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6 Apr
There is no podcast discoverability problem, you're just not subscribed to enough podcast recommendation newsletters.
Here are some of my favorite podcast recommendation newsletters...

(Feel free to add yours 👇👇)
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4 Apr
Creating a podcast without a network and/or huge budget is hard work. Marketing that podcast is even harder.

@zachthemack made it look easy with season 1 of his show, Greetings from Somewhere. Was it easy though? Of course not. Image
Greetings from Somewhere was featured in @vulture, @Discover_Pods, @Podnews, @outsidemagazine, @EarbudsPodCol, @washingtonpost, and so many more publications.

Zach hit up every possible PR outlet and was getting press left and right.
Now that season 1 of GFS is all launched, I wanted to chat with Zach and learn about his tactics. Zach has a lot of thoughts on creating, distributing, and marketing independent podcasts.

Are indie podcasts still viable nowadays when it seems like the whole word has a show?
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