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BSc, MA, MITI, AMRSB. Japanese to English translation. Japanese sake, tea, coffee, chocolate, biology. こだわりありの日英翻訳者。日本酒、茶、コーヒー、チョコレート、生物学。
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Day 2 of The Royal Society event on COVID-19! #royalsociety #COVID19 Dr Nathalie McDermott - contracted COVID-19 2 years ago, spine affected, needs minicab to get to work, and mobility scooter to do her clinical work. Significant cost to employer, disability funding from government. #royalsociety #COVID19
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Settling in to watch the @royalsociety 2-day event on COVID-19. Dame Linda Partridge starts with thanks to everyone involved in fighting the pandemic and scientific advances. #royalsociety #COVID19 "We can always do better" - Prof David Navarro on integrating context during the pandemic. "We need a story to make groups everywhere to appreciate what this pandemic means and their place in it." And that story is not easy to find. #royalsociety #COVID19