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#ADHD Time Blindness
𝘗𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝐼

What is it *really*?

🧵A #KnowYourADHD Thread
1/ Salvador Dali’s painting, “The Persistence of Memory”
What is ADHD Time Blindness?

“Time Blindness” was coined to succinctly capture the ADHD experience of time awareness & time management.

It can manifest as
・Chronic lateness
・An inability or difficulty to sense time
&/or to estimate “How long with this take?”
For those who experience Time Blindness, the way we experience time “in the moment” is mostly binary:

“Now” vs. “Not Now”

“Now” only lasts about 4 seconds. ADHD or not, we’ve all had experiences where that 4 seconds FELT either non-existent, or like an eternity.
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We all know Alex Turnbull, the son of frmer Aussie PM @TurnbullMalcolm is bit dense. But me and @steelmuslim wanted to test exactly how gullible Alex is. So we fed him a story that I am actually CIA.

Alex bought it! A thread:
It all started in July after I called out Alex for squatting in Singapore and telling Chinese in US to GTFO, so Alex DM @steelmuslim to tell him a Hui Muslim in Australia that I will Genocide his people after I am done w #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang
So when Alex DM Temur again, we decided to feed him a story that I am actually a gun toting Trump supporter send by CIA to infiltrate Pro-China groups on social media to gather intel.

As evidence, we used my tweet wielding Dai Sword in Yunnan
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I've spent over 20 years at large investment banks, where I ran global research and strategy teams across multi-asset, FX and fixed income products.

Here's my list of the best bloggers on #economics and #markets you NEED to follow today.

Is there anyone we may have missed? 🧐
In no particular order:

1\ Managing Editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, @TimothyTTaylor, is somehow able to write on 3 or 4 meaty macro topics a week. This can range from the share of veterans among prime-age men to environmental economics:
2\ @awealthofcs is Director of Institutional AM at @RitholtzWealth. What we like about his blog is that he writes for investors, shares investing lessons, provides useful stats on market returns and writes in a succinct manner:
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La pachanga pa' deschongar al derecho de tramposas formalidades cada vez se pone mejor.

Desde cuestionar el tacuche hasta la herejía de buscar que sirva y se entienda (muerte al jurisprudencio).

Hay podcasts, blogs, arrobas, etc. Van unos pa' empezar una lista colaborativa
Este #Podcast de @soycarloscantu, explicaciones chidas sobre el derecho (casos y sus implicaciones) contados de forma ligera y comprensible…
Este de @laconjurapod cuyas reflexiones abordan temas de justicia en varios de sus episodios, como en este con @citlatopia…
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I don't know who needs to hear this, but providing examples of being nice or supportive to women in your own family does not make on a feminist or pro-woman nor does that make you anti-racist regarding POC or WOC or BIPOC. The "I am a good person" is at the root of much harm.
Okay, I do know who needs to hear this and this was not really a subtweet because the individuals who fit this description do not use Twitter. But there is more than one individual who may or may not need to have some deep reflection on what "I am a good person" says about ego.
This is from Australia. If in these times, as a not BIPOC, certainly as a not Black person in America, you are asking "Are you calling me a racist?!" (when that word not uttered but, yes, #implicitbias exists and racism is a #public health crisis)....…
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[#Infographie] Progression du #JourDuDépassement Mondial au fil des années via @EndOvershoot #LaMethSci
[#Infographie] L’épidémie de #CoVid19 a repoussé de 25 jours le #JourDuDépassement par rapport à 2019 via @EndOvershoot #LaMethSci
[A découvrir] Le site d’@EndOvershoot #LaMethSci
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The global #COVID19 outbreak is much more than *just* a health emergency - over the past months at @project_polis we looked at the social, economic and political repercussion of the pandemic - Here's a thread with the pieces we published.
A military mindset : Sri Lanka’s response to the coronavirus pandemic by Thusiyan Nandakumar… | @project_polis #SriLanka #COVID19
Musings On Vulnerability – A Conversation with Francesca Mannocchi @mannocchia… | @project_polis | #Podcast #Vulnerability
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What you didn’t know about #DirectActionDay
A Must Hear #podcast !…

क्या कमाल का भाई चारा है, #bangaluru हो या #DelhiRiots , ख़त्म ही नहीं होता!! ?
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🧵A Mega-thread of #ADHD mega-threads

Includes resources from the best content creators on Twitter for:

📌Learning about ADHD
📌Practical Tips & Strategies by ADHD people for ADHD people
📌Finding the right ADHD specialist for you
📌Much, much more
#ADHD support mega-🧵

💪Finding the right professional support
👯What is Body Doubling?
⚡️Practical tips by ADHD people for ADHD people
✅Some of the best ADHD books, blogs, podcasts, & other resources to learn more about your ADHD & how to manage it
🧵Who are the best accounts to follow on #adhdtwitter for learning more about your ADHD, and just all around great ADHD content & community experience?

Check out this thread of #ADHD accounts to follow!
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People often ask me why and how did I get Abhiram to start A Thirsty Mind. I have two reasons.
Firstly, he has grown up seeing my #workfromhome. It simply meant all his life he has watched me, #interview people.
Sometimes it annoyed him, but of late it is fascinating him. “How cool amma, you earn money by asking people questions, even I want to do that!” I said, why not?
Secondly, while toying with the thought of encouraging him to ask questions to people, Vendanth started his #podcast.
It resolved the challenge of using a particular medium for Abhiram to conduct interviews. Presenting here, an interesting episode of Curious Vedanth, where he talks to B R Rajeev, a CG Supervisor. #PodcastRecommendations
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Presenting an interesting episode from a fellow podcaster: Curious Vedanth. I must say, that Vedanth inspired me to start my own podcast.
In this episode of Curious Vedanth, he talks to B R Rajeev, a #CG Supervisor.
They talk a lot about how cartoons and other animated characters are brought to life on screen. Rajeev has worked on blockbusters such as .@Disney's #Tinkerbell and #Planes and the .@TheEmmys winning episode of @GameOfThrones
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/04/2020…
A new test to investigate the origin of cosmic structure…

#structure #origin #cosmic
Opinion | A Coronavirus Vaccine Is Coming. Just Don’t Call It ‘Warp Speed.’ - The New York Times…

#vaccine #speed
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“People want to hear that they aren’t alone.”

Our #podcast fairy godmother ⁦@katiecouric⁩ asked ⁦@GuyWinch⁩ @ me some q’s about our new @iheartradio podcast #DearTherapists. If you enjoy it, please drop a review here:…
"We’re inviting people into these conversations about what it means to be human, letting them be a fly on the wall in our sessions that normally only we have the privilege of witnessing."

More from our @katiecouric conversation...
"Our guests have been so open and vulnerable, so willing to try out our advice and then report back to us so we can all learn from it. Taping remotely may even have made people more willing to open up to us, because we’re all in the same boat right now."--we tell @katiecouric
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Twitter banned Taiwanese Communist Rapper @ComradeXiangyu on Taiwan leader Lee Teng-hui and Tsui Ing-wen family background as Japanified colonial subject of Japanese Empire 皇民 Komin
Lee Teng-hui n brother Lee Teng-chin. To become Komin 皇民, Lees had to give up their Chinese ancestor to adopt a Japanese ancestor and name. Lee Teng-hui was Iwasato Masao 岩里政男. He joined Imperial Japanese Army while his bro joined Japanese Navy and died in Battle of Manila
Lee Teng-hui said he was Japanese before age 22 (1945 Japanese surrender). He remained a japanofile all his life. He regularly visit Yasukuni Shrine in Japan where his brother enshrined as have died for Japanese Emperor in WW2 along w Class A war criminals.
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El documental periodístico en formato #podcast es una de las grandes tendencias de los medios de comunicación como demuestra la reciente adquisición de la productora de @serial y el acuerdo estratégico con @thisamerlife por parte de @nytimes (1/10)…
En @PodiumPodcast apostamos desde el principio por los documentales sonoros y hemos conseguido crear más de una decena de podcasts periodísticos con algunos de los mejores periodistas. Aquí van 15 recomendaciones que podéis encontrar en nuestra app y agregadores: (2/10)
'Le llamaban padre' fue el primer podcast documental creado por @Carles_Porta y @jangelesteban. 'V., las cloacas del Estado' es la investigación de Álvaro de Cózar y @garridocoronado sobre Villarejo (3/10)
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C'est Noël en juillet☺️... TOUS les épisodes de notre série d'été #Presidents! sur @franceinter sont d'ores et déjà à écouter en #podcast. A vos écouteurs! Et bien sûr, on vous retrouve le samedi à 20h et le dimanche à 12h pour les diffusions antenne.…
2) Vous retrouvez ainsi #TheodoreRoosevelt, le New-Yorkais "macho" et impérialiste, auquel #Trump aimerait tant ressembler, qui fonda les relations "amour-haine" entre présidence et presse au début du XXe siècle...…
3)... puis #HerbertHoover, le président auquel #Trump ne voudrait SURTOUT pas ressembler, au mandat failli pendant la grande crise de 1929 alors qu'il avait jusqu'alors tout réussi...…
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Are you looking for a 💥🧠 science-based #app 🧠💥 that can help you⚡️manage your #ADHD ⚡️?
I got to meet with the creators of @get_inflow on July 17, 2020.

The app is still in development. It's looking VERY promising! 😀
Which platforms will @get_inflow be available on?
The app will initially be available on both
🍎 iPhones &
🤖 Android phones
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Good morning Eyala family ☀️ and welcome back to #EyalaReads, your Sunday selection of recommended reads about #Feminism #WomensRights and #Africa.

As #Afrifem we often say that "we stand on the shoulders of giants". How much do we actually know about our #feminist foremothers? The question came as I read @EverjoiceWin's moving obituary for Mabel Moyo. May she rest in power. @jass4justice
To be young, gifted, Black and #feminist in #Russia... Whew. Read about Maria Magdalena Tunkara, a 22-year-old Russian-Malian woman who wont't apologize for telling the truth about #racism in her country. A powerhouse.

Profile by @mkpetkova in @AJEnglish
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It's here! Engineering Leadership 101 with Michael Lopp @rands!
Check out the full interview:…
Hosted by @FancyKarolina, powered by @codingsans
#engineeringmanagement #engineeringleadership #leadershipdevelopment #podcast
The key to leadership is your ability to delegate, and it’s hard to do.
You need to give up your toys and hand them to others to do the work. It sounds like you’re giving away everything, but you have plenty of work every day. The leader’s job isn't doing the work but building a group of talented engineers who gets it done.
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@warikoo was on #BehenCode last week to talk about ‘WINNING WITH #FAILURES’ 💪🏻

Here’s a thread on what I learnt from him. :)
On WHY he agreed to be on BehenCode-
I actively engaged with his content, always. So he knew of me even before he knew about me. :)
Watch this video of How to Network-
The first time he had surplus money was when he earned his stipend in USD. He still is not risk-averse 😌🙌🏻
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Jetzt online: Als die #Azteken die Spanier besiegten – die #SRFZeitblende mit @StefanRinke1 von der @FU_Berlin. Es geht um die #nochetriste – die grosse Niederlage der Spanier 1520 im Kampf um die Azteken-Hauptstadt Tenochtitlan. (1/10) 🎧🎙️#srf4news…
Angefangen hatte alles ganz friedlich: Als #HernanCortes in #Mexiko eintrifft, werden die Spanier vom Azteken-König #Moctezuma mit #Gold und Edelsteinen überhäuft. Doch das Gold lockt die Spanier in die Azteken-Hauptstadt. (2/10)
Dann passiert alles, was es für einen #Netflix-Thriller braucht: Verrat, Kidnapping, Erpressung. Die Spanier nehmen den Azteken-König in Geiselhaft. Sie wollen die #Azteken, ihre Stadt und ihr Reich unterwerfen. Es kommt zu einem Massaker am #TemploMayor. (3/10) #srfzeitblende
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THREAD: @BillMoyers talks with journalist @JeffSharlet, whose reporting for @VanityFair describes how Trump the orator has turned his reelection campaign into a militant crusade fueled by conspiracy theories and rhetoric that incites violence. #podcast…
2/ Many dismissed Trump's speech in Tulsa, which was attended by ~6K people, but it was reportedly viewed by ~7 million on Fox News, the biggest Saturday night audience in the network’s 24-year history, the Nielsen company said.…
3/ "He gave what I believe was the most rhetorically violent speech I’ve seen," @JeffSharlet says about Tulsa. "All these moments have been there before, but they were combined with a kind of explicitness. I haven’t heard them all in one speech before like this."
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