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2 Jun 20
Lt. Russell declared it an unlawful gathering at 8:15 p.m. Said they need to leave or force can be used.

Crowd starts chanting “What about James?”
Some are not leaving.
Police have surrounded the stragglers. People are headed to the alleys and so are police. At least some gas or pepper has been fired.
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1 Jun 20
Stay safe tonight, #Omaha.

@OWHnews and @OWHpictures will be out. Let us know if we need to see something or be somewhere.
Lot of Old Market businesses covering windows today. Police are setting a perimeter a little wider than the block around the location in front of where James Scurlock was shot.
Only a handful of people down here so far.
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29 Mar 20
Morning folks. Apologies if your phone is about to give off a bunch of notifications. I'll be live tweeting @GovRicketts' appearance in a bit on @jaketapper's Sunday morning show on @CNN.
He is expected to ask @GovRicketts about President @realDonaldTrump's comments about what #Nebraska has done right and whether the governor is prepared to reopen in the coming days and weeks. He'll also be speaking to the governors of Michigan and Washington.
Tapper: Death tally over 2k. Talking about Trump backing off a potential quarantine for NYC. Talking about new federal guidelines on when schools and business might be able to reopen.
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17 Mar 20
Just to let you know your government goes on, I’m at a @mecaomaha board meeting.

And we are all practicing social distancing.
They're being strict here about how many folks can attend. If they hit 10, a staffer will be asked to leave and listen in by teleconference.
For those curious, Susie Buffett is not attending.

But she's dialing in. Here's why:

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29 Feb 20
Big day of speakers in the #NE02 House race.

Getting ready to hear @RepJayapal speak at a @karaforcongress rally.

Tonight @GOPLeader speaks to the @dcrponline on behalf of @RepDonBacon.

We @OWHnews are here. Let us know what you’d like to know.
Eastman is in a three-way Dem primary with @Gladys4Congress and @Ann_Ashford. But @karaforcongress has an edge in name ID. She was the @NebraskaDems’ nominee in 2018. She lost to @DonJBacon by about two percentage points, essentially in Sarpy County’s Republican-leaning firewall.
One question many have asked about @karaforcongress was whether she might bank more toward the center this time to try to appeal more to moderates in both major parties.

At least in the primary so far, the answer is no.

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12 Feb 20
I never get too far from City Council chambers, even when I travel.

@NEDHHS presser coming on YRTC. I’ll try to live tweet it here.
@NEDHHS Kearney Mayor Stanley Clouse: We're here to see how we can make an important facility in our community better. Will hear Dannette Smith, HHS CEO, share her plans.
@NEDHHS Smith has been CEO a little more than a year.
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24 Jan 20
On the road again. #IACaucus
Spending a little time this evening in southwest Iowa. I love a good town square. #IACaucus
Hearing tonight in Red Oak from @DrBiden on behalf of @JoeBiden.
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10 Jan 20
Hey all: I’m writing today because @randyessex, the new executive editor @OWHnews, is entrusting me with a new job that means a lot to me and to the paper. (1/8)
I’m being given the chance to serve readers as The World-Herald’s next political reporter. My friends know how much I care about politics, about helping government work better for the people who pay the bills. People facing the consequences of public decisions matter. (2/8)
I want the people who work for you at every level of government to hear your voices when they vote. They should feel the political cost of ignoring you. I see this job as an enormous responsibility, because I work for you, not any political party or special interest. (3/8)
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7 Jan 20
Not expecting many fireworks today at the #Omaha City Council’s first meeting back in the new year.

That’s usually a curse.
Here's today's City Council meeting agenda if you'd like to follow along:

The most interesting item on the agenda might be Item 16, a liquor license for a dog bar at 1231 S. 14th St.

Another highlight is probably Item 17, a liquor license for the popular diversion rising near Westroads Mall, @Topgolf.
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17 Dec 19
Today is the last day in 2019 to get your fix from the #Omaha City Council. The next meeting is in January. Here is today's agenda to follow along:

There is caroling at #Omaha City Hall.
Today's agenda has some interesting tidbits.

First up and likely to generate at least some interest is a change in No. 17 for a state tax credit to call some areas east of 72nd Street extremely blighted.

Here's our first story on it, via SUB PLUS:

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26 Nov 19
Not expecting a big crowd today at the #Omaha City Council.

Part for weather. Part for votes.
This is where I'll try to put live tweets about today's #Omaha City Council meeting. Should be saner than last week's marathon.

Here's today's agenda, if you'd like to follow along:

Perhaps the day's two biggest news items are the debate about how much more to pay the winner of #Omaha's next mayoral election. Here's our most recent story on that:

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19 Nov 19
Today's #Omaha City Council meeting could be a doozy.

I'll be live tweeting off of this string.

Here's today's agenda if you'd like to follow along:

At least four major items being discussed. Among them, the new contract for sidewalk snow removal, a year after many residents who didn't shovel snow in time paid exorbitant rates.

From @OWHnews:

Then there's the #vaping tax vote, a proposal by Council president @ChrisJerram to expand the city's occupation tax on tobacco to cover vaping and vaping products.

Here's some recent coverage:

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5 Nov 19
We’ve got a busy City Council meeting today in #Omaha, so we are going to have quite a few tweets. This is where you can follow along.
Here’s today’s council agenda:

First up are a number of big developments, including the ConAgra riverfront redevelopment. As opposed to The Riverfront redevelopment of three city parks by @mecaomaha.
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