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3 Jun 20
The [Rod Rosenstein] testimony today in Senate Judiciary Committee is opening up with a great recount by @LindseyGrahamSC and how the whole SC Mueller investigation got "off the rails" including @GenFlynn case.

Will [RR] tell all?

@SenFeinstein opening statement pushing Russian Influence narrative STILL. The guilty on the Left and DS will continue to push this narrative despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Their crimes are being exposed as they project them onto the Trump Administration.
And there she said it. #DiFi invoked the killing of #GeorgeFloyd. As if that has anything to do with today's [RR] testimony.
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17 May 20
Of course you’d jump on this Mittens. You, Ducey and the AS Mafia are guilty as sin. Why do all AZ Gov sit on board of #TGEN? Odd how they get state funding too and are making test kits and developing a vaccine too. Conflict of interest? And then there’s #CPS issues too..cont.
Like Why does Phoenix Children’s Hosp have a lot of medical kidnapping cases also with kids being treated for rare diseases at #TGEN? Parents complying with Drs orders suddenly accused of abuse. Kids taken by AZ DCS madenwards of state and TGEN gets paid my AZ DCS $$$?
And now you’re pushing for vaccines when we have a known cheap solution for #COVID19 ? #HCQWorks #FireFauci #InvestigateRomney #FollowTheMoney
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7 May 20
@SidneyPowell1 deserves incrdible kudos for her herculean effort to claim the exoneration deserved by @GenFlynn. No man (save @realDonaldTrump ) has had to weather the storm that this Military HERO has.

He and his WHOLE FAMILY deserve our gratitude and SUPPORT as they continue.
Exoneration does allow him to move forward with freedom. The burden of the fake accusations lifted. However he must pick up the piece of his life, financially ruined, by the corrupt @TheJusticeDept and @FBI and figure out how to prosper again.

Go to the www, and please contribute a $1, $5 or $100....If every patriot did he would be made whole again and then some for he and his family's pain and suffering. They bore the brunt of the DeepState attacks for us, for America and for the world.
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30 Apr 20
The #DarkToLight Symbolism around this travesty and miscarriage of justice for the Flynn family is immense.

When @GenFlynn is exonerated, whether it be by Judge Emmitt Sullivan dismissing the case or #AGBarr exercising his dept duty to apply justice...
What we do know, is @GenFlynn did NOT LIE! He was set up into a perjury trap by his OWN ATTORNEY! Robert Kelner from Covington Burling, the same firm where @EricHolder also works was hired to fill out #FARA paperwork for the Flynn Intel Group. (FIG)
The FIG was hired by Innovo, a Dutch firm, to do business in Turkey. It's common knowledge that while Turkey is an ally, it's head of state, Erdogan is somewhat of a nutter. (kindly put). By no means did @GenFlynn [knowingly] lie or misrepresent himself on his FARA form.
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29 Apr 20
@Jim_Jordan on @Varneyco this morning:
Let's get back to work and get this economy humming again. The great American comeback is about to get started.

On @GenFlynn What happened to him is wrong, the @FBI spied on 2 Americans assoc w/Trump Campaign, dossier was Russian disinfo
FBI knew dossier was Russian disinfo and they went after the General, they knew it was wrong as IG Horowitz report told them it was wrong.

FBI sat on exculpatory evidence. Depositions state agents who interveiwed Flynn did not think he lied. #Strzok
Problems at upper eschelons of @FBI : Baker, McCabe Strzok, Page... all fired or let go. #SC Mueller 2 yr investigation all wrong and hopefully #GenFlynn exonerated in the end.

We know Covington Burling dropping more exculpatory files to help #ExonerateGenFlynn
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28 Apr 20

I spoke to a saleman for a food company that moves 600K lbs of fresh pork/week. He is very concerned about shortages in our meat supply. Anecdotally my husband was rationed meat this morning at our local Fresh Market chain store
As a result of the #coronavirus, the Institutional buyers of meat is WAY down. Hotels, restaurants etc are not buying meat due to lack of demand. Meat packers are losing their shirts over these losses driven by that lack of demand.

2 major pork plants in NC have no pork ...why?
Pork plants are closed because of the midwest meat packing plant closures. And those plants that are open are not operating at full capacity.

What caused that problem?

Labor issues. Some employees are out sick, maybe with #coronavirus ?

@realDonaldTrump @SecretaryRoss
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26 Apr 20
Since My C*V1D Thread was SHADOWBANNED to an oblivion just now...with many of my followers texting and dm'ing me "where is the rest of the thread" I have created this picture meme thread for you.
Sorry for the inconvienient TRUTH
#SteelTruth 8pm ET Mondays
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26 Apr 20
Covid19 Thread
STUNNING NEW EVIDENCE of Surveillance, Testing and Mandatory Vaccines!
Thread on AZ and their plan to track and vaccinate everyone!
Thanks to some hard work by my sources who choose to remain anons as this information will put them squarely in harm’s way, we are learning just how corrupt the recording of the #covid19 is in Arizona.
It all starts with former AZ Gov Jane Hull and husband Terry.
They both died within one hour of each other of “natural causes” on 4/17. Gov Hull assisted in establishing TGen, a self-proclaimed Genome First Responder in the covid effort to develop testing and statewide tracking as well as partnered with City of Hope to develop a vaccine.
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21 Apr 20
Global Currency Reset Thread

What’s the one thing that has to happen for the US to get off the Petro dollar?

Oil has to collapse.

💥Overnight oil collapsed.
Gold price is dropping because people are going to cash. The margin calls are astronomical now and clearing houses are preventing people from trading options. You can no longer short the USO ETF which is an oil futures contract.
The complete breakdown of the energy complex forces people to sell something. Crude going to negative forces people to sell June contracts to get out or if they stay in it the have to sell something (gold) to make margin calls. The June WTI is going to follow the May ⬇️
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7 Apr 20
Covid Study Thread:
Clinical data from Pharmacist who's friend is a Dr. - he is seeing that people taking HCQ for other diseases are not getting sick with the Flu, Covid or anything for the last 10 years. This Dr. from Nigeria originally assumed everyone took anit-Malaria meds.
What we are not being told is it also works for H1N1 (Swine Flu) SARS, MERS and Ebola too. Why are the "good" people at NIH, WHO and Dr. Fauci hiding this fact? @realDonaldTrump
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5 Apr 20
The #CoronavirusPandemic has taught us much:
1. We are strong, resilient nurturing
2. Life will go on
3. #COVID2019 deaths increase w/co-morbidities
4. Reports all over saying hospital traffic way down
5. Social distancing slows the spread
6. Big Pharma has been treating symptoms for years
7. We need to supplement health with better nutrition, not drugs
8. Vaccines are another big money grab by big Pharma
9. Boards of big Pharma include vaccine supporters like #BillGates
10. #BillGates is also a finder of the #coronavirus patent.
11. American economy turns the world.
12. The world has stopped. We are in suspended animation. Lack of income kills people. They starve.
13. We must get back to work, take appropriate measures to #SlowTheSpread
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2 Apr 20

INTEL BRIEFING just shared!
The CCP not only created the CCP virus (Corona Virus), also purposely spread it. Now CCP spies are intentionally spreading it in US.
The CCP also organized its spies in US to buy out all the masks in stock between Jan. to early Feb. of this year. Now the CCP is holding its newly manufactured masks in China, not shipping them to US.
Hundreds of soldiers on the aircraft carriers going to Taiwan were infected with the virus. This is very likely intentionally done by someone internal. Someone intentionally spread the virus among our soldiers.
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1 Apr 20
DOD secy Mark Esper SPOKENOF Counter Nacitocs Ops.

22 nations working in collaboration to prevent transnational criminal orgs from smuggling drugs into US.

Enhanced ops keeps pressure on criminal groups and stops drugs from coming into US while we battle #COVID19
Gen Mark Milley learned that drug cartels were going to take advantage of #COVIDー19 and try to smuggle additional drugs into US. US Military will not permit illegal drugs to kill more Americans while we battle the #coronavirus
AG Barr says most import task is to destroy Mexican cartels. Cartels are a national security threat. Working w/MX Pres an array of activities to stop cartels. Increasing assets on interdiction on Pacific/Atlantic. Stopping cocaine trafficking w/ increased capacity to intercept.
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28 Mar 20
1/ What if....???#Thread on the alternate reality of the #quarantinelife What if this tweet thread by Donna @mona_cajun is accurate? If it is, it explains a lot of uncertainty and actions we have seen juxtaposed against a failing stock market and even worse bond and treasury
2/ market in the last several weeks. recalls the missle alert that sounded off in Hawaii on 1/13/18? It was said someone pushed the "wrong button"...and I have a bridge to sell you. Come on!That same day, a "hackathon" event was being held in a bunker in
3/ Hawaii by Iranian billionaire who started eBay and owns The Intercept, Pierre Omidyar. Guess who worked for him? Edward Snowden..the man who is living in "asylum" in Russia.. (more on that later). The hackathon was held at Kunia camp which is where Snowden worked back in 2013
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20 Mar 20
President @realDonaldTrump Just EXCORIATED @NBC reporter for asking a question positioned to install FEAR into the American People! He is referring to the use of the #modifiedcompassionateaccess with the use of the #Malaria drug that is showing great effectivenss against virus.
Dr. Fauci from @CDC is talking that Malaria drugs without clinical trials is not a scientific answer while President Trump has a good feeling about deploying this solution. Interesting that @POTUS said mid April we'd see a solution. He's very positive about the #MalariaDrug
Thank you @POTUS for attacking the #InvisibleEnemy with the full force of the federal government and structuring tremendous public private partnerships to help America get through this #coronavirus pandemic.
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20 Mar 20
#TogetherApart THREAD by White House
The FDA is committed to providing regulatory flexibility and guidance during this crisis, while fulfilling its duty to ensure product safety and effectiveness, FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn said during today’s briefing.
As a result, obstacles are being cleared for American patients with incredible speed. That includes not only the race to develop a vaccine, but progress in making antiviral therapies widely available. Clinical trials for therapies to fight the Coronavirus are already underway.
“One thing I know about this country of ours is that we have unbelievable innovators. We have people who every day, it’s their job to develop treatments for all sorts of diseases,” Dr. Hahn said.
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17 Mar 20
Watch what happened at 0:05 in @Mike_Pence's broadcast.…
Green Tie on @POTUS opening the presser on #Coronavirus Testing procedures moving quickly, at speeds never been done before.
Dramatic expansion of medicare telehealth services by phone or video conference, facetime, skype, historic breaktrhough. States have authority to cover telehealth services for medical patients.
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12 Mar 20
🚨🚨SOROS Communications INTERCEPT Thread🚨🚨

A meeting was held with the Soros Cabal and they discussed the importance of controlling 4 areas:
✅Political Leadership
✅Telecom Networks
✅Computer Tech
@GeorgeSoros values Political Leadership of the US and Hungary but not the UK, France or Germany. The US is obvious as is Hungary as they have banned him from that country. But the UK, France and Germany would only make sense if they are following his directives already.
Soros wants to control the telecoms networks like 5G because he needs to control the messaging and also have access to what is being said from the perspective of anyone who speaks against his directives.
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9 Mar 20
I said this last night... the market was going to be a bumpy this point the ride may be delayed in opening....driven by the #fearporn of #coronavirus.…
YES! #coronavirus is SERIOUS and so is the FLU which has kicked my ass last week! But this is NOT the is a serious virus causing interruption in #SupplyChain economics and reflected in the market exacerbated by the #MSM.
Take precautions, wash your hands, avoid large crowds and self-quarantine if sick with ANYTHING. It is the courteous thing to do!
#MondayMotivation #StockMarket #dowfutures
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7 Mar 20
#CoronavirusUSA Thread
So by now we are seeing cases pop up in most of the US. @CPAC just announced that the virus was there as one person tested positive who was in attendance.
Besides the threat it poses as does the yearly flu especially to the elderly, the standard safety precautions remain. Wash hands regularly, carry hand sanitizer and try to stay out of crowds.
The real struggle for Americans is going to be the supply chain interruptions. A run on non perishable goods including toilet paper is already happening. (TP🧐?) The US has always been a a top contributor to the global GDP. We are witnessing a melt down in global supply chain
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