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2 Feb

How #UnionBudget2021 cut off health, education & social sector financing while claiming otherwise!
When 84% households have reported reduction in income, the budget has provided subsidies, tax holidays & incentives to businesses & startups instead. #FightInequality
Despite govts all over the world imposing COVID tax & 78% people in @FightInequality supporting 2% COVID cess on the rich, the #Budget2021 failed to do so. Instead GoI has 80,000 crores shortfall to meet expenditure targets which will be met through private market borrowings!
All headlines speaking abt exponential increase in spending have to be read carefully. The overall #Budget2021 has increased only by 1 percent from the revised estimate of 2020-21 with cut in education budget.
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31 Jan

Before @FinMinIndia unveils #UnionBudget2021, @FightInequality alliance India's pre-budget survey provides insights into people's expectations from 24 states & UTs.
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Recognizing the imp role of frontline health workers & public health system during pandemic, overwhelming majority wants health insurance & social benefits to them. #बजट_बराबरी_का
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88% want an urban employment guarantee scheme, along the lines of MNREGS to be setup; for urban Muslims, the support for such a demand is even more overwhelming, at 96%. #बजट_बराबरी_का
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15 Sep 20
Yesterday govt claimed in parliament that they are doing everything to provide education to the vulnerable.
Some insights from @OxfamIndia survey from five Indian states to assess state of schools during pandemic.
80% of parents with children studying in government schools reported that education was “not delivered” during the lockdown. In Bihar, 100% of the parents interviewed voiced this view.

Link- bit.ly/3ixjPvL
Only 8% have received cooked mid-day meals. Yesterday govt also confirmed in parliament that they have been unable to deliver mid-day meal but food security allowance & dry ration delivery is not great either.
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21 Sep 18
Discuss ideas and solutions about the biggest issues faced by Youth today at Youth Global Forum 2018 in Paris by @YouthTime.
This is your chance to interact with some of the finest professionals in the world working on ground.
To register, click on: youth-time.eu/slideshow-even…
Why you should participate?

1. Educational & interactive talks
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4. Learning experience in beautiful city of Paris
5. Opportunity to network with 100+ individuals from different fields
6. Cultural exchange program

Who should apply:
This year's theme is "Worldwide Impact Investment: Role of Entrepreneurs”.
So if you are social entrepreneur, young professional, persons working at startup incubators or accelerators, apply before September 30, 2018.
Visit @YouthTime website for more info!
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