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Jun 29, 2019 13 tweets 5 min read
Why one should invest in what suits their true risk appetite? #story
Generally my father in law does not introduce me to his friends for investment guidance. 1. Because generally I am extremely blunt when it comes to investment guidance 2. I only mostly explain #risks involved But I think his friend really forced him so he finally introduced me to this gentleman who retired from government service, has good pension and also has a frugal life style so has lot of money saved. He wanted to invest his just matured FD into a MF because FD rates were low.
Apr 27, 2019 10 tweets 5 min read
I have received lot of queries on #OptionsTrading.
Specially on the trades that I take on expiry day where option prices move 10 times in last one hour. Let me tell you that this happens only 1 in 3-4 weeks.
Few pointers that I look at. Expiry day trading in options few tips. I hope it will help others.
So what I look for is following 3 things.
1. Open Interest Build Up on expiry day
2. Trend of the market from start of the day
3. how to trade
3. Time when breakout or breakdown of critical levels happen
Apr 22, 2019 6 tweets 11 min read
@Zafargs79 @msdtime @SubhadipNandy @charttechnical @thedumbtrader @flyingvikas129 @VenkatKShriyan So what I look at is following three things.
1. Open Interest build up on expiry day
2. Trend of the market from start of the day
3. Time when Breakout or breakdown of critical levels happen @Zafargs79 @msdtime @SubhadipNandy @charttechnical @thedumbtrader @flyingvikas129 @VenkatKShriyan Open Interest Build Up
As everyone know option writing has become a popular thing there is very high interest for the same on expiry day. This is clearly reflected in the specific options strike and build up is clearly visible with fall in price