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Ana - NSFW - I like when stories make my chest hurt - my brand might be everything is wet
Mar 20, 2022 38 tweets 8 min read
cw/ arranged marriage , nsfw , first time

Her breath trembled across the hairs that covered his upper lip.

/Hold still/, he begged, but did not speak.

His hand raised to cup her cheek. Anything that might soothe her anxiety.

/I wish it weren't like this./ 1/ #ReyloSpiritWeek He whispered more pleas to himself, mainly, disappointed for not being able to meet her eyes.

They stared openly at him, waiting. Expecting.

"It must be done," she said in a hushed tone.

Even she knew their duty. What was expected. 2/
Jul 1, 2021 84 tweets 60 min read
🛵 My Day with Ren
✨Reylo AU Multi-Media Textfic
✨Strangers to Lovers / Slice of Life
✨Photo Journalist Ben & Actress Rey spend the day together in a R/oman Holiday & Before S/unrise inspired AU
✨ Coming next Tuesday

#reylo #reylofic #reylotextfic @reylotextfics a modern 'roman holiday' an... ✨NSFW will be tagged with 🔞
✨RT/QT/Comments appreciated 🥰
✨Trigger and Content Warnings (CW:/ TW) where applicable
✨Time stamps show the progression of time throughout the day
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