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Prof of Economics at University of Calgary; President of Incentives for Global Health; @healthimpact, antibiotics, OneHealth, drug markets, electricity
22 Nov
#COVID19AB is not going well. I have been asked repeatedly to comment on the effect of temporary measures on the economy. People seem to be worried about this question: (1) How do we balance economic impact against excess deaths? which I think is a mistake.@AntibioticDoc
The right question is (2) when is the right time to take action to minimize deaths and morbidity *and* to protect the economy? The economy, after all, is just there for people, not people for the economy. What we have seen in other places is that once COVID
has inundated hospitals, politicians recognize that they need to take tough action to reduce infections. This is true because mortality increases once hospitals are overwhelmed, and because people naturally limit their opportunities for infection when risks increase. So,
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