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Ambedkarite. Journalist but also social sector wali. Disclaimer:Content might hurt your pure privileged souls and deep rooted casteism.
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May 27, 2021 13 tweets 4 min read
TW: child sexual abuse.
It’s amazing how #PSBB rot has came into light, thanks to twitter. It is a big reputed school, even more reasons to get more traction. I wanted to share what happened to me as a 9-year old child in a super unknown school in a super small town,Ongole,Andhra It’s quite terrifying for me to even type this. But the whole #PSBB thing has thrown me back to those horrifying memories.I was in 3rd standard in a very small private school, always curious about learning english language as I was in Telugu medium. Our english teacher was a man+
May 26, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read
Rant: the obnoxious behaviour towards non-Hindi speakers is just appalling. I don’t get why people have to make it into “elite” issue when folks can’t speak Hindi. “DUDE CAN’T YOU SPEAK TAMIL, TELUGU, MALAYAM? Woah so snobby, you use only english, rich kids”. We HAD TO SPEAK IN ENGLISH as you wouldn’t learn our languages. Now sit down. HINDI IS BORING AF.
Jun 21, 2019 15 tweets 6 min read
Okay soo Kabir Singh is out. And the Tamil version will be out very soon. But we Telugus witnessed the OG “Arjun Reddy” in 2017 and believe it or not- the youth out there is still living in that film. A film which opens with a scene where Arjun shows knife demanding to undress. ImageImage Arjun Reddy became a “cult”. Every cis-het man from Telugu states idolised him. Aspired/still aspiring to live like him. Like a toxic alcoholic casteist and abuser. Everyone thought this scene was the most romantic scene ever- “This girl is mine and no one should pursue her” Image