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Is there a greater act of high treason this rat traitor could have committed?

#Rats #Traitors of the #UniParty Congress cannot mouth the words "high treason" because they themselves are equally guilty!

#SpyGate ImageImage
#GotRope ?

What a sh1thole @TheJusticeDept we suffer

They conduct their shitshow investigations

#ButNothingsHappening Image
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Milley doesn’t just have a poor decision-making/judgement problem...

He has an ***ideological*** problem.

The AFG “blunders” weren’t ineptitude

The “white rage” comment wasn’t misspeak

Cozying & aiding 🇨🇳 weren’t “mistakes”

...these aren’t “coincidences”, folks.
Rare earths, OBOR, demoralization of 🇺🇸, US Mil, Free World, disruption of relationships w/allies, equipment left...

I’m glad DJT put out that statement.

We need accountability.
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ChiCom Sympathizers and Operatives inside the United States are a VERY BIG PROBLEM

Influence Ops have been supported by "partners" inside the US with access to Social Networks and Blackmail Profiles
The War Against China is JUST GETTING STARTED

The Nature of War is Changing

The ChiComs understand that a Direct Military Confrontation is NOT the Best Way to Attack the United States (or Taiwan)
The ChiComs are playing a DIFFERENT GAME

Think Infiltration, NOT "Invasion"

Think Influence Ops thru both Subtle and Not So Subtle Methods

Think Sabotage

Think Cyber

Think Bio-Warfare

Think Media PsyOps

Think "Cultural Revolution"
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Q: What happened in #LasVegas on October 1, 2017 after President Trump took office?

A: Do NOT Ask the #FBI
Because they have NO IDEA.

But maybe we should ask some other people -->
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I keep saying it’s deliberate...literally crimes against humanity & treason. These things are coincidences

#DRASTIC crew got screwed by IC

Afghanistan being handed to🇨🇳

very concerned about the #VaaS theory & injecting our military

#BeijingBiden handing us over to CCP&Davos
Will be “stakeholder capitalism”...companies that implement WEF/UN agendas (ESG & SDGs) will be favored financially. Those that don’t? Might not survive

Same thing on ind level-CBDCs to collect data to central bank, create social credit score, control behavior

Crush small banks
*aren’t coincidences...
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When will Americans get angry that we were manipulated into wasting🩸 &💰to tee up CCP’s opportunity to exploit rare earths the🌎wants for WEF-forced “green economy”?

Took oaths to defend Constitution, but fought to sell off the Constitution

Gifted CCP & WEF
Imported tyranny
Afghanistan people

Great Reset people

Epstein people

Vaccine passport people

🦠 and 💉 people

4th Industrial Revolution people

Anthropogenic climate change people

War on terrorism people

Anti-Assange people

$29 trillion debt

👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼these. are. all. the. same. people.
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🚨 Fraud In Plain Sight‼️

113,870 votes subtracted from Trump on Nov 3, 2020 between 9:16—9:17 pm ET on CNN

66,085 subtracted from Trump, Nov 3, 2020 between 9:16—9:24 pm on CNBC

19,958 votes subtracted from Trump and added to Biden on Nov 3, 2020 between 11:09—11:10 pm on CNN
Elections are an additive process — count the votes — then add them up.

Why are votes being subtracted from Donald Trump in the Pennsylvania data?

Why are votes subtracted from Trump, then the exact number gets added to Biden?

#AuditTheVote #illegitimateRegime #illegitJoeBiden Image
🚨 “We have put together… and you guys did it for Obama admin before this… the most extensive and inclusive

Voter Fraud Organization

in the history of American politics!” 😱

— “President” Joe Biden

#illegitimateRegime #illegitJoe

🧵 Thread: ↕️
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Billdeheld VanDe Melkweg
The Reason the #UK left the #EU was that just prior to Cameron calling for a referendum the EU had granted itself more powers to audit all financial institutions, which was a threat to the private banks of the Square Mile, the City of London.
Remember the UK had the best of both worlds already, half in, half out, all the benefits but kept the Pound. Yes, the USA was pissed that the TTP crap had been scuppered...... ffs, back on cards now in disguise. But back to Brexit ....
The real history of the world is kept in the ledgers of those private banks, the history books would have to be re written.....The #UK would lose a lot of allies very quickly, as would the #USA.
Arms sales and alliances threatened.
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‼️#Seditionist Fi Duong allegedly showed 2 @FBI agents a former prison in Lorton #VA, where he said he was planning to test a batch of Molotov cocktails.

“Technically, you’re engaging in war or conflict. But again, what is the price we ultimately pay for peace?”

NOT tourists.🤬
At Duong’s home, an undercover agent saw multiple firearms & ammunition. Militiamen discussed weapons & training in physical fitness, hand-to-hand combat & driving. They planned to obtain a private internet server so members could “subvert potential law enforcement surveillance.”
Duong told the undercover agent on an encrypted messaging app about his own surveillance of the Capitol, mentioning that one of his “guys” was putting together a report on the size, activity, location, uniforms, time and equipment of law-enforcement personnel.

NOT tourists.🤬
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One prominent national newspaper headline read 'Army drops all charges against Col Hunny'. The report said that the #Army had called off the general court martial (GCM) against Baksi, a former CO of Technical Support Division.
TSD a #secretive #military #Intelligence unit, which was set up in 2010 under former army chief General VK Singh, and disbanded after he retired in 2012.
TSD faced allegations ranging from misuse of secret funds, using off-the-air interceptors to tap phones of Ministry of Defence (#MoD) officials, attempt to topple Jammu and Kashmir government, and change the line of succession in the Indian #Army.
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‼️Trump’s lies that the vote was “rigged” sparked a campaign to terrorize election officials—especially @GOP in #Georgia who refuted Trump’s lies—with threats of hanging, firing squads, torture and bomb blasts.


Tricia Raffensperger—wife of @GaSecofState Brad Raffensperger—received multiple threatening texts:

“You and your family will be killed very slowly.”
“We plan for the death of you and your family every day.”
“Somebody in your family is going to have a very unfortunate incident.”
In November, the Raffenspergers went into hiding for nearly a week after intruders broke into the home of their widowed daughter-in-law. That night, Oath Keepers—a RW terrorist group that supports Trump’s bid to overturn the election—were found outside the Raffenspergers’ home.🤬
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This is a message to those threatening to illegally release or suggest that they'll illegally release *my* sealed Pers Military Records...

Please lookup the National Secrets Act and how it applies to Veterans upon their completion of service before any chuds do anything stupid.
Active duties that may be considering sharing sealed info? National Secrets Act applies to you currently, along with the #NatDefAct violating it could be used as Grounds for your Dishonourable Discharge/"Drum-out" or even potential #Treason charges.

Choose your actions wisely.
One such goof's already committed to writing about me: "...his recruiter should have been shot in the face..."

That was a folly committed by a long-retired Artillery NCM from Quebec.
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🔽💥Oath Keepers Live Chat: 2nd THREAD 🧵🔽
Domestic Terrorists 1-6-2021 / Graphic Language #CapitolRiots
More updates. Many points covered, voluminous evidence
3:03 PM: Take All The Capitols
🔃💥Oath Keepers Live Chat: 2nd Thread
Domestic Terrorists 1-6-2021 / Graphic Language
3:23 PM: About To Insurrection #Insurrection
🔃💥Oath Keepers Live Chat: 2nd Thread
Domestic Terrorists 1-6-2021 / Graphic Language
3:30 PM: "DC Is Not A State / No National Guard"
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Welcome to Joe Biden's New LATIN Amerika 😧🇺🇸 ImageImage
🇲🇽🇺🇸 Bienvenido 👍 Bienvenido👍 Bienvenido👍 Image
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🚨BREAKING: Fulton County #Georgia DA Fani Willis is probing @LindseyGrahamSC’s phone call with @GaSecofState Raffensperger as part of a CRIMINAL investigation into Trump’s alleged CRIMINAL attempt to flip the election results.…
🔥During their conversation, Graham asked @GaSecofState whether he had the power to toss out all #MailInBallots in certain counties, Raffensperger told @washingtonpost. He said Graham asked him to improperly find a way to set aside legally cast ballots.

That’s a #felony.🤬
‼️Graham is sitting in judgment on Trump on a charge that cites Trump’s call to Raffensperger, while Graham HIMSELF is a person of interest in a CRIMINAL investigation of his own call to Raffensperger.

Graham must RECUSE.🤬

#TrumpIsGuilty #GOPSedition
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#treason #insurrection #rebellion #republicans #maga #domesticterrorism #america @HawleyMO @tedcruz #joshHawleyIsATraitor #TedCruzIsATraitor you two are supposedly “smart” guys, please elucidate 14th Amendment Section Three, thanks 🤡.
14th Amendment Section 3:

Section 3.
No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of
a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or
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The #maga #trumptreason terrorists planned to overturn the electoral vote confirmation, plotted to kill Speaker Pelosi and Mike Pence , they stormed the Capitol and destroyed government property in a failed coup attempt, they killed a Capitol Police officer,
they brought confederate flags to the Capitol among many other abhorrent acts. This is pure domestic terrorism led and encouraged by #trump and people like @joshhawleymo & @sentedcruz & people like @repralphnorman in the House of Representatives.
#republicans #treason #thisisamerica
There will be no talks of healing until they all acknowledge Joe Biden won the election, denounce white supremacy and all of the terrorists and their enablers are charged accordingly. The confederate flag is no better than a swastika.
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After reports of *GUNFIRE* inside the Capitol building, Trump attorney Sidney Powell retweeted this post expressing support for the rioters: “I’m trying to be upset about this, but what other method do people have?” #sedition #treason 1/
2/ This was after reports of an armed standoff too. Here is the complete Kyle Becker post.
3/ She apparently got the memo later and started trying to blame it on “Antifa.”
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They want us to forget that Trump committed election fraud in his illegal call to Raffesnperger. They want us to forget Trump caused a terrorist attack. They want us to forget Trump ignored a pandemic. They want us to forget that Trump was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. We won’t.
They want us to forget Trump sexually assaulted 43 women. They want us to forget Trump ruined our economy. They want us to forget Trump called Nazis “very fine people.” They want us to forget Trump bribed Ukraine on an illegal call. They want us to forget Trump paid $0 in taxes.
They want us to forget Trump ordered police to beat up, tear gas, and taze peaceful protestors. They want us to forget Trump separated children from their parents and locked them in cages. They want us to forget Trump called Mexicans rapists and criminals.
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The question everyone, especially law enforcement, needs to ask is: how did #Cult45 members get into the Capital building?? Someone on the inside is complicit in this fascist display. #WashingtonDC #DCProtests
#MitchMcConnell fully enabled & helped create this fascist Frankenstein monster. His empty words now mean nothing.

#Cult45 #WashingtonDC #CapitalHill #Thugs #TrumpRally
#Cult45 thugs roaming the Capital building shouting “DEFEND TRUMP”. Their goal is not truth, democracy or the constitution, it is fulfilling the delusion of a psychopath. #WashingtonDC #TrumpRally
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