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Post-doc at @ETH. My course Economics by its Nobel prizes is on Youtube: Ex @ENS_ULM and @PSEinfo. Economics, sustainability, politics.
May 11 20 tweets 6 min read
🇪🇺 There is little information about it in the media, so I read (rapidly) the final report of the Conference on the Future of E.
🔴It reveals consensus among European and their representatives on a fairer & more integrated EU on some (not all) issues.🧵⬇️ The conference spanned 3 years and 4 initiatives:
1. A temporary digital platform gathered proposals from 50k participants (5M people looked at the website).
2. Six European countries organised national panels, the others also organised initiatives (I skipped this part).
Dec 6, 2021 21 tweets 7 min read
Hi #EconTwitter!
A thread about my job market paper:

"Disagreement Aversion"

JMP link:…

Although my other works document the political economy of climate change with empirical evidence (e.g.…), this paper is more theoretical.
1/20 Experts disagree.
Take climate sensitivity, a parameter crucial to model climate change: climate modelers disagree on its probability distribution.
How should we aggregate these experts' distributions? How should we make decisions under expert disagreement?