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Hey @guardian @guardianscience This would be a really interesting dialogue to continue if you opened it up to the majority of researchers who don’t support the PACE trial and have good relationships with patients, instead of just giving Sharpe a platform.…
There are so many flaws in Sharpe’s argument that I won’t be able to cover them all myself (due to ME), but for one, his attempt to differentiate between ME and CFS to justify their work when he knows full well that in practice it is all considered the same. @guardianscience
This means that if you are anywhere on the spectrum including #SevereME (see #SevereMEday yesterday) with extreme exercise intolerance, then you can be put forward for CBT/GET, and actually many Severe patients were formerly moderate before these “treatments” @guardianscience
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Thread: Some interesting tech stories I read today. #TechDB /2

💰 India's #fintech investments fell by 50% to 300 million in H1 2019, according to KPMG…
♎️ #Libra has to prove itself by winning in India says, @huwsteenis. India is Facebook's largest market, it has cracked identity via #Aadhaar, has a large remittances market, hugely competitive & against cryptocurrencies…
💉One year on, Congo hasn't found an answer to #Ebola outbreak. It's not about science but people. There is a vaccine. But half the people in the zone don't believe Ebola exists and they don't trust aid workers #podcast 🎙️
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A primeira thread de @OzyTemplariIo
Dica da @quediabocetinha
Vamos lá...
1) QUEM É @ImamofPeace?
Estudioso muçulmano australiano, autoridade islâmica publicamente ordenada, pensador, educador, palestrante...
...1 das principais vozes do mov. global de reforma islâmica; dedica sua vida a atacar ideologicamente a disseminação do #extremismo. Nasceu no Irã. Memorizou 1/2 do Alcorão aos 9 anos de idade. Foi rotulado como Hujjat al-Islam por + de 5 aiatolás.
O link para a compilação da thread completa original está no primeiro link essa thread.
Uma congressista que está se comunicando indiretamente, através de um indivíduo, com o Catar... Nancy Pelosi (a ‘Rodrigo Maia’ dos EUA) está envolvida...
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When Eric Umansky discovered that the machine that helps him breathe at night was “transmitting” his sleep habits to his insurance company, he was not happy.
Episode 6 of @armandalegshow uncovers some surprising rules and regulations designed to get consumers to shoulder a bigger share of the cost of medical equipment. via @danweissmann
@armandalegshow @danweissmann Equipment such as the CPAP. #CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, is often one of the first solutions doctors suggest for sleep apnea. via @victoriaregisk
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Instead of just partying on the #4thofJuly , why not learn some more about your the #USA for example James Earl Jones reading #FrederickDouglass' What to the American Slave is the #FourthOfJuly ? via @democracynow
Or for at least a little while during the #4thofJuly cookout play an episode or two of the @PeabodyAwards winning @uncivilshow #podcast, the untold #history of the #AmericanCivilWar by @catchatweetdown & @JackHitt via @Gimletmedia
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(1/12) "Geben Sie uns Ihr Handy!" Mit diesem Satz begann vor Monaten unsere @SZ Recherche zur #OperationHonigbiene

Ein Informant hatte uns eine App zugespielt, die ihm an einer Landgrenze zu #China auf dem Handy installiert wurde.

(2/12) Sieht eigentlich ganz harmlos aus. Die Beamten erklärten nicht, was die App kann oder warum sie installiert wird. Ohne Anfangsverdacht muss jeder Reisende seine Geräte aushändigen. Sie bekommen sie später kommentarlos zurück. Deshalb haben wir uns das genauer angeschaut.
(3/12) Wir ist untertrieben. Dabei waren von der @SZ @Remrow @cutterkom @femeb @n_richter @f_obermaier @Lea_Deuber Aber auch Experten von der @ruhrunibochum, dem @OpenTechFund und dem @citizenlab. Dazu die großartigen Kollegen @josephfcox @hilaryosborne @zhonggg @sveckert
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A ética do faça-você-mesmo (DIY) é anticonsumista, é a ética da auto-suficiência, do fazer as coisas sem a ajuda de um especialista pago, do tomar controle sobre diferentes aspectos da vida, como entretenimento e informação.
A ética do DIY promove a ideia de que todos são capazes de realizar as mais diferentes coisas. Valoriza a autonomia e a i-mediação. Exige, portanto, que as pessoas busquem os conhecimentos necessários para realizar aquela tarefa, e que criem sua própria estética de produção
Para a ética DIY, o empoderamento dos indivíduos e das comunidades é central. Podcasts ~~amadores~~ encorajam a adoção de táticas e aproximações alternativas para criar soluções estéticas. Ao fazerem isso, rejeitam a hegemonia do gosto e a pasteurização de formatos.
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He publicado un episodio en #ivoox "UTP62 Miedo al amor y mucho UMMO" #podcast
Les voy a publicar por aqui todos los enlaces, artículos, videos y fotografías que se citan en este podcast.

Les aseguro que tienen para rato.

Lo contrario al amor no es el odio, sino el miedo…
Luces y sombras en la 'alerta ovni’…
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”How cities erode gender inequalities: a new theory & evidence from Cambodia”!

This is the most important paper I’ve ever written, the culmination of a decade’s work on social norms, & it’s just been accepted by Gender & Society!!…
This is the 3rd (maybe 4th?) paper I’ve submitted to Gender & Society!!

All rejected!! 😫

But I kept on trying... 🙇‍♀️

Persevering!! 🐘

And I was especially keen for this paper to be accepted there, hopefully encouraging more studies in this field! 😊🙌🏞🏙
Here's the thing..

Studies of social change typically look at individual- or country-level characteristics

This omits the #places we live in.

In subnational comparisons, we see faster social change in cities.


And what does it tell us about the drivers of social change?
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[#Dossier] Juin 2019 > Théorie de l'effondrement : notre civilisation peut-elle vraiment disparaître ? via @science_et_vie #LaMethSci
[A découvrir] 26/03 > Théorie de l’effondrement : la #collapsologie est-elle juste une fantaisie sans fondement ? via @franceculture #LaMethSci
[#Parution] 2015 > Comment tout peut s'effondrer par #PabloServigne @EditionsduSeuil #LaMethSci
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Und weil es die liebe @chra war die mich wegen @KhazAndCrit drauf gebracht hatte, gibt's den #Duetgame Thread jetzt auch noch in deutsch für die #pnpde #ttrpg Twitter Blase 😘

Duospiele - 1on1 oder Duetgames - was ist das?

#Duetgame = 1 #ttrpg, 1 #GM / #DM + 1 Spieler

Du kannst ein Duetgame mit den Regeln von so ziemlich jedem #ttrpg spielen

#ttrpg #dnd #dnd5e #pnpde
Ich habe die meiste Erfahrung damit #DSA und #DnD / #dnd5e Duetgames zu leiten, aber ich habe auch schon #Duetgames in #Shadowrun und #Vampire the Masquerade gespielt und es hat super funktioniert und hat so viel Spaß gemacht!
#ttrpg #pnpde
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(1/6) Happy long weekend if you have it! To keep you busy here now a mini thread of movies to binge in anticipation of the King Arthur #podcast, which we are putting the last touches on. Shown: Excalibur the sword, the grail quest, the Winchester fake table, and Tintagel Castle.
(2/6) The first movie on the list, Excalibur (1981,…) gives a fantasy rendition of much of the entire Arthurian cycle as it was known in the High Middle Ages. Very epic and kitschy, a bit adult and some gore, with uneven acting.
(3/6) Next is the attempt to fit the myths into "real" history, with the 2004 King Arthur (, a Romano-British commander of Sarmatian cavalry at the time of the Saxon invasions into Britain. Best acting, of course, by Stellan Skarsgård.
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[#Parution] 1999 > Guide pratique de vulgarisation scientifique par #SophieMalavoy via Gallimard Montréal #LaMethSci
[#Parution] 2014 > Quand le paranormal manipule la science - Comment retrouver l’esprit critique par #SergeLarivée via ed. #PUG #LaMethSci
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to Quoth the #MSM #MarinaButina was a Russian spy who used sex to infiltrate highest ranks of GOP. Except she wasn't a spy, didn't use sex to infiltrate the GOP, and had nothing to do with the Trump-Russia affair." #ByronYork breaks it down… #Qanon #Podcast
It's a great listen - "anatomy of fake news" in a way - however there is more to it. Peppered into it was the #Symbolism coding I teach here. e.g. this constant talk about dogs and questions about "Picking up American Toothpaste" #Qanon #MariaButina
Dental symbolism and Dog symbolism are right next to each other on my pinned thread - What is actually being discussed becomes obvious when one knows the comms. Sadly I don't have accesss to the documents where she discusses it or I would do a decode
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#Climatechange got you down? These 50 people will cheer you up. This month: I'm featuring @grist's 2019 #Grist50 Fixers here on my feed. There's more than one reason for you to feel good about the future!
Meet Ploy Achakulwisut (@_aploy). She’s got climate #activism down to a science. Ploy dedicates her work — such as research connecting #AirPollution in the southwest U.S. to premature mortality — to furthering @climate awareness. #Grist50…
What did it take for Robin Amer (@rsamer) to create an award-winning investigative #podcast on #environmental justice? Three years, more than 65 interviews, and one lawsuit against the @FBI. @thecitypod talks trash — and listeners love it. #Grist50…
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In case you were wondering, more than 210,000 watched the EU presidential #MaastrichtDebate livestream. We don’t know TV numbers yet. #EUelections2019 #EP2019
Also, content on the #MaastrichtDebate appeared in more than 20 million social media feeds Monday night
This week we will release a 35 minute audio highlight package of the debate as part of EU confidential #podcast #EUelections2019
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Personal PR can add value to a freelancer's work. Now that you're an instant expert on X after publishing a story about it, how many ways can you talk about it & then get seen by other editors or producers, and maybe get more work? #Thread #PRforwriters #scicomm #amwriting #PR
Radio shows & some podcasts have producers: listen to recent eps then find their 'about us' page and send a short pitch to the person whose purview looks like a good fit for you. Here's one I booked myself onto recently, on a subject I cover for @mongabay…
Say how your recent story about X is a good fit, given their previous coverage of X (demonstrating that you do your homework and are not in the business of wasting a personal finance #podcast producer's time with your pitch about squirrel intelligence). #prforwriters #scicomm #PR
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➡️ This is an important discussion...Exactly how accurate is your sleep tracker? What prevents consumer wearables being taken seriously by researchers and clinicians? Essential listening for both sleep professionals and the public… #podcast
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💥 Da ieri siamo online con #JungleEuropa, un #podcast 🎙️per accompagnare, "liana dopo liana" 😉, i lettori di @repubblica, ma, più in generale, tutti gli elettori e cittadini italiani, verso le #elezionieuropee 👉 | @GEDIspa
🎧 Il #podcast lo trovate su #ITunes, #Spotify e sul sito di @repubblica 👌 Perché la #giungla? 🦍 Inutile negarlo: l'#Europa può apparire come un territorio complicato da capire. Ma varcato il primo cono d'ombra si scopre un mondo nuovo e affascinante! ☺️
🌿#JungleEuropa dà priorità alle voci di chi questa #Europa la vive in prima persona: giornalisti e ricercatori della generazione #millennials 🤙 che sono partiti dall'#Italia per realizzare progetti professionali, ma non solo, all'estero 🦋
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[#Parution] 2011 > Le #climat à découvert avec #SandrineBony via @CNRSEd #LaMethSci
2016 > Changement climatique : l’état des connaissances scientifiques avec @fmbreon #LaMethSci
[#Vidéo] 2018 > #SandrineBony, médaillée d’argent du #CNRS 2018 #LaMethSci
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0/🔺 Another hot start to the week in the crypto and blockchain space!

Today's 23-part thread features teams announcing product releases, partnerships, successful funding rounds, and more. Let's get to it!
1/ 🌩️ @ThunderProtocol announced they "launched the pre-release mainnet of the ThunderCore blockchain" at the end of February, ahead of "the public launch [they] currently estimate to be in Q3 2019."…
2/ 💅 @StellarOrg [ $XLM ] unveiled a new logo; replacing the cartoon rocketship with a "use-case neutral" logo reflects the openness of the network and serves as a currency symbol for lumens. The brand will launch alongside a redesigned in May.
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Debo confesar que me ha sorprendido el alto porcentaje de respuestas sobre qué es el NPS. Abro hilo para intentar explicar qué es y para qué lo he usado.
Para empezar, acudo a wikipedia. NPS es el acrónimo de Net Promoter Score (traducción libre: Calificación Neta de los Promotores). Es un método que trata de medir la satisfacción de los clientes con un servicio.…
Muy resumido, se trata de una encuesta a los usuarios con una única pregunta: “De 0 (muy improbable) a 10 (muy probable), ¿cuán probable es que recomiende el producto o servicio a un familiar o amigo?”. Las respuestas se clasifican en:
9-10: promotor
7-8: pasivo
0-6: detractor
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0/ Huge start to the week in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem. Below is an 18-part thread covering events from the past day or so. Hope you learn something!
1/📱 The #smartphone-crypto integration news continues!

Indeed, @Opera announced, "after the success of our Crypto Wallet and Dapp explorer in Opera for Android, we have decided to open Opera Touch for iOS to Web 3." Was also revealed Opera is integrating @ENSdomains and IPFS!
2/ 🔌 For the eighth instalment of their #CryptoTuesday initiative, @Ledger added @TomoChainANN [ $TOMO ] and @QRLedger [ $QRL ] to the Ledger Nano S. Also, both projects' apps were integrated with the Ledger Live manager.…
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