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11 Aug
I would suggest that the new "out in the open" strategy is a function of the implementation and development of the "information society," a society that has made the globalists rich beyond their wildest dreams but ...
at the same time has made it impossible to obscure certain facts from the population at large.
Censorship strategies can never have the potent, pervasive effect they had in past eras (e.g., the Inquisition) because the Information Society, and especially the Internet, inherently permits data an escape route no matter how dedicated the censorship efforts.
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11 Aug
I enjoy seeing all the newly woke medical professionals on Linkedin speaking out against the Covid psyop, but what's sad (and kind of funny too) is the extent to which they still have faith in elections and the political process.
No we cannot "vote" out the politicians in order to terminate the psyop. The psyop will only end when the existing political structure is illegitimated.
Obvious to me but totally obscure to those who have no earthly idea when it comes to the political/legal system and the extent to which it is fueled by fake elections and attendant propaganda.
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11 Aug
You are 100% correct. The Covid psyop will ultimately give way to a Secession psyop, which will ultimately give way to a Civil War psyop. All three are staged operations with the end result being the dismantling of the U.S. in favor of some "world government" structure.
Much like WW2 and its precursors were staged with the end goal of dismantling European states in favor of a bipolar/quasi-internationalist structure. The U.S.-dominated system no longer serves the interests of the Controllers.
So it is being dismantled through a series of operations. We can observe the operations and understand them, but we really do not have the agency to change course
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9 Aug
I’ve got an open mind and I’ve got my interests and, you know, it’s very difficult to put everything into a particular order or a particular philosophy because, I think it’s a vast world out there, full of information, and I cannot pretend to have a handle on it all.
Particularly now, we’re at a very interesting moment in time where we’re all so dependent on technology and by design, also distracted by technology. And, distracted by easy access to endless entertainment - by meaningless things.
I don't think too many of us can accurately deduce what exactly is behind all of it, and I don't claim to know what we’re supposed to do about it.
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25 Jun
San Francisco has six "safe sleeping villages", spending $18.2m for 260 tents for the homeless. The city's homelessness dept. is now asking for $15m a year for a similar # of tents ($57,000 per tent per year) - twice the median cost of a 1 BR apartment.
San Francisco at is best was a great city, beautiful, and full of smart, creative, interesting people.
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1 May
New from the great @johnsteppling:…

If you didn't come here today for a quick dopamine fix, I recommend that you take some time and read the article in full. As with all of John's articles, this one is full of pearls to contemplate and great quotes.
I'll share some of the quotes and a bit of John's writing here, as time permits but don't assume the selected tidbits do full justice.
"In his epilogue to Devils of Loudun, (Aldous) Huxley noted the seductive nature of group think, of what he called the collective alienation of herds.
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30 Apr
I said they were Bohemian Grove members (that's not speculation)

As for the CIA?

CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb ran LSD experiments in Palo Alto that Ken Kesey + Robert Hunter took part in. Allen Ginsburg first took LSD via Gottlieb's massive stash ($240,000 worth in 1953 dollars)
This led to Robert Hunter turning on the Grateful Dead with Sidney Gottlieb’s CIA-funded acid.

The Dead's first show as the "Grateful Dead", and not the Warlocks, as 12/4/65 at the San Jose Acid Test. LSD didn't become illegal in CA until six months later.
I don't have time right now but most Deadheads know about Owsley Stanley's role with the Dead and LSD Bay Area counterculture. Also look up Stuart Brand's role.
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29 Apr
Electronic Frontier Foundation joins Podesta's Center for American Progress to "crack down on deliberate disinformation", but won't "unduly" limit free expression.
Other backers: PEN America (Soros/Brennan Center)

Center for Democracy + Technology (funded by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Ford Foundation, Google, John S. + James L. Knight Foundation, Amazon, Charles Koch Institute, Facebook, Microsoft, Open Society Foundations,
"Anonymous", Apple, AT&T, Bill + Melinda Gates Foundation, Twitter, Verizon, Visa, American Express, Netflix, PayPal, Perkins Coie, UnitedHealth Group, Wells Fargo, Salesforce, Starbucks, Verizon Media),
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26 Apr
The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg

"The non-profit industrial complex...must be considered the most powerful army in the world. Employing billions of staff, all inter-connected, today’s campaigns, financed by our ruling oligarchs can become viral in a matter of hours"
“What’s infuriating about manipulations by the Non Profit Industrial Complex is that they harvest the goodwill of the people, especially young people.
They target those who were not given the skills and knowledge to truly think for themselves by institutions which are designed to serve the ruling class.
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14 Apr
Multinational corporation Unilever (who owns Ben & Jerry's) hired private security to brutally put down a strike in S. Africa (rubber bullets, pepper spray, paintballs).
An editor of Sri Lanka's Cosmopolitan refused to promote skin whiteners for Unilever. Unilever put pressure on her + asked Cosmopolitan to fire her.
Unilever dumped toxic mercury in the South Indian hilltown of Kodaikanal.
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10 Feb
That is correct, hence the quotes. Sanctioned History sees Wilson differently. IMO 🤖he one of the worst American Presidents, ushering in the Federal Reserve, America's false flag entry into WW I + as the father of the Administrative State, modern Meritocracy and Elitism.
Better informed Bots may have an even dimmer view.
Not a Bot, but one of my favorites @wfinalle57, with multiple great tweets on Wilson:
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10 Feb
Between 1911 and 1915, seven presidents were assassinated or overthrown in Haiti. In 1914, the Wilson Administration sent marines into Haiti who removed $500,000 from the Haitian National Bank for safe-keeping in New York, thus giving the U.S. control of the bank.
In 1915, Haitian president Jean Vilbrun Guillaume Sam was assassinated. In response, President Wilson sent the U.S. Marines to Haiti, claiming the invasion was an attempt to prevent anarchy. In reality the Wilson administration was protecting U.S. assets in the area.
The invasion ended with the Haitian-American Treaty of 1915. The agreement created a Haitian gendarmerie, a military force made up of Americans and Haitians and controlled by the U.S. marines.
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25 Jan
Jared Bot asks: Since when did American "leftists" become champions of State coercion?

The premise by which we are to wear masks is a false one.

You don't pledge fealty to deranged Eugenicists like Bill Gates, do you?
“The worship of the state is the worship of force. There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men. The worst evils which mankind ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments.
The state can be and has often been in the course of history the main source of mischief and disaster.”

― Ludwig von Mises
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23 Jan
Predictive Programming from 1979!

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20 Jan
Not aging well, shill. TRAITORS like you are a big part of the problem. Image
Never heard of this particular Q Grifter before today. But you must come to terms with the fact that you have a very very very weak mind or worse if you actually are still defending the actions of a Q grifter.
Below is how you "interpret everything" correctly:

But in return for my correct foresight, MAGA QTards (read the comments) abused me so viciously that I have no space in my heart left for your crowd.
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20 Jan
Back in 2008, an Army War College report revealed that “widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security.”
The 44-page report went on to warn that potential causes for such civil unrest could include another terrorist attack, “unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency,
pervasive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters.”…
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19 Jan
"Rigging primary elections impairs voting rights as much as excluding voters based on race, gender, or other demographic characteristics. The Court must act to address the simmering crisis of confidence in American democracy before it reaches the boiling point – and not any later
A writ of certiorari should issue to review the judgment and opinion of the Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit"

(#DNCFraudLawsuit SCOTUS brief filed 3/26/2020)…

Why should we continue to bother with people who didn't bother listening to us?

The Supreme Court responded to our #DNCFraudLawsuit petition with one word: "denied."

I guess the simmering crisis of confidence in American democracy wasn't important enough to bother with more than that.
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17 Jan
I sued the DNC for Fraud and two witnesses dropped dead.

Where were you? Playing horoscope Q games on your computer and pretending to be Sherlock Holmes?
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17 Jan
My wife and I got the fuck out of California in 2005 because we didn't like where the state was headed.
This took some serious convincing on my part because my wife (we were married for one year at the time) had spent practically her entire life in Los Angeles, and we were each making 6 figures working at a large corporate law firm.
We flipped a coin to decide between Florida and Texas. Florida won, so we drove cross country in our beat-up Corolla and settled in Miami.
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16 Jan
For the past 4+ years, my wife and I have been screaming at the top of our lungs about election fraud perpetrated by the DNC.
We pursued #DNCFraudLawsuit to the bitter end, depleted our own savings account while warning every step of the way about the dire consequences for our country if election integrity wasn't addressed immediately.
Few listened to us, and even fewer helped us. Many derided, mocked, and even threatened us.
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