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Let’s talk about disparity in vaccine rate and the factors contributing to those disparities! We know quite a lot about who is and isn’t getting vaccinated in Alberta, which is going to help us figure out how to get more people vaccinated. #COVID19AB [1/16]
Right now, there’s a clear lag in the 20-29YO age groups, especially men. And we’re already hearing from people in that group who booked after hearing about the lottery—we are anticipating this to be the most effective demographic for the lottery incentive. [2/16]
But there are also significant geographic disparities. We saw this in #yyc in the last few months, and targeted efforts in the Upper NE including the #VaccineRodeo and a new drive-through vaccine clinic have resulted in a significant reduction in the gap there. [3/16]
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#COVID19AB Balanced Scorecard
Sat 12 June

Apologies for late Scorecard today. Joined the 1% of Albertans now getting 2nd Dose every day, then enjoyed a well-spaced 🌞patio dinner w family.

By Date Reported,💥B.1.617 now up to 11.4% of Variants, and 8% of Cases, since 1 June. My Balanced Scorecard showi...Pie charts showing B.1.617 ...
Before I get into variants, I wanted to explain difference between Counting Variants:
• by Date Reported, or
• by Case Date.

I can do either, but choose Date Reported for my Scorecard. This prevents prior dates from churning, and helps give important insight into AB Health. Image
There's a time lag between Case Date & Date Reported. Full genetic sequencing to eg. detect protein spikes specific to B.1.617 can take 1-2 wks.

Nice story here from @JenLeeCBC about how much work that was for B117 in 2nd Wave, until rapid screening.…
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#COVID19AB Balanced Scorecard
Fri 11 June

Most leading indicator Wastewater Sampling looks like Feb/Mar Start of 3rd Wave. Steep Decline ended suddenly at end of May, now rising slowly.

B.1.617 is no longer a HIDDEN leading indicator. Now 11.2% of recorded cases since 1 June. My balanced scorecard showi...Wastewater Sampling Graph s...Closeup of Wastewater Sampl...

💥B.1.617 continues to explode among variants, but don't miss P1🔥 82% growth since 1 May.

AB Health still not providing number of cases screened for variants, which prevents me from reporting % coverage or % ID. I'm assuming the 2 missing days sampled at April rates. ImageImageImage
Variants II

Odd to call B117 part of "Old Covid" since it arrived in January, was minimized in February, then drove the 3rd Wave.

B.1.617 is getting all the attention, but don't forget P1 which has been growing since February. Both are driving the 4th Wave. ImageImageImageImage
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB numbers: Over the last 24hrs we ID’d 170 new cases & completed about 6.7K tests. Our positivity rate is 2.8%. We have ID’d 204 new VoC cases. For a breakdown of case numbers, visit…. (1/5)
There are currently 296 ppl in hospital being treated for COVID-19 including 79 in ICU. Sadly, 3 new deaths were reported over the past 24hrs. My condolences go to their family, friends and anyone grieving a loss today. (2/5)
Vaccines are safe & our best defense against COVID. If you haven’t received your 1st dose yet book an appt w/AHS or a participating pharmacy. Or, visit an AHS walk-in clinic.… (3/5)
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This is certainly concerning but I think it's important not to draw conclusions on vaccine effectiveness against delta variant based on this!

First, we have no details on second dose timing or symptoms of the fully vaccinated.
Second, we know the virus is characterized by super spreading events and is highly overdispersed (so 80-90% caused by just 10-20% of people). So cases will be clustered & I suspect it follows that breakthrough infections will also be clustered.
We can't use this 1 small sample size of interconnected cases (with potentially the same source of exposure or same environmental conditions, ie. ventilation) to make VE determination. That's where the UK data is so helpful & far more reliable! For now, it's our best info source.
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Really good thread about the #Delta variant (#B1617) which has become the dominant variant in the UK.👇

There are some informative short videos as well for people like myself who are not science experts, but like to have a base level of understanding.
#COVID19 #ableg #abhealth
How is #Alberta handling the #DeltaVariant?

“The Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary is dealing with several COVID-19 outbreaks, including 20 cases of the rapidly spreading delta variant, or B.1.617.2, in two units.”

#abhealth #covid19ab #ableg…
A more infectious, more aggressive new strain taking hold in Alberta is a concern.

“but @calgarystampede will go ahead with #stampede2021🦠” (come hell or high fever.)…
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In the spirit of @jkenney encouraging people to "politely challenge" the misinformation around vaccines, three quick rebuttals to some of the most common ones for you! #abvax #COVID19AB [1/4]
If people think vaccines were too rushed:

They weren’t starting from scratch—much of the groundwork with spike proteins was done during the SARS outbreak in 2003 then continued with MERS, but MERS spread slowed before the research reached the final stages. [2/4]
If people think they cut too many safety corners:

They didn’t cut any corners on research, but because of unprecedented global investment and effort, they cut most of the bureaucratic corners. No waiting for grant applications to be approved! No red tape, just science. [3/4]
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update: I will be away next week. My live updates will be postponed until June 22. Deputy CMOH Dr. Andre Corriveau & our health team will keep you informed w/ online updates. Online data will continue to be posted daily. (1/8)
Over the last 24hrs, we ID’d 178 new cases of COVID-19 & completed about 5.5K tests. Our positivity rate is 3.3%. We have ID’d 138 VoC cases in the last 24hrs. 238 schools are on outbreak/alert. Hospitalizations continue to decline w/306 ppl in hospital, incl 81 in ICU. (2/8)
Sadly, 6 new deaths were reported in the last 24hrs, a reminder that we continue to see the impacts of the 3rd wave. My thoughts are with the family, friends, neighbours & communities of these individuals as they mourn their loved ones. (3/8)
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B.1.617 Public Reporting

On Tuesday, @CMOH_Alberta minimized spread of B.1.617 in #COVID19AB with:

"Of all the variants of concern identified last week, only 5% of them were the B.1.617."

I found this misleading, and I will explain why.…

@DFisman Image
With my spreadsheet, I use Reported Date. So I get around 9.2%, not 5%.

But there shouldn't be that much difference from the Retrospective Testing in June. Only ~800 more cases from before June have been screened so far, and in May ~17K were not screened. ImageImageImage
So I got the AB Health stats which identify Variants by Swab Test Date.

From 1 May to 5 June*, exponential growth of B.1.617. Misleading of CMOH to "put our numbers in context" as only ~5% in last week, when this⤵️ is the 💥growth.

* Most recent days omitted as data incomplete. ImageImageImage
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A few reminders in anticipation. #abvax #COVID19AB [1/6]
If you CAN join the queue at 2:30PM, you’ll need to be able to have the tab open for about an hour until they launch it. It’ll tell you how many people are ahead of you in line and will say “The line is paused.” That just means they aren’t letting people in yet. [2/6]
Unlike 1st doses where you could book multiple people, you can only book a 2nd dose for 1 person at a time. If you need more than one spot, join the queue a 2nd time in a different browser or incognito window or have them on another device so you can aim for similar times. [3/6]
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168 walk-ins for first doses today at the Expo Centre in #yeg, where max vax capacity is in the thousands, is inexcusable. We’re hearing that the Telus walk-in in #yyc, with space for 2000 walk-ins today, had even fewer than Expo. #COVID19AB #abvax [1/6]
If there is a viable explanation for this that doesn’t involve sacrificing the health and safety of vulnerable people to try to meet that first dose target in time for the Stampede, we’re honestly not sure what it is. [2/6]
Our highest ever vaccination day was over 77,000 shots administered. Yesterday we saw less than half of that—not for lack of interest, but for lack of access. Doses aren’t being wasted, but TIME is. [3/6]
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB numbers: Over the last 24 hours we ID’d 313 new cases & completed about 8.5K tests. Our positivity rate is 3.8%. We have ID’d 161 new VoC cases. There are 329 ppl in hospital incl 83 in ICU. (1/5)
Sadly, 5 new deaths were reported over the past 24hrs. My sympathies go out to these individuals’ families & friends & anyone mourning the loss of someone they loved. For a breakdown of case numbers across the province, visit… (2/5)
This pandemic has been difficult, especially for children & youth. Vaccines are our opportunity to get back to the activities that are important to our families. Today, I have sent a letter to parents & guardians of K-12 students about the importance & safety of vaccines. (3/5)
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Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update: I would like to remind ABs that it is critically important to disclose COVID-19 symptoms when seeking healthcare so health teams can enact safety protocols. This will help you get the care you need & keep everyone safe. (1/9)
We have administered 3.1M+ doses of COVID-19 vaccine. 67% of ABs 12+ have at least 1 dose & 15% are fully vaccinated with 2. Over the last 24hrs we ID’d 139 new cases & completed about 3.4K tests. Our positivity rate is 4.2%. We ID’d 74 additional VoCs in the last 24hrs. (2/9)
There are active alerts/outbreaks in 241 schools. Last week, AB’s R value was 0.74. There are 4.4K active cases– 20K fewer than 1 month ago. Our + rate has averaged 4.5% over the last 7 days - a sharp drop from 11.7% in early May. Rapid progress is being made across AB. (3/9)
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(1/17) Today is a magical day. Woohoo!

Let's pretend that I have been suddenly been placed in charge of the pandemic response for Alberta...

...AND I have the power to institute change without repercussion.

What would I do?

Well let's see....(THREAD)

(2/17) First, I would PANIC!

I am not trained for this! I am an emergency physician and am good at diagnosing and treating emergency conditions. However, despite many years of education, my current skillset does NOT make me an expert at managing a provincial pandemic response.
(3/17) I would ask for help ASAP.

I would talk to the experts who know what we should do now, the experts who have had experience in other regions, and the experts who can predict how any interventions now will affect the future course of the pandemic.
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-231 COVID cases in Alberta on 5337 tests (4.3%+)
- 360 in hospital (-13), incl 96 in ICU (-9)
- deaths remain at 2246
- 4884 active cases (-187)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
42745 new vaccines doses administered in Alberta.

66.4% of all eligible Albertans have now received at least their first shot (56.6% of all Albertans)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
344 new variant cases reported in Alberta.

Of those, 28 are B.1.617 and 18 are P1.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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#COVID19AB Balanced Scorecard
Sat 5 June

Nothing remarkable in general downward trend of "Old Covid" - Original Wild Strain and B117.

BIG 🔥 in "New Covid" of B.1.617 and P1 Variants of Concern.

(see rest of thread) Balanced scorecard of #COVID19AB metrics showing general dow8 Pie Charts showing the explosion of variants from 17 March
B.1.617 has exploded and appears to be drastically under screened in May.
• ⏫38 in last day, to 74 in just 4 days of June, vs 51 in all of May.
• 🔥from 0.4% of variants thru May, to 9.1% so far in June.
• Pushing P1 down relatively from 8.8% thru May, to 5.1% so far in June.
I have been warning about B.1.617 undercount in Alberta since early May in increasingly stronger terms. Not an epidemiologist, but I can see issues hidden in stats or spin.

I built my Variant Spreadsheet with cumulative stats, to find hidden problems between any points in time.
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- 244 new COVID cases in Alberta on 5818 tests (4.2%+)
- 379 in hospital (-32), inc. 108 in ICU (-12)
- 7 new deaths
- 5415 active cases (-416)

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
61874 new vaccine doses administered in Alberta (third highest daily total)

65.3% of eligible Albertans have had at least their first shot (55.6% of *all* Albertans have)

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
Every eligible group in Alberta (except 12-14) has more than 50% having received at least a first dose.

Based on daily trends, the 12-1 will surpass 50% this weekend.

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
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#COVID19AB Balanced Scorecard
Wed 2 June

• Most leading indicator Wastewater Sampling bounced up to pre-3rd wave level. Nice work @ucalgaryCHI to publish on 48-hr target. 👍
@CBCFletch 7-day average of New Cases up. Daily used to pull average down - now lifting it up. Wastewater sampling showing...Daily New Cases have crosse...Image
Variant Crunches.

AHS claims it is screening ~90% of cases, but cases ⏬80%.

In real numbers, AHS has been performing as few as 160 tests daily. See @ByMatthewBlack 📉.…

Since 1 May, AHS did NOT screen more cases 17,224 than it screened 16,006 (48.2%). AHS claim of nearly 90% var...Matthew Black CTV Graph of ...Ziad's Spreadsheet Crunchin...Growing Unused Variant Scre...
Almost as if AB Health wants to be wilfully blind since May, for Optics of Reopening.

Appears to be bare minimum screening, dictated by outbreaks. Not for community cases with substantial unused capacity.

B.1.617 ⏫ 10 cases today to 51
P1 ⏫ from 4.6% before 1 May; now 8.8% ImageImageImageImage
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I've been following the restrictions to the letter for 14~ months; even going above and beyond when they were lacking...

- Missed the birth of my God-Niece.
- Missed the funeral of my cousin's son.
- Missed my cousin's funeral
- Haven't seen my FIL who is dying of cancer.

- Missed my yearly camping trip with my brothers and their kids.
- Gave up our vacation.
- Had Christmas alone.
- Had my job fall apart.
- Missed my Grandma's 80th Birthday
- Couldn't visit my Grandma after her husband of 60 years passed away Dec of 2019.

- Missed my mom's 60th birthday.
- Couldn't be there to support my sister as she divorces from her abusive cop husband.
- Couldn't celebrate the launch of my first published work with anyone.
- Missed taking my client to Disneyland.

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We know anxiety and uncertainty is high around second doses right now, especially given the number of other provinces who have updated their guidelines and expected gap between doses. Here’s a quick rundown of what we know. #abvax #COVID19AB
We’re expecting it to be harder to get an appointment once 2nd doses open, so tell *everyone* you know who’s been stalling for no real reason to get their first shot ASAP. In most of the province they can get an appointment today or over the weekend!
It’s also a good time to see if you have any friends or family whose appointments are still a few weeks away, especially in the Calgary area where it was harder to get appointments. (It’s not any more!) Help them find an earlier appointment and cancel that later one!
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On 26-May-2021, AB recorded a singular death from COVID19. A 50 y.o. female from Calgary. Lest we move too quickly past this one reported death, I want to pause & with intention, grieve the loss of this one precious soul. 1/
I do not know her, or anything about her, except that she was 50, female, from YYC, and her life was taken from her far too soon, by a ruthless disease, that has spread across the world. I grieve for all who knew her and love her and mourn her loss. /2
I grieve every dream that was in her heart. I grieve the things that made her laugh and brought her joy. I grieve her favourite recipes and whatever made a Saturday night special for her. I grieve her pet peeves and idiosyncracies. /3
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#Canada #Covid19 status May 27
The country's weekly case rate decline continues to accelerate, down -33.6% from last week.
#cdnpoli #COVID19ON #covid19ab #covid19mb…
The north has has now taken the lead role in four provinces.
Manitoba's weekly case rate is far above the rest of the country.
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I am not a reporter, so I cannot ask questions to @CMOH_Alberta directly about the Alberta re-opening plan.

If I was, these are some of the questions I would ask her.

@paigeeparsons @CBCFletch @CBCEdmonton @CBCNews @StephSDubois @Lauren_Global @GlobalEdmonton @ctvedmonton
(1) Why does our re-opening plan focus only on first does vaccination rates? Shouldn't we have a re-opening plan that includes thresholds for fully vaccinated aspects of our population?
(2) Are we going to re-start the identification, tracking, and reporting of the variants of concern (VOCs)? Wouldn't this be critical in ensuring we don't have a fourth wave related to a new variant, such as B.1.617?
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Kenney said they wished they could have made 2nd doses more available and need to wait for 1st dose demand to decline.

Unbooked AHS appts in #YYC: 2987. Safeway/Walmart/Co-op unbooked appts in #YYC: 2078.

Thousands more at other pharmacies and around the province. #COVID19AB
Quebec, Manitoba, BC, Saskatchewan have all moved the second dose timeline up to give second doses earlier. We have the doses. We have the appointments. What are we waiting for? We're wasting weeks of time that could be used for better protection. #COVID19AB #abvax
(Note that those AHS appointment numbers are for the next two weeks only.)
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