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@StormIsUponUs 2) #QAnon 3841...
#Q gives us a redraw of 2697 & follows w/an @M2Madness Tweet w/links 2a Youtube video: #GlennBeck Presents: #Ukraine: The Final Piece
#BidenCrimeFamily & #HusseinAdmin are discussed, re: #MoneyLaundering
@StormIsUponUs @M2Madness 3) #QAnon 3841 cont...
$1.8 Bil 2finance a #ProxyWar💥, which existed w/o #Congress' knowledge!!!
That's #TaxpayerMonies!!!
Where's that $ [ !!! ]


By the way, we back @realDonaldTrump!
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Think we'll ever find out who Vinnik was actually working for?

Laundering money in the #Ukraine???

Will he be dead of "suicide", 2 shots to the head🙄 before making it to the US?

Will the #MtGox #BTC hack have ties 2 the corrupt Ukraine govt or ...

🧐Eyes On!👇
2/ Accused Ukranian BTC-e exchange money launderer, Alexander Vinnik was extradited secretly from Greece to France and hospitalized after a 45 day hunger strike- Judge has ruled France first, then US (then Russia)...…
No, I have no idea of any links to #JoeBiden or the democratic party, but it sure would be interesting to follow this story given all the money laundering that was going on in the Ukraine during 2011 onward...
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Europe-Wide Operation of #HumanTrafficking #SexTrafficking #DrugTrafficking #MoneyLaundering Yields Arrests of Nigerians & 334 in Italy ‘Ndrangheta Mafia Members▫️

“Largest Haul of Mobsters in Italy Since 1984 When 450 Members of Costa Nostradamus Were Tried”

“Police arrested Luigi Mancuso, whom officials described as head of the Mancuso clan & dozens of others believed to have ties to the ‘Ndrangheta...Variety of charges have been filed”
“Thursday’s operation uncovered the link between the Mancuso clan with what Mr. Nicaso called the “upper-world” citing professionals, politicians, bureaucrats & freemasons as examples”
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Obama-Holder-Brennan-Clinton Operated Global Drug/Gun #MoneyLaundering Cabal w/Deep State & NGOs

1980's Stanley Dunham/Peter Geithner helped fund AQ in Pakistan using USAID $

“Hillary Clinton had Chris Stevens Running Guns in Benghazi"
“Silk Way Airlines Weapons to Terrorists”
“Obama-Holder Helped Arm Mexican Cartels using HSBC $$ Soros Renaissance Fund = Burisma-Biden deal▫️

#FastAndFurious Still Being Covered Up

2 hand guns ATF agent Tommy Ho bought using @WellsFargo bank check and FFL. Check, invoice signature of Ho Tommy
March 2018: Trump Administration to Provide Records on Obama ATF #FastAndFurious Gun Trafficking Probe▫️

Basically During Obama Admin We Had “Cash for Clunkers” #FastandFurious #Benghazi #IranDeal Gun Running & Drug Trafficking, etc.▫️…
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One area the US has been very short-sighted in its efforts over the years is in the Jamaican banking system. Their legitimate concern is a significant volume of illegitimate transactions but their solution, enhanced Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements is an abject failure. 1/
Because of these KYC requirements, it is very difficult to open a bank account in Jamaica. One typically needs a job letter, multiple references, proof of address, etc., small independent business owners often can't meet all that and just do without a bank account. 2/
The result is that over 30% of Jamaicans are "unbanked", having no relationship with a bank at all. The net effect of this fosters a parallel cash-based financial system for the "average Joe", one in which #MoneyLaundering is very easy because cash is untraceable. 3/
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Your mate: "Can I put some money in your account for a few days so it doesn't go into my overdraft?"
You: "Sure, no problem."
... few days later ...
Your mate: "Can you pay that money to my mum's account?"
It all sounds very normal doesn't it? Read on (thread). No more being broke. Don't be fooled.No more bank account. Don't be fooled.No more phone contract. Don't be fooled.No more student loans. Don't be fooled.
We're not saying that your mate is trying to scam you, but they might be being scammed themselves and innocently implicating you. Moving money around like this is called money laundering. #MoneyLaundering
Money laundering is a criminal activity and even if you didn't know what was going on, you will face the consequences if caught. Educate yourself and don't become a money mule. #MoneyMules
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SWIFT global banking knowingly gave fake banks access to the global money system! So we've moved from shell companies to shell banks in the #moneylaundering networks. #ButNothingsHappening
Note: I'm working off the translation so it may have a few issues.…
DN broke the news but it's paywalled so I will have post more details from other sources who want readers....
Thanks to @codyave for providing me a link to an archive page!…
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UAW VP Joseph Ashton pleads guilty to #WireFraud & #MoneyLaundering for kickback schemes.
He was also formerly a member of the Board of Directors of GM appointed in 2014 under the terms of the 2009 federal bail out.…
These charges connect to GM's recent RICO law suit against Fiat Chrysler for bribing UAW officials to give GM worse labor deals.
Ashton's role with UAW? Handling the GM contract negotiations!
In addition to his work with UAW, Ashton served as a Executive Vice President for New Jersey & Pennsylvania for the AFL-CIO. I'm sure there are no Swamp connections there...
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California state legislator pleads guilty to fraud & #moneylaundering case from 2007-2014.
Misleading investors & skimming off cash to build coffee shops in San Francisco area BART transit stations.

Seems simple enough, but I think this is the opening case in a wider scheme as I will explain below.
So instead of using all of the money from his investors for the BART coffee shops, instead he was sending some of it to shell company accounts incorporated in Delaware.
My suspicion is that this money was being used to provide kickbacks to people affiliated with BART...
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FBI & DOJ targeting Venezuelan bankers in $4.5 Billion #moneylaundering scheme.
Shady loans to state owned oil companies. Rig exchange rate markets for the payments to pay back much more than the loans were worth. #ButNothingsHappening…
Money was laundered to Swiss bank accounts of shell companies then into the US in real estate & securities investments. I've long theorized that the Swamp draining started overseas first to drive the money into the US where DOJ could get at it easier!
Primary crimes occurred in 2012, but the Feds are finally closing in. The prosecution began in 2017 but based upon older information. What was your DOJ doing @BarackObama?
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CEO of Australia's 2nd largest bank resigns over a #MoneyLaundering scandal involving child exploitation!
Bank said it would be destabilizing to fire him & then did anyway! They are 3rd of the Big 4 Aussie banks to lose their CEO!
The bank allowed 23 million illegal off shore transactions including those linked to "child exploitation".
Apparently the bank thought 'mainstream Australia' wouldn't pay much attention to this scandal, but times are changing...
Even the regulators who had ignored the issue for years reversed course in September leading to this termination of the CEO.
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🚨BREAKING: Prosecutors #subpoena people tied to @RudyGiuliani and his #Ukrainegate henchmen—Les Parnas and Igor Fruman—indicating a BROAD federal probe into alleged #MoneyLaundering, #ObstructionOfJustice, and campaign-finance violations.

“Among the entities named in the #subpoenas are Giuliani Partners, a security-consulting firm...that had multiple foreign clients, including a city in #Ukraine. The subpoenas also sought info on a company co-founded by Parnas that paid Giuliani for business and legal advice.”🔥
Subpoenas listed >6 potential charges: #ObstructionOfJustice, #MoneyLaundering, #conspiracy to defraud the US, making false statements, serving as a foreign agent w/o registering, donating funds from foreign nationals, making straw donations, mail #fraud and wire fraud. 🔥
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What if the Bidens aren't the real target of the letter from @ChuckGrassley & Senator Johnson to Treasury & State?

What if the Bidens are an excuse to expose firewalls at FINCEN & State's action to protect not just the Bidens but the entire Swamp?…
If you have followed me for awhile, you know I believe that Treasury's FINCEN has played a central role in protecting Swamp Creatures from coming under investigation for financial crimes such as money laundering & tax evasion.

What does FINCEN do with SARs on #SwampCreatures
I'm sure FINCEN received some SARs on these individuals & companies.
So what did FINCEN do when they received these Suspicious Activity Reports from banks & other financial networks?
I'm quite certain Senator Grassley will find out!
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🚨BREAKING: Paul Erickson, convicted #Russian🇷🇺agent Maria Butina's boyfriend, pleaded GUILTY to wire fraud and #MoneyLaundering. admitting that he conned “DG” into wiring him $100,000 for a fake "real estate investment," then wired $1,000 to “MB.”…
Paul Erickson, Maria Butina's "boyfriend" who pleaded GUILTY to wire #fraud and #MoneyLaundering, raised money for the NRA. Shortly before the NRA’s 2016 convention, he emailed Rick Dearborn about meeting btwn Putin & Trump.

Subject: “Kremlin Connection”

Maria Butina's #indictment alleged that “Person 1” (Paul Erickson) formed a SECRET BACKCHANNEL between the Kremlin and **key @GOP leaders**.

Butina cooperated with prosecutors AGAINST Erickson, who now is a convicted #felon.

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Professor Bruce Bagley, who’s also a CNN pundit& has also served as an “expert” for the UN, US Gov, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia Panama & Mexico, was charged in an international $2 Million #MoneyLaundering scheme. Funds were stolen from people of #Venezuela.
Here’s his profile at UK’s Swansea University…
He also wrote a book about drug trafficking, LOL.

Wonder if he was laundering money or getting paid off to support drug traffickers. Sounds like he was also helping to hide bribery money and money stolen from Venezuela. The overseas bank acct was owned by a Colombian.
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A lot of commotion in Iran this morning.
Hassan Rouhani exploding on my feed.

Ready to get ousted?
or strings cut?

Either way ... something seems to have shifted.
Watch IRAN.
Something incredible is about to happen.
[Hassan Rouhani]
The Good People of IRAN have the POWER.
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Global accounting firm EY (Ernst & Young) accused of covering up #moneylaundering by drug cartels using 3.6 tonnes of gold through a refinery in Dubai!
If you follow me, you have seen that the Swamps are being drained on a global basis over the past 5 years by attacking the banking & accounting networks that enable trillions of dollars of #MoneyLaundering for crooks, organized crime & politicians around the world.
This case arose from a 2017 case against 27 members of the drug cartel money laundering operation in France. But once you get the #receipts they tend to lead to many interesting places!
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U.S. and Korean authorities say they broke up one of the world’s largest markets for #ChildPornography, a crime that is proliferating at a furious pace with the rise of #cryptocurrency and #encrypted online content.…
Since agents shuttered the site in March 2018, authorities have arrested 337 site users in 11 countries including the U.K., Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and in more than two dozen U.S. states.
The site, encouraged users to upload videos, included 100s of 1,000s of illicit images not previously seen by authorities. 23 minor victims in the U.S., U.K. and Spain were rescued. They were being actively abused by users of the site, which operated from June 2015-March 2018.
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1. #QAnon Feb 26 2019
All-out assault against the duly elected President of the United States.
We have never experienced anything like this in our history.
Treason & sedition at the highest levels of office throughout many depts...
2. Frmr CIA Analyst Fred Fleitz has extensive knowledge of #whistleblower process. His sources find #Ukraine call #WhistleblowerComplaint was from Congress members writing it. Adam #Schiff was talking about the complaint almost a month before it was filed.
3. Fleitz was told by 2 working on the House Intelligence Committee, a staffer, and a member, that they believe that Intel Committee members helped the #Whistleblower write the intricate, convoluted, self-contradictory, footnoted #WhistleblowerComplaint.
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Proposed EU Justice Commissioner facing corruption allegations in Belgium. Bribes in Congo, illegal arms deals to Libya, 40M Euro corruption in building a police HQ.
Sounds like the kind of guy a Swamp would want in charge of "Justice"
In addition to his nomination for EU Justice, Didier Reynders is the Belgian foreign minister, deputy prime minister and defence minister. Seems like a busy guy...
His right hand man Fontinoy seems very busy too, serving in his cabinet, running the Belgian state run railway, & allegedly had free time to handle bribery & corruption negotiations.
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#TheLaundromat movie, based on the true story of the #PanamaPapers, premiered in Venice yesterday. We're looking forward to seeing it! 🍿🎞️ Steven Soderbergh quote: The kind of corruption that we are discussing is a defining issue of this moment. [...] And I think transparency is the only solutiotn.
It tells a story of hidden wealth, #moneylaundering and #corruption - one that could not be told without the courageous work of whistleblowers and investigative journalists around the world.
Read more about the #PanamaPapers investigation that revealed a network of over 200,000 shell companies and helped recover over US$ 1 billion in taxes. #25corruptionscandals… 25 corruption cases cover image: The Panama Papers
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