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I write about anarchism & photograph struggles in Ireland along with travel, neolithic sites & Irish history. Dublin is my home but the world is my country.
11 Sep
Thats a fairly disgraceful piece from Diarmaid Ferriter in the @IrishTimes where he uses his platform to throw a load of misleading & incorrect claims above #Covid19 into the public sphere before hiding under a 'I'm just a historian' at the end. Start to finish its clueless /1
Firstly the 20k deaths prediction was a 'If we do nothing' one - we had a lockdown & rearranged society to avoid those 20k deaths and so are heading for 10% of that figure. The 20k & indeed above it are still possible as has been seen elsewhere, Peru has 3 times our deaths /2
Secondly Levitt is speaking outside his field & his Gompertz curve predictions have been consistently wrong, they are not tenable. Detail in this subthread and on the worrying attempt to push him as an alternative expert when he's nothing for the sort /3
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17 Aug
The right wing suggest we can let people die of #Covid19 in order to 'save the economy'. But countries like Sweden that took that route did as bad if not worse in GDP loss than neighbours
Sweden -8.6
Denmark -7.4
Finland -3.2
Latvia -7.5
Lithuania -5.1… Image
Both Sweden & UK in different ways tried to keep economy open while talking of 'protect the vulnerable' Both failed because the vulnerable need a lot of care workers (1:1) and so can't simply be locked away from society, even if that was a moral option which it isn't.
Unless you intend to isolate care workers how do you stop those in their care getting infected. Same for health care workers. Or indeed for the elderly & vulnerable groups who often need others to care for them whether family or paid. Many families have 1+ vulnerable members
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3 Apr
I'm going to take apart a terrible article in the British Medical Journal which uses a cynical reporting of so called asymptomatic Covid claims to argue against lockdowns. The last paragraph makes the intent clear. I'm not a Dr so its alarming how easy this is to dismantle /1
It's based around recent testing in China where 80% of domestic cases were asymptomatic. BUT China is now testing fast and symptoms take 5 days (see chart) to develop so the reasonable description is asymptomatic SO FAR - /2
It's noted that in contrast passengers arriving in the country who tested positive were symptomatic. If that 80% were universal this would not be the case, you'd expect the same ratio. So we can be sure speed of testing in China is the key - catching before symptoms appear /3
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21 Oct 19
When looking at the violence on the streets in Chile keep in mind this footage of riot cops snorting cocaine before heading off to batter protesters
Keep in mind that Chile is now one of the most unequal countries in the world
Keep in mind that Chile is ruled by a Billionaire former businessmen
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28 Jun 19
Truly shocking revelations from Germany this morning of a far-right cell mostly composed of cops connected to the recent murder of a politician which had used their access to police computers to draw up a death list with 25,000 targets on it & stole 10,000 bullets + machine gun
The 30 strong facist cell thought to be just one part of a network of such cells in the German police was looking at ordering 200 bodies bags plus quicklime to speed up decomposition (and thus destroy forensic evidence). Source: Märkische Allgemeine…
This English language piece from 2018 reports on police computers being used by a Neo-nazi network in the Frankfurt police to discover the address of a "lawyer of Turkish background" and threaten her and "we will slay your daughter" with daughters add…
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17 Jun 19
But armed insurrection can also make tactical sense in particular contexts. Here I am at an international meeting held by the armed #Zapatista movement in Mexico two years after their armed insurrection - their armed rebellion worked /9
The Zapatista rebellion happened in a context of extreme repression & although they used the armed rebellion to open a space they put a halt to violence as soon as a deal could be negotiated. Their practise is mostly NVDA with the guns far in the background just in case /10
Here I am a couple of years later at the Prague World Bank protests in September 2000. Hours of intense rioting saw most IMF delegates panic and flee the city, ending the conference. This rioting wasn't violence as categorised by WCRW research /11
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17 Jun 19
Thread on #nonviolence theory and in particular the way #ExtinctionRebellion have over simplified 'Why Civil Resistance Works' research (WCRW) to short circuit important discussions around diversity of tactics that any #ClimateEmergency movement must have #NVDA #XR /1
XR uses unsourced claim from WCRW that non violent movements are twice as successful in many XR places including FAQ but assumptions in original paper make its claims irrelevant to debate around tactical diversity in radical environmental movement /2
First off violent movements are defined in WCRW as those in which 1000 or more battle deaths between armed combatants. This not only excludes every environmental action ever described as 'violent' but also armed groups like the Zapatistas & even Red Army Faction /3
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26 Apr 19
Like very many people I'm alarmed at the massive threat #ClimateChange directs at the people of this planet, a threat that is already killing large numbers of the poorest. Unlike #XR I don't think this can be tackled in a single issue apolitical manner - that approach will fail
The 1st reason for failure is obvious, the capitalist economic system goes into crisis when growth falls much below 3% a year. That 3% means production will double every 24 yrs so even renewables replace 40% of fossil fuels CC gas production will rise
The second is that for many people a threat in 2050 is impossibly distant in comparison with paying the rent at the end of this week. We need a movement that addresses immediate in your face problems of low rages, high rents, racism & all oppressions
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27 Nov 18
Nagle advising Tucker Carlson on how to more effectively target migrants via their employers. She advised UKIP member Sargon of Akkad on how to use similar concern trolling arguments rather than hate to undermine the moral high ground of open border activists at TCD debate
This is the full segment - a yellow-pink alliance including dogwhistles about unnamed ‘Open Borders’ billionaires
“There has to be some way addressing obvious economic exploitation & injustice & kind of undermining moral high ground that open borders people have without actually attacking migrants themselves, it just seems to me right is not ever able to do that"
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