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15 Jan 19
it is searching 4 physical products that solve problems for people or helps them get closer to their desires mostly from china, U buy the products at the lowest cost possible,importing them to Nigeria & sell them for a ROI
There many online platform to purchase products from, but you need to do your research in order to buy at a lower cost and good quality.
The truth is the higher the quantity of products bought the lesser the unit cost of the product.
1. Start with a large and profitable market. E.g. women's fashion, skin care, health products, fitness, e.t.c
2. Look for challenges people have in that market that you can provide the products that will solve such challenges.
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2 Jan 19
This is a business you can do on either a part-time or full time basis, depending on your resources, social network and capability. For those, however, who do not have much capital to start with you can operate right from your house. #WednesdayWisdom
To do a good job, however, there are few important things that you must know.First you must be familiar with the various laws and regulations governing the insurance business. Secondly, you must be certain about the condition for claims.
There are several insurance companies who will employ you and you don't necessary need to resume at their offices until you have clients who want to insure something with you.
One other important factor of success in this business is absolute honesty on your part.
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