread below for posts 26-50: 👇👇👇
This way the customer is not building the satellite from scratch.

C) These satellites will work perfectly with the ASTRA launch vehicles for even more efficiency.

D) This cuts down the idea-to-launch-timeframes by an order of magnitude, & cuts costs down for everybody.
Their executive team appears to be stellar with a ton of experience in this space, including having worked at @SpaceX and @NASA.

It makes sense, considering they are the 3rd private company to ever achieve orbit, and they did it faster than anybody else, ever!
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🔥I JUST bought $300,000.00 in ASTRA ( $HOL ) STOCK!🔥

1/ It's a #SpaceX type company & I'm very excited!

Read the 61 thread post below with my notes on WHY I did it. 👇👇👇

2/ #ASTRA ($ASTR) currently trading under the #SPAC symbol $HOL (Holicity)

It is a space company the manufactures smaller rockets and #spacecraft to allow businesses to launch into space very quickly and cheaply, from anywhere in the world.
3/ I first bought 10K shares of $HOL last week at $15...

... an additional 7500 shares this morning in pre-trading @$20/share...

...for a total of $300,000 (actually $304,233 / I rounded the share prices.)
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