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4 May 20
So the whole #covid19sverige Swedish virus "experiment" controversy has been framed in terms of "herd immunity" and that's not at all what the conflict is (even @neil_ferguson agrees that it's not about herd immunity). #coronasweden
Rather, it's a conflict about an approach to risk management. Sweden's most serious critics promote an approach that involves using "easily" computable worst-case scenarios for virus death and acting accordingly... #COVID19sverige #coronavirussweden
... in an approach that uses the most drastic measures to bring about the most rapid suppression of the virus (the "hammer"). #COVID19sverige #coronasweden
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2 May 19
Re the megathread on the "success criterion" of minimalism, generative grammar, etc. I remember running (as a Ph.D. student at UMD) a one-semester reading group on mathematical linguistics along with @TimTheLinguist. It was attended for a couple of sessions by Norbert Hornstein.1
At the end of the second one (this must have been in 2007?), Norbert thanked us for running an interesting reading group, but expressed that he didn't quite see the point of the effort to develop these formalisms (Lambek-style stuff, mostly) to fussily derive all uttterances.
Rather, his "success criterion" was whether the operations defined in these formalisms reflect/could be unified/analogize more fundamental truths about the universe. Like if it could be shown that they said something about primes or Fibonacci numbers or quantum interactions or...
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