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💫 beautiful face 💫

Rey Niima is the bass player in an indie rock band. Ben Solo has been devoutly going to her shows for years now. One night, after a show, he comes home to find a message from her on his phone.

#reylo modern au
some info:

-Rebel Brigade has the vibe of Paramore/Kings of Leon with a sprinkle of Alice in Chains

-A short twit-ficlet; 60% plot 40% smut

-Ignore the wacky group messages please
meet the band!

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Ham on Rye

A #reylo text fic

Rey thinks food left in the office fridge after 5pm is fair game, Ben Solo, CEO of the company and sandwich crime victim, begs to differ...

1. After finding his artisan ham on rye missing, Ben leaves a threatening note on the fridge for the sandwich stealer...
2. Rey, doesn’t give a shit...
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𝚃𝚊𝚕𝚔 𝚃𝚊𝚡𝚎𝚜 𝚃𝚘 𝙼𝚎

A reylo epistolary fanfic

Ben has been Rey’s tax accountant for the last four years. Maybe this is the year they grow a little closer...
@textfichub @fic_hub @Andabatae1 @juniordreamer2 @alfreylo @its_ksco @FlyingFlapjax @dark_mage_13 #reylo #reylofic I know I’m missing people! This WILL eventually be E, but it will be a link to an ao3 one-shot so you can skip if you so desire!
1. It’s that time of year again...
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I am only doing this because @Reylo4President won't leave me alone, but...

Dirty Paws
A #Reylo Twitter AU
@Reylo4President Ben's having the most delightful dream. It somehow involves swordfighting, space battles, AND sex, although he can't see the face of his partner. All he knows is that she's soft and warm and smells nice and maybe attacked him earlier in the dream, but that's no longer relevant.
@Reylo4President "Yes," the dream woman moans. He's about to make her come, which is amazing, since the real-life Ben Solo has yet to even encounter a naked woman in the flesh, when-


A sound jerks him awake.
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Presenting, "Dear Rey." #Reylo #FanFic

Summary: In high school, Rey chose Finn based off a beautifully written love letter. Spoiler! He didn't write it. 4 years later, he's reunited his high school friends on a camping trip where he plans on proposing. Will the truth come out?
1) Ben is coming
2) Unless
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Yeah,,, I’m bringing this out from the vault.

“Chemistry Tweets” an epistolary Reylo AU 🐉⚔️🎬

It’s a long, chaotic, ride. With a few A03 ficlets spread throughout it. 🌝
Sure, Rey, sure. No other motive with reading that article AT ALL.
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A short and sweet Reylo twitter AU. In which Rey’s cat is an escape artist and decides her neighbor, Ben, is his new best friend. Features Rose, Poe, and an endless number of cat puns. #reylo #reylofic
1. Is this how you get a cat?
2. Pun game on point.
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*°•.𝘛𝘦𝘹𝘵 & 𝘈𝘵𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵 .•°*
(a reylo social media, pride & prejudice au)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a short temper must be in want of a vibe check.
Rey, and the r/AITA community, are happy to oblige.

Choose your fighter
A uni party at last
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New #twitterfic I'm working on. The #reylo/star wars/ selfie pastiche no one asked for! Bloody Well (Without You!) Starring everyone's favorite emotionally stunted dumbasses
Rey's friends
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"Crash Into Me"

a #Reylo epistolary text fic
Ben makes an unwelcome discovery
...and takes immediate action
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。・:*:˚☆ “𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗥𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 𝗙𝗶𝘁” ☆˚:*:・。
——– 𝘢 #reylo 𝘦𝘱𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘭𝘢𝘳𝘺 𝘢𝘶 ——–

[ based on the prompt by @reylo_prompts ]
• like & rt/quote ❤️🔁
• nvm the timestamps 📵
• narrative text may apply 📖
• may be nsfw 🔞
• im not used to writing text fics and im not that skillful in english so please bear with me 🙏🏻
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i'm gonna do a thread replying to this because of how surreptitious i found this article, but it really deserves a rebuttal in my own happy unvetted medium article where i share cherrypicked screenshots of reylos calling finn abusive for grabbing rey's hand one time
Check one: begin by pretending some kind of scientific, unbiased report without disclaiming that you are a #Reylo
I've been in fandom for 15 years (😰), and I started in male-heavy anime fandoms, back in those days where there wasn't such thing as antis and slurs were uncriticized common tongue. I love unpopular ships. I've never experienced this. Maybe I haven't been a big enough jackass?
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Poe didn't think he would have to do this again, but here he was for the third time that week.

He cleared his throat and spoke into the comm unit.
"Attention, resistance-fighters: We are aware that we have Kylo Ren and General Hux in bacta-tanks, but if the ladies could please stop finding a reason to "have something to do" in that area that would be terrific!"
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Last month, had the pleasure of playing 20 questions with brilliant #Reylo writer @umswfan as part of Reylo Fic Recs. Here are her responses. Thank you again AJLynne! 😍 #StarWars #fanfiction #reylofanficrec #reylofanfic (A Thread)
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After my 9th viewing of #TheRiseOfSkywalker I’m ready to share some thoughts about Rey and Ben, specifically Ben’s death and why I'm at peace with his arc and his story. I’ve already gushed about why I love Rey’s journey so much, but this is about the two of them together. #Reylo
This will be a LONG thread, but I don’t really have another outlet, so a Twitter thread it is! If you don’t want your feeds inundated, adjust your settings accordingly, but hopefully you'll stick around. I’m not done talking about how much I love #TheRiseOfSkywalker. Not yet!
So yes, Ben Solo died. I was genuinely sad to see him die, as many were. But it also works for me within the story that #TheRiseOfSkywalker told. I was expecting him to die since TFA. That came to pass. I was also expecting him to be redeemed since TLJ. That came to pass as well.
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I proudly present, "The Matchmaker". A short canon verse tweet fic in which Ben Solo plays matchmaker. #reylo #roux #gingerrose #fanfic #cracktreatedseriously

CC: @reylo_prompts
@reylo_prompts Everything was a blur. All Rose could remember is the seared image of Finn and Poe kissing.

The worst part is that he didn't even react to being caught. In fact, he didn't say a *thing*.

Not a single word.
@reylo_prompts He let her walk away and she was in a state of disarray.

What was she to do?

Go back? Ask him why he did this?
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I’ve been agonizing about this list over the last week. Thank you so much and kudos to ALL the writers who worked and labored to bring us stories simply out of love for our fandom and for us, the readers. Love ❤️ #Reylo #StarWars #fanfiction #ReyandKylo
Unbeknownst to Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, General Hux has sent a surveillance droid to tail him on his covert assignation with the Last Jedi. When the droid sends back intimate footage of Ren and Rey making passionate love, Hux reflects on his his alluring new captain.
This fanfic within a fanfic is the Inception of all crack fics. There’s something for everyone— unresolved sexual tension…a frustrated fanfic writer who is losing their muse…galactic gossip and shenanigans…and inappropriate use of fruit.
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THREAD: One Last Shot, a TROS fix-it fic.

Two years after The Rise of Skywalker, Rey is still in isolation on Tatooine.

One night she comes across a smuggler and occasional bounty hunter named Jacen who strikingly resembles Ben Solo. #fanfic #reylo
Rey was haunted by Ben Solo.

Every night she closed her eyes she could feel his strong arms gently grasping her.

She also could see his smile. His beautiful, triumphant smile.

His deep dimples, the twitch of his full lips... the light crinkles around his eyes.
But every night she dreams, he falls and disappears just the same - and she realizes that she is alone again.

She tried to find belonging with the Resistance, but everyday she felt empty. Almost like there was a gaping wound in her chest.
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Here's my post-TRoS fanfic coping kit below / a grab-bag of fic recs to celebrate the *amazing* #Reylo community and some of the incredible work in it:
'Starstuff' by @voicedimplosive. Don't let the timey-wimey premise distract you from the excellent writing. I beelined straight to this today as a version of how I thought TRoS could've gone.
@voicedimplosive also wrote the iconic Russian Mafia AU with Kyril-Irena, which I could scream from the rooftops forever about but I'll try not to, you should just check it out:
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Here are some recommendations for our bruised #Reylo souls:
• Strange Magic
• The Lion King 2
• Inuyasha
• Blue Gender
• Hana Yori Dango
• Pride & Prejudice
• The Princess Bride
• The Sound of Music
• Ever After
• From Up on Poppy Hill
• Titan A.E.
• The Mummy
• Howl’s Moving Castle
• Anastasia
• Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
• Alias
• Nikita
• Annihilation
• Beautiful Creatures
• Vampire Academy
• The Covenant
• The Forbidden Kingdom
• Happy Death Day
• The Man from UNCLE
• Moonrise Kingdom
• Oblivion
• Pacific Rim
• The Shape of Water
• Beauty and the Beast
• Farscape
• The Scorpian King
• Speed Racer
• Stardust
• Warm Bodies
• Fringe
• G Gundam
• Marmalade Boy
• Outlaw Star
• Summer Wars
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4 days before #TheRiseOfSkywalker , I am completely beside myself trying to figure out what will happen with #BenSolo and #Reylo. My wish that Rey and Kylo will fuck in the movie is likely not gonna happen, and my headcanons are drawn entirely from fanfiction so here's a thread.
A thread of more improbable #TROS plot points. Sorry @starwars ! #NSFW
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RFR did @voicedimplosive’s splendid #Reylo classic Russian Mafia AU last month for book club and here are all the questions! I meant to post them here too. #fetch
go i know not whither and fetch i know not what by @voicedimplosive…
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This morning at Reylo Fic Recs on FB we're playing 20 questions with the exquisitely talented @voicedimplosive, author of the #Reylo Russian Mafia AU, "Whither go i know not whither and fetch i know not what". 😍 (A Thread)
#KyrilRen #SolntsevskayaBratva
@voicedimplosive 20 questions with voicedimplosives
@voicedimplosive 20 questions with voicedimplosives
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