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1/25🇸🇪 Third comprehensive 🧵 compiling my graphs✍🏽 but where did it begin? Does anyone remember when stores were all out of toilet paper & #covid19 panic started to build? At that point I wanted to put things into perspective quite like @InProportion2 has done+ #COVID19sverige
2/25 but first a few words on 🇸🇪. We are a country with most of it inhabitants living in Stockholm and south of Stockholm. The north is not as densely populated as Stockholm at 5200, Gothenburg at 1300 and Malmö at 2200 individuals per square km+
3/25 our population grew with ca 16% since year 2000 and ca 20% of people living in Sweden are born abroad. Largest immigrant population is 1) Syrians and 2) Iraqi. In Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö some 20-25% are born abroad.+
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A bit late today, my apologies! 41 new #covid19sverige deaths reported today, taking the official total to 5411.

This was the most reported on a Thursday since May 28.

Oldest change was to June 15 (+1), largest to June 23 (+5)
Do give you an idea of the effect of the reporting lag, if you have to go back 2½ weeks to June 14 before you find a day where the average of the previous 7 days has remained the same for more than 2 days straight. At that time it was 33 deaths/day.
The current actual deaths reported for that day, June 14, is 26. Let's see how that has changed over time.

On June 14, there were zero deaths reported for that day. The next day, 3 were reported, then the next day it was changed to 9 ... and so on until now, where it's 26.
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1/19 🇸🇪 I have updated a few of my graphs during last few days and added a couple of new ones. In order - at least for me - to make it easier to find them Ill link them to this thread + #covid19 #COVID19sverige
2/19 first adding updated comparison week 1-22 YY2000-2020 stratified per age group+ #COVID19
3/19 adding updated graph comparing months with highest mortality+
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1/7 🇸🇪- When it comes to #covid19 deaths at care homes or in those receiving home care service. Stockholm region has the same distribution as the rest of the country with ca 50% of deaths in those living in care homes and additional ca 25% in those receiving home care service.+
2/7 Already in May, some +50% of Stockholm region care homes had someone infected. Today it could be 3/4 of all care homes perhaps?+…
3/7 Stockholm region performed an early study amongst care homes with some interesting indications. My graph below indicates that in care homes with #covid19, they generally have more employees+ #COVID19 #Covid19Sweden
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1/ 🇸🇪- 2nd Thread where I compile my #COVID19 graphs. May included. Primarily comparing deaths all causes on national as well as regional level. Also looking at #covid19 age distribution I hope it brings some perspective. First graph next tweet+ #COVID19SWEDEN @InProportion2
2/ first graph looks at death all causes Nov - May. My focus is on 🇸🇪, for comparisons with other nordic countries I recommend @boriquagato amongst others. 2020 prel figures. Latest decade have been quite ”mild” as can be seen in this graph. Next we zoom in further on 2020+
3/ In this graph we can see that 2020 rises above 2019. Keep in mind that 2019 was the year with fewest deaths since 1977. We know that #covid19 was noticed first in March so next we look at more recent months+ #COVID19sverige
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Es sind in #COVID19sverige immer noch in etwa gleich viele Fälle wie sonst. _Aber_ die Gewichtung geht weg von Stockholm. In der Tat sinken dort tendenziell die Fallzahlen, dafür gehen sie u.a. in Västra nach oben. Indeed eben eine #COVID-Durchseuchungsstrategie. #COVIDー19
Der Verlauf der Sterbefälle ist auffällig. Ihr kennt inzwischen die typischen Formen. Ob AUT, ITA, UK, NewYork, CH, D ... sehen alle gleich aus. Das ist sehr merkwürdig in #COVIDsverige.
Und die Zählweise wurde Anfang Mai offensichtlich geändert.
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Finland re-opened schools last week. Now they have found COVID-19 in 4 schools and set the pupils and staff in quarantine. Here in Sweden the schools and municipalities don't even inform families of corona infections in school though they still tell about lice and stomach flu. 1/
One exception to the rule is Kågeskolan in Skellefteå where a teacher died and 25% of the staff (18 people) tested positive. None of the pupils were tested. The school closed for a small while - due to lack of staff, not because of a quarantine. 2/8…
Another member of school staff died in Danderyd. No one was tested, no one was quarantined. 3/8…
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So the whole #covid19sverige Swedish virus "experiment" controversy has been framed in terms of "herd immunity" and that's not at all what the conflict is (even @neil_ferguson agrees that it's not about herd immunity). #coronasweden
Rather, it's a conflict about an approach to risk management. Sweden's most serious critics promote an approach that involves using "easily" computable worst-case scenarios for virus death and acting accordingly... #COVID19sverige #coronavirussweden
... in an approach that uses the most drastic measures to bring about the most rapid suppression of the virus (the "hammer"). #COVID19sverige #coronasweden
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Här kommer analysen av version 2 av FHM:s modelleringsäventyr:… @Folkhalsomynd #Coronasverige #COVID19sverige #svpol @emanuelkarlsten (1)
I alla scenarier skattas parametrar för hur smittsamheten (b_t) beror på tiden. Denna skattning baseras på bekräftade fall fram till 10/4, så som rapporterats upp till 4 dagar senare och en konstant multipel av dessa som antas infekterade men okända. (2)
Såvitt jag kan se (vet inte om rådatat är tillgängligt) innebär detta att underliggande data uppvisar den berömda förflackningen de sista dagarna, som vi vant oss vid att alltid se (max i skattad data 1/4 tex, sedan avtagande). Retroaktivt (nu) finns ingen sådan avmattning. (3)
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Sillä, kuinka aikaisin intensiivinen testaaminen aloitetaan, näyttäisi olevan vaikutusta siihen, kuinka paljon ihmisiä kuolee. Eri maiden välillä on merkittäviä eroja.

#Koronavirusfi #koronafi #covid19fi #covid19finland #COVID2019 Image
Kaikki viivat lähtevät samasta kohtaa: se päivä, jolloin kuolleiden määrä ylitti 10. Poikkeuksena Islanti, jossa aloituspiste on 1. kuolema).

#Koronavirusfi #koronafi #covid19fi #covid19finland #COVID2019 Image
Kun verrataan Suomea muihin maihin, jossa on testattu tähän mennessä yhtä paljon asukkaita suhteessa väestömäärään, niin Suomessa on nyt 6x niin paljon kuolleita kun Norjassa oli samassa vaiheessa.

#Koronavirusfi #koronafi #covid19fi #covid19finland #COVID2019 Image
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Dear journalists,
Here are more questions to help educate the public:

1. Why did Sweden 🇸🇪 decide to chose a different strategy than most other countries 🇫🇮🇳🇴🇩🇪🇬🇧?

2. If the strategy is not based on minimizing the number of deaths, what is it based on?

3. In which specific points is FHM's strategy based on the principle of precaution?

4. Where can the public find more information about the scientific evidence FHM's current strategy is based on?

5. Where can the public find meeting minutes of the expert group meetings?
6. Which people are involved in FHM's expert group? Doctors? Nurses? Scientists? Ethicists? Lawyers? Who is involved in the decision making processes?

7. Could the fact, that asymptomatic carriers contribute to Covid-19 spread, have led to the infections we see in elderly homes?
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Vi har i dag, på söndagen den 22 mars 2020, omkring 21 personer vilka har dött av #COVID19sverige.

Älvsjömässan blir sjukhus.

Låt oss räkna.
Samtidigt idag; på söndagen den 22 mars 2020, finns omkring 68 personer vilka vårdas särskilt på olika intensivvårdsenheter inom riket. Enligt uppgift skall dessa personer vårdas för koronasmitta.
Jag uppskattar att de som dog insjuknade efter 2 till 4 v från smittotillfället och att de dog efter 4 till 6 v från aktiveringstillfället. Alltså har det gått som lägst 6v och som högst 10v sedan smittotillfället för de som har dött. Vi använder det lägsta värdet.
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Det är svårt att föreställa sig om det som sker i Kina. Uppenbarligen samlar de in dissidenter. All internet trafik är spärrad utom de källor som kommer via den kinesiska staten. Det som pågår i Kina angående #Coronavirus är en krigshandling av främmande makt.
Det här viruset är
gjord av människan. Ryssland, Indien, Taiwan vet att viruset innehåller HIV.

Därmed är skiten tillverkad av människan. Det sägs att den slår hårdare mot kinesiska män än mot andra raser, vilket betyder att denna "attack" kommer ej från deras egna led.

Fortsättning följer.
Russian scientists believe America created the Wuhan coronavirus to sabotage China… via @Dimsum Daily
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