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Professor for Theoretical Particle Physics at University of Graz (Austria). From low-energy QCD to beyond-the-standard-model. Views are my own. He/Him. #np3
12 Nov 18
As scientists. we are tasked with the advancement of humanity as a whole. If this task is in jeopardy, we cannot, should not, and may not stand idle by. No matter whether this is due to individuals, groups, governments, or even humanity as a whole in a suicidal fit.
This starts with things like #cumexfiles or #PanamaPapers - billions worth of the resources have been stolen from the public which means many millions worth of resources from science - science which, quite literally, saves lives and betters the live of everyone.
This goes on with excessive surveillance and restrictions on individual freedoms. Only if you are used to think and act freely, without fear of repercussions, in all things, you have the independence of thought and audacity to create truly new insights.
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