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Associate Editor @MoneyOnTheLeft; Senior Policy Advisor w/ @Dianne4NYC, formerly @AOC; Critical-Heterodox Scholarship at @TheNewSchool; CUNY QC adjunct #LEFTMMT
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7 Apr
The post-neoliberal paradigm shift is when we realize our capacity to spend independent of arbitrary budget constraints is not because of circumstantial and temporary low interests rates but rather that we don’t need to rely on bonds and interest rates at all for fiscal policy
This will be when we understand that interest rates are neither natural occurring signals nor provide ideal information about economy’s capacity
When we understand that unemployment is not a natural state of the economy and the necessary barrier of last resort against inflation
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6 Apr
I just can’t wrap my head around how stupid this is…
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5 Apr
#FalconAndWinterSoldier The Malthusian logic in the MCU persists post-Thanos! Not only does Falcon get denied a loan for his sister because “there’s no money” beyond military contracts, but the raison d'être of Flag Smashers is that there’s no room for people to return from blip
The Global Repatriation Council is entrusted with the maintenance necessary to accommodate the people that returned from being dusted but can only be imagined as a violent authoritarian force managing scarce resources. It is asserted that humanity was better cared for under blip
The avengers are now displaced gig workers because capitalist daddy had to be sacrificed in order to stop Fascism and thus investment is gone #CapitalFlight
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1 Apr
Doug Henwood is just an absolute unethical idiot and that guy shouldn’t be trusted in any political space that has any integrity whatsoever
Literally give any Left MMTer from the @themmtnetwork 10 minutes to destroy this hack in a debate so we can be done with it and move on
As someone born in the global south and along with colleagues actively working with social movements & public officials in various L.A. countries, it’s journalistically unethical to give a platform like that to speak about U.S. centered selfishness like a bumbling buffoon
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25 Dec 20
This is an era of struggle over the commanding heights of the economy: money and investment along with the intellectual hegemony that conditions political thought. It is a matter of life & death for millions. It determine whether entire communities can live with dignity & thrive
For this reason, any left that believes that deficits, or Federal spending not offset by equivalent taxes, is inherently inflationary or that balancing public budgets is a coherent position, is compromising on their principles and the possibility for authentic radical changes
Our martial conditions hinge on our capacity to leverage thought and action onto the structure of governance and thus how and for what purposes we decide to mobilize the social provisioning of resources. Public spending on justice based democratic terms disrupts oligarchic power
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24 Oct 19
So @NaomiAKlein made some important points on the @PitchforkEcon podcast about neoliberalism and the #GND. She said that while the popularity of purist neoliberal doctrine is not as popular pervasive, its success has been in convincingly asserting that #thereisnoalternative /1
This is because neoliberalism has effectively captured the public imagination in two critical ways. 1) Framing debates about Capitalism under the assumption that it is an immutable indivisible totality, while they themselves understand and act on the assumption it is not /2
Considerable energy is spent debating under the premise that the only contributions towards systemic alternatives must clearly guarantee the overcoming of the capitalist totality from the onset. Neoliberals however have spent 40 years shaping institutions to their liking /3
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14 Jul 19
Hey @realDonaldTrump, besides the gross generalizations indicative of being so intellectually vapid, why might there be poverty and dysfunction around the world? Perhaps some places are ruled by unaccountable oligarchies and cronies, like what you represent and embody /1/
Perhaps this is no accident, but is actually maintained and supported because it benefits the bottom line of you and your ilk who have made your fortunes off the pain and work of others here and abroad /2/
We are the descendants of the colonized world, where to this day our land and communities are torn apart and pillaged - our resources extracted to serve your gluttony /3/
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27 Mar 19
Thread: Friends, Climate Change is a Global existential crisis. A threat to the very habitability of human and non-human life on Earth. We simply cannot achieve what is necessary to address this urgency at the scale and speed required with something like "low-interest loans" 1
Lending is not going to mobilize our country to transform and revitalize this economy away from fossil fuels in time to avoid catastrophe and ensure a #justransition. Here in the U.S. only the Federal Government and the power of the purse can make this happen as needed 2
Using Direct spending via #FunctionalFinance on millions of new good-paying union Green jobs, renewable infrastructure, renewable technology, and a #jobsguarantee, we can make the kind of shift necessary to overcome the paradox of economic development and eco-sustainability 3
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