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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update: Today will be our last regularly scheduled COVID-19 update. Online updates will continue weekly to keep Albertans informed of the current levels of risk in their communities and trends across the province. (1/10)
Data for June 14-20 is available at…. There will be no changes over the next few weeks as we monitor step 3, but later this summer we will implement several changes to the dashboard. (2/10)
There continues to be a downward trend in all of our indicators, including hospitalizations. There are currently 661 people w/COVID-19 in hospital, 17 of which are in the ICU. (3/10)
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🧵Well, here we are #Hellberta. My husband can have known Covid positive students in his class, unmasked infecting anyone. @albertateachers this is a workplace health and safety issue, you have failed your membership since February. School boards for much longer.
I dare any of you to look my medically at risk 2 year old in the eye & tell her she is worth burying your heads in the sand. You know there are teachers and students with significant health conditions in your schools today,who you have FAILED to keep safe, just so parents aren’t
mad at you for using evidence to inform policy. Masks work. Isolation works. Sick kids should not be at school. After the hell of the last two years, this has been the worst part; people expecting my husband to show up and shut up about the risks to his daughter
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Encouraged by @Sharonadactyl gratitude for public input on Alberta's school mask lawsuit, I am providing a 🧵of observations to stimulate input from other members of the public.

I had a good nap this evening, so here goes.

/c @OrlaghOKelly1 @gilmcgowan
The documents are here, and I would encourage others in the public, especially those skilled in science and medicine, to provide input by tweet, DM or email.

I am not a party to the lawsuit, nor employed by the lawyers or AFL. Just a private citizen.

Here from the Court decision released 19 May:

[67] In addition, on my own motion, I order Dr. Hinshaw to provide a better Certified Record of Proceedings, as set out above, by May 27, 2022, or such other date as the parties agree, or I order.…
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Alberta continues to burn deeper into exponential growth of COVID-19, worse than any other province.

Led by Calgary, by far worst in Canada, with cases doubling every 4.2 Generation cycles, at 3.5 days/cycle = doubling every ~14 days.

Joined by Edmonton. Central & North close.
Both the daily R from @imgrund and semi-weekly Wastewater Sampling at @ucalgaryCHI are leading indicators of #COVID19AB prevalence, ~5 days ahead of PCR.

Calgary has not recovered from 6th Wave, which GoA launched w rushed drop of safety measures through Feb (latest data 2 Jun).
@imgrund @ucalgaryCHI More recent wastewater sampling shows:
• Edmonton had more pronounced surge in May, and is rising again
• Medicine Hat & High River rising again
• Banff never recovered from May surge

We're sitting ducks for Omicron's ongoing mutation without (proven, simple) safety measures.
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update: Updated data for Apr 19-25 is available at…. (1/10)
There are currently 1,220 people w/COVID-19 in hospital incl 47 in ICU. Over the last week, 32.6% of new non-ICU admissions were incidental, 65.3% were due to COVID-19 and 2.1% were undetermined. For ICU, 24.2% were incidental and 75.7% were due to COVID. (2/10)
Between Apr 19-25, an avg of 9 deaths/day related to COVID-19 were reported to AB Health. The individuals whose deaths were reported in the last week were aged 32-103. My sympathies go to their loved ones & everyone who has lost someone, no matter the cause. (3/10)
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On Wednesday, Health Min Copping "addressed the speculation" about funding cuts to Rapid Test distribution. He said compensation was "changed" from $5/test to $60/case.

Suspicious of the change in units, I looked into it.

Compensation has been cut from $5/test to $0.093/test.
If you're going to lead off weekly #COVID19AB theatre to say "rumours are not correct", then your clarification had better not be deceptive.

This would be the Labour Min saying Alberta's minimum wage has been "changed" from $15/hr to $500/month.

This compensation cut to pharmacists was announced in a PDF dated 3 March 2022, effective 7 March.

Goodbye $5/test dispensing fee.

Hello flat $60/case (for eg. 650 BTNX) the pharmacist has to apply for, to cover shipping directly billed by distributor.…
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Here's your pre-Easter weekend look at #COVID19AB wastewater data.
At the risk of sounding glib, something has risen and it isn't a holy figure... 🧵
Fort Mac #YMM has seen a general upward trend for the past 3 weeks (last data point today)
Grande Prairie looks to be starting a swing upward from an apparent nadir a few weeks ago (last data point Apr 12)
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6th wave. #COVID19AB
Hospitalizations are going up and ICU admissions trending up too. Both increases are less dramatic than case # (even undercounted) but are unmistakeable.
About 1/3 of hosp are not related to COVID (someone with something else and COVID)
Hospitalizations are occurring even in areas with previous very high infection rates (but some with lower vaccination rates). Wastewater data still increasing most places.
It’s a bit shocking to me that we generally don’t pay attention to 5-10 deaths daily as it’s not too bad, comparatively. At least that’s not worsening that quickly.

There’s a difference between now and 2020 / early 2021 - we have astronomical skyrocketing case rates…
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In today's #COVID19AB weekly theatre, Health Minister Copping claimed (4-min mark):
• hospital occupancy "around 90%"
• "slight increase" from 1000 to 1050
• system "resilient", prepared for "further increase"

His own dept stats contradict him.

Latest Healthcare Capacity as of 6 April shows:
• non-ICU beds avail 1.9%
• average beds avail ~ 3% over last month, or 97% full

Minister conceded ICU at 100% capacity, so this claim of overall (ICU + non ICU) around 90% appears bogus.…

/c @NeejaB ImageImage
Increase from 1000 to 1050 Albertans in hospital w COVID-19 is not "slight". It is 5% a week, at a time when available beds is under 3%.

On 6 April, Albertans in non-ICU w COVID:
• Healthcare Capacity graph shows 983
• Severe Outcomes graph shows 1007 on same day

#Revisions ImageImageImage
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#COVID19AB this week:
Hosp: 1053 (+63 from last week)
ICU: 48 (+4)
Deaths: [an avg of 5/d in the wk of Apr 5-11]

CMOH Hinshaw announces pause of use of monoclonal antibody treatment Sotrovimab, as there are questions of its efficacy vs dominant variant BA.2.
Paxlovid still recommended, for those who are eligible.
2nd boosters now available to eligible ppl (elderly, immunocompromised).
Health Min Copping says RATs to pharmas isn't ending, but compensation for pharmas has changed (story to come).
He says as of Apr 12, 40m RATs were shipped, with 14.9m for individual use.
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update: Transitioning to an endemic state does not mean the virus has disappeared. But we have tools to protect ourselves, allowing us to adjust to living with it. Part of living with it is continuing to adapt to emerging evidence. (1/8)
As we age, our immune systems can be slow to respond to challenges & leave us less able to maintain long-term immunity. This is why Alberta will soon offer 4th doses to 70+, FNMI 65+ & residents of long-term care & other congregate living settings for seniors. (2/8)
Many Albertans have asked why we don’t offer 4th doses to all. Dosages & intervals are set to ensure optimal benefit. We are monitoring evidence & will follow it in adjusting dose eligibility, ensuring ABs get the best protection from severe outcomes for the longest time. (3/8)
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I had two professional COVID-19 antigen tests yesterday.

The London Test came back negative

The Toronto Test came back negative

Passengers coughing on the 4996 ppm CO2 @AirCanada flight

N99 mask on the whole flight with a Hepa filter on the whole time. No snacks…
Coughing today…

Took a RAT test

I tested positive for COVID-19.

Now I’m wondering how many others on AC157 got it as well.

#COVIDisAirborne #COVID19AB @AirCanada
Called 811, @AHS_media they told me they no longer do contact tracing.

Isolate for 5 days...

No PCR required to determine the variant.

No need to inform the 150+ passengers on the @AirCanada 157 flight that they might have COVID.

That's #COVID19AB
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Dear @AirCanada CMO Dr Jim Chung and VP of Safety Samuel Elfassy

Thank you for the message “your safety and the safety of our employees is our top priority” inside every CleanCare+ package on #AirCanada flights. 🧵/10
I fly a lot with @AirCanada as it has more international destinations than any Canadian airline.

Prior to lockdowns that was about 1 week/month. Have the luggage tag to prove it.

I want to get to a point where we feel safe not wearing a mask on a plane. 2/10
However I would like to ask you some questions about safety on board Air Canada flights…

These questions are about 2 domestic flights within Canada AC157 and AC146

#COVID19AB #CovidIsNotOver 3/10
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Record CO2 readings from a parked #AirCanada flight loading passengers.

This flight also did not turn on ventilation until the plane is in the air. That’s why temperature was 18°C while CO2 near 4K ppm.

Turn it on @AirCanada #CovidIsNotOver #COVID19AB
Auxiliary power unit failed, and it was too windy to hook up external power.

Captain says we will be flying with only one engine and hoping that the second engine will start afterwards so that we can run HVAC into the cabin.

🤞 How we fly #AirCanada in 2022
Good news: plane is warming up!

Bad news: HVAC is still not working

Congrats #AirCanada we have a new CO2 record
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Dear @Alberta_UCP voters registering in the thousands for the leadership vote, heed my warning: Kicking out @jkenney will not save this province. Replacing him w/@BrianJeanAB will not undo the damage of the last 3yrs.

If you vote UCP again, there will be dire consequences. 1/7
I watched excellent doctors leave in 2020 due to the UCP fight w/doctors. But these were only the docs who were given opportunities to leave & weren't easily tied to this province. The rest of us stayed behind and fought b/c leaving wasn't so simple & we hoped for change 2/7
However, every doctor I've spoken to, from the wealthiest specialist to the part time Family Doc, has said they have discussed/thought of an exit plan from this province if this govt remains in power. We are too demoralized by how the UCP handled this pandemic & we are done 3/7
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Time for follow up on the thread re: La Crete Chamber sending a bus to #Ottawa on February 13 well after it was known the protest was not peaceful or lawful, with plans to meet with their MP @ArnoldViersen


#freedomconvoy22 #RamRanchResistance
Andrew F, who was on the bus, updated the Chamber's posts about their timeline and also the group had a "very good meeting" with MP @ArnoldViersen. This was on Feb. 17, after #Ontario declared a state of emergency and the #EmergenciesAct was in place.

#OttawaOccupation #Ottawa
Their MP wasn't the only "famous face" they met; Barbie H, who appears to also be part of the La Crete Chamber group from her posts on the Mackenzie County Freedom Rally 2022 Facebook Group, is pictured here with #OttawaSiege organizers Danny Bulford and Chris Barber.

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Does a municipal government have the authority and legality to do this? What about companies with mandatory drug/alcohol testing? @CBCEdmonton @ctvedmonton @CityNewsYEG @edmontonjournal @globeandmail @GlobalEdmonton you might want to look into this
Cc: @ABmunis @RuralMA
@Mitchell_AB @KikkiPlanet @TheBreakdownAB @duncankinney -
Know anyone who may be able to answer if a Municipality can institute such a “rule”?
Just to follow this up, this County and some of it’s small towns are among the lowest vaccination rates in Alberta.

And while this area also claims to be untouched by covid, the statistics don’t lie.

#covid19AB #abpoli #ableg #RamRanchResisitance #ottawa #cndpoli
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Severe #covid19ab outcomes for babies, children, and youth:
• 1 new hosp., incld. 1 ICU for under one
• 2 new hosp. for 1-4
• 2 new hosp. for 5-9
• 6 new hosp. for 10-19
The count of pediatric hospitalizations is now getting very close to doubling what we had total for the entire pandemic before the beginning of the 5th wave.

Currently to date we've had 917 hospitalizations for youth, versus 475 on Dec. 12 when the 5th wave began.
However, within this age group, we've already seen some doubling milestones pass.

Hosp. from Dec. 12 to now:
• 101 for under one, to 239 (2.36x)
• 85 for 1-4, to 182 (2.14x)
• 47 for 5-9, to 116 (2.47x)
• 242 for 10-19, to 380 (1.57x)
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Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki says traffic at Coutts border is open and all protesters have moved on.

RCMP are keeping a presence to ensure this continues.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #Covid19ab
Zablocki says the dangerous criminal activity happening away from cameras near Coutts was real and potentially dangerous.

Says all decisions made were with safety as the top priority.
Zablocki thanks other authorities including US partners in dealing with the blockade.
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To be clear, Jason Kenney is lying. Our case has NOT been thrown out. You really cannot believe a thing this guy says. #KenneyLiesAllTheTime #AbLeg #abpoli #cdnpoli #COVID19AB
Acting with a group of parents, we asked for three things 1) a judicial review of the UCP’s decision to lift mask mandates in schools 2) a return to masking until the review is heard 3) nullification of the UCP’s prohibition on school boards setting their own mask policies.
The court threw out #3 because we’re not school boards. The judge said he’d have to hear directly from school boards themselves if they are treating LaGrange’s letter prohibiting school boards from setting their own mask rules as binding on them.
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Premier Kenney says using the Emergencies Act is unnecessary for an Alberta context, sys they have all of the tools they need here.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Kenney says Bill 1 has similar sanctions as court injunction used to handle Ambassador bridge.

Says feds reaching overtop without offering anything in particular would be unhelpful.

Wants to find ways to enforce with current tools.
Premier Kenney says enacting federal Emergencies Act could embolden protesters to dig in further.

Adds that if its believed that it's needed in other jurisdictions, he will respect the feds decision.
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WATCH LIVE SOON: Copping, Hinshaw to give #COVID19AB update:…
Copping starts by talking rapid tests, says there have been supply chain issued by 2.5 million were sent to pharmacies and doctor's offices. Also, 633 more pharmacies have joined the program
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WATCH LIVE: Kenney to announce plan to lift COVID-19 restrictions at 5 p.m.:…
We are hearing the start of this announcement will be delayed a few minutes
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