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1.#Trump and the #TrumpCrimeFamily built a hotel in #Azerbaijan, his partners in the deal to build the hotel was #Oligarchs with ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard

#Trump #Azerbaijan #Baku #MoneyLaundering #IranianRevolutionaryGuard
2.March 23rd 2018 DAG #Rosenstein and the #SDNY indicted Nine #Iranians With Conducting Massive Cyber Theft Campaign on Behalf of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

#Trump #Azerbaijan #Baku #MoneyLaundering #IranianRevolutionaryGuard…
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Canada launches audits based on the #ParadisePapers a sequel to the #PanamaPapers So far no prosecutions but a lot cases pending, though they are catching flak for the pace of audits & indictments. #ButNothingsHappening…
50 cases have progressed to criminal tax evasion investigations at this point. They hired over 1,300 auditors to go after the off-shore shell companies.
But Justin from Canada's government is taking heat for slow playing the cases to avoid prosecutions. But supposedly on 25 auditors are working on the Paradise Papers specifically. Which may be fine if the other 1000+ are auditing the 3200 people identified.
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People really need to focus because there is a scheme underway in #Malta to bury two crimes. These crimes go all the way to Castille. Ignore the noise that @MaltaGov & @PL_Malta have become so adept at creating & focus.

Naturally these relate to @keithaschembri 1/
Besides the high profile #17Black & #Egrant, there are 2 magisterial inquiries meant to be underway. They have been underway now for just under 2 years & there is no reason why they should be taking so long other than due to interference & behind the scenes efforts @ burying 2/
Which inquiries & crimes are these?

- Kickbacks in relation to the sale of #GoldenPassports from Brian Tonna to Keith Schembri via Pilatus Bank
- Kickbacks & laundering of proceeds paid to Adrian Hillman by Schembri the disgraced & planted ex-head of Times of Malta 3/
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The #PanamaPapers mention Trump & Trump properties 3,540 times.

“Panama Papers Motherload of Ties Between Trump and Russian Mobsters & Oligarchs”

“Trump’s 1st appearance in the Panama papers”
What are the #PanamaPapers?

April 2016, @ICIJorg released 11.5M leaked documents from Panama law firm, Mossack Fonseca.

The rich & powerful—incl world leaders, were hiding their wealth.

Cost: One journalist was murdered—most received death threats.…

Many Russians & those closest to Putin were implicated. Putin claimed the leak was a US plot.

The #PanamaPapers also show financial connections between wealthy Russians and:
🔹Wilbur Ross, Sec of Commerce
🔹Jared Kushner, Trump’s SIL & Sr WH advisor…
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A good read. Yet there’s more & this explains @MaltaGov’s hold on the judiciary.

Over the past 5 years the bench has been stuffed with @PL_Malta cronies including ex-electoral candidates.

Yet there’s more. 1/…
We also discover that the Commission for the Administration of Justice, the body that can discipline judges, magistrates & lawyers, is effectively captured. Worse the lawyer who often handles these types of cases defending @MaltaGov members, actually sits on that Commission. 2/
A judge or magistrate hearing a case against @MaltaGov members or those protected by same including those revolving around #PanamaPapers, will have this person appearing in front of him or her. The same person who along with his motley crew can discipline him or her. 3/
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Perfectly normal reaction by senior officials within @MaltaGov (particularly OPM) to a minor court decision shuttering a further avenue for investigation into #PanamaPapers on technical grounds.

The #ruleoflaw in #Malta is fine and there is no #disinformation or spin whatsoever.
Case in point: @anticorruption’s plummeting ranking is also blamed:
Case in point: @VeniceComm's concerns over rule of law are evidently based on one person (previously Daphne, now someone else who dares call them a crook).

Also interesting how impossible threshold for courts is implicitly being dictated:…
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What are shell companies? These shells are in groups each of which has common owners, common addresses, common email IDs and common directors
The 45 shell companies that received Rs 14,000 crore. In 2015-16, Modi govt cracked down on shell companies following a recommendation by Indian SIT on black money
Shell cos have nominal capital of 1 lakh, but inter-company loans of thousands of crore of rupees. The loans are advanced in single-tranche while most loans are disbursed in multiple tranches based on project progress.
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Nike facing billions in back taxes in the EU accused of gaming Netherlands tax rulings to hide revenue in offshore subsidiaries & accounts. #ButNothingsHappening…
Looks like many of the usual suspects were playing the same games including Amazon & Apple. Nike is accused of playing shell games with $12.2 billion in earnings.
The Swamp creatures in several European countries were arranging secret tax rulings that allowed companies to hide earnings from taxation. Used as a way to convince businesses to locate to those nations.
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یہ قصّہ 2014 سے شروع ہوا جب کراچی کے کور کمانڈر اور ڈی جی رینجر کراچی کے حالات کو قریب سے دیکھ رہے تھے اور تشویش کا اظہار کرتے رہے مگر بند کمروں میں
اس وقت نواز شریف نے راحیل شریف کو آرمی چیف منتخب کیا روزانہ کی بنیاد پر کراچی میں 20 کے قریب لوگ اپنی جان سے جاتے تھے
پورے شہر میں بم دھماکے اور لوٹ مار معمول کی بات تھی , دوسری طرف عمران خان نے دھاندلی کے خلاف دھرنا دینے کا اعلان کر رکھا تھا ساتھ ساتھ طاہر القادری نے بھی انقلاب کا نعرہ لگا دیا تھا البتہ سندھ کی حکومت کا صرف ایک مسئلہ تھا کہ رحمٰن ملک کب لندن جائیں اور الطاف حسین کو منائے
وفاق میں مک مکا کی حکومت تھی خورشید شاہ اور اسحاق ڈار دو لخت ایک جان تھے چودھری نثار کھٹکتا تھا
نواز شریف حسب روایت اپنی دھاندھلی زدہ عوامی طاقت کی زور آزمائی کا شوق پورا کرنے کے لئے پہلے حامد میر سے ملنے آغا خان ہسپتال پہنچے عیادت کی مگر ایک لفظ اپنی فوج کے دفاع میں نہ کہا
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1.#YuriMilner funneled millions of Kremlin dollars into #Facebook and #Twitter, he is also a business partner of #Cadre partly owned by Jared #Kushner

#YuriMilner #Facebook #Twitter #Russia #Kushner #Cadre…
2.#YuriMilner´s tech company Digital Sky Technologies acquired a $200 million stake in #Facebook in 2009 and in #Twitter in 2011

#YuriMilner #Facebook #Twitter #Russia #Kushner #Cadre…
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Wikipedia edit histories sometimes throw up some interesting information. For the uninitiated, anyone can edit a Wikipedia page but it will get vetted & corrected at times even by bots. PR gurus or even interested parties themselves often curate pages to avoid negative entries 1/
Let’s take @Keithaschembri’s Wikipedia page as an example.… 2/
The information on the page looks a little curious and perhaps overly positive (seriously who cares about the Kasco group?). In fact the page is tagged as having “issues”. 3/
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@TheJusticeDept revealed the first criminal charges in their #PanamaPapers investigation. But they didn't name 4 of the 5 American clients they allege played crucial roles in offshore schemes.

We revisited the documents and identified them:
“Client 1”: Marianna Olszewski.

The DOJ describes them as a U.S. citizen who resides in Manhattan and lived in London around 2001, matching our records of interactions with Olszewski. #PanamaPapers
“Client 1” falsely sent $3 million to the U.S. by claiming “the money was the result of the sale of a company, even though, in truth, it was not,” the DOJ stated. #PanamaPapers
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1) All roads to #RussiaRussiaRussia lead to Democrats & China @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @almostjingo

12/04/18 Chaos at conservative think tank [Hudson] after donor revealed as Russian oligarch [#Blavatnik] #RussiaRussiaRussia…
2) #Blavatnik is now a "Russian Oligarch"....also described as British-American born in Soviet Union...also Ukrainian

Does this mean Oxford is infiltrated by #RussiaRussiaRussia? GTFO…
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Charges in #panamapapers got overshadowed by Flynn doc last night. But international criminal syndicates of the kind described in Mueller’s 2011 speech are being dismantled, brick by brick.…
Even in 2011, the FBI knew a debacle like Trump/Russia could be in the making, by a malevolent state actor like Putin: “[T]he playing field has changed. We have seen a shift from regional families with a clear structure, to flat, fluid networks with global reach.”
”These international enterprises are more anonymous and more sophisticated. Rather than running discrete operations, on their own turf, they are running multi-national, multi-billion dollar schemes from start to finish.”
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Indictments at the root of the #PanamaPapers money laundering scandal. ##ButNothingsHappening…
Scheme started around 2000 & provided shell foundations & corporations to launder money through to evade US & other taxes. This is just the opening of this, this is 3 employees & 1 client. There are thousands of clients & 200K entities listed in the papers.
A variety of heads of state, heads of government, & government officials around the world are identified in the #PanamaPapers…
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PANAMA PAPERS four Indictments
THANK YOU @PanamaPapers
👇🏻Indictment 👇🏻…
cc @LincolnsBible @ericgarland @TrueFactsStated @LouiseMensch @ninaandtito @xtrixcyclex @lauferlaw
🚨From 2000 through 2017, OWENS and BRAUER “conspired with others to help U.S. taxpayer clients of Mossack Fonseca conceal assets and investments, and the income generated by those assets and investments, from the IRS through fraudulent, deceitful, and dishonest mean”
“marketed, created, and serviced sham foundations and shell companies formed under the laws of countries such as Panama, Hong Kong, and the British Virgin Islands, to conceal from the IRS and others the ownership by U.S. taxpayers of accounts established at overseas banks”
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[1/10] Ieri mattina il quartier generale della #DeutscheBank a Francoforte è stato perquisito da 170 agenti nell'ambito di un'indagine, nata da una costola dei #PanamaPapers, su sospette operazioni di riciclaggio da parte della banca tedesca.
[2/10] Indagati in particolare due collaboratori, che avrebbero aiutato 900 clienti a creare conti offshore in paradisi fiscali in cambio di parcelle milionarie (solo per il 2016 ben 311 milioni).
[3/10] Ma gli scandali non sono una novità per #DeutscheBank: - già, nel dicembre del 2012, nella sede centrale di Francoforte, si era svolta una perquisizione in grande stile delle autorità tedesche, con impegnati 500 uomini tra poliziotti e ispettori delle tasse…
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1) When you know the #PanamaPapers are a big deal and when you look at them don't see the connection.

Here are some DEVASTATING BASICS @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport @wynterklaus @almostjingo @SpiceOfOurLife @CarrollQuigley1
2) The #PanamaPapers were buried in the news cycle at the beginning of APR 2016. I personally didn't understand what I was looking for or looking at.…
3) Skippy's brother Tony was one of the most powerful lobbyists in DC and a bundler for the Clinton Campaign.

2016 Bundler List Here:
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Deutsche Bank RAIDED by 170 police officers as past of a #MoneyLaundering probe involving >$350,000,000.😎

Two Deutsche employees suspected of helping to launder cash by arranging offshore shell companies that were exposed by the #PanamaPapers‼️…
*part of 🙄
Deutsche Bank was recently busted for laundering BILLIONS of dollars for #Russian🇷🇺oligarchs and mobsters. Deutsche is the ONLY Western bank that was willing to loan money to Trump after his multitude of bankruptcies.🧐
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1,400 Canadians have died and 14,000 have been injured by faulty and unproven medical devices since 2008, by @jesse_mclean @TheCribby… via @ICIJorg @torontostar #ImplantFiles
CBC takes you inside Health Canada's medical device records… via @cbchealth @MEDEC_Canada #ImplantFiles
'We're guinea pigs': Canada's oversight process for implanted medical devices stuns suffering patients, by @valerie_ouellet @VikCBC @mckiedavid… via @cbchealth #ImplantFiles
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Mesujambas aide claim #SarakiAudio was doctored. LAUGHABLE!

@bukolasaraki should have the option to sue me. Your loss today in Kwara is the beginning of liberation of Kwara

Listen to the audio again

@MBuhari - @bukolasaraki’ on #SoundCloud #np…
That @bukolasaraki is not denying that was him in #SarakiAudio is commendable.

That @bukolasaraki is claiming #SarakiAudio was doctored is applying the same method @GovUmarGanduje adopted that I roundly criticised please read here 👇
Isn't it an Irony that the @atiku @bukolasaraki and Obigotry gang who condemned @GovUmarGanduje for claiming video was doctored are now claiming #SarakiAudio was doctored by @ogundamisi

@bukolasaraki should be MAN enough to own up to his recklessness. Kwara is now Free from him
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As scientists. we are tasked with the advancement of humanity as a whole. If this task is in jeopardy, we cannot, should not, and may not stand idle by. No matter whether this is due to individuals, groups, governments, or even humanity as a whole in a suicidal fit.
This starts with things like #cumexfiles or #PanamaPapers - billions worth of the resources have been stolen from the public which means many millions worth of resources from science - science which, quite literally, saves lives and betters the live of everyone.
This goes on with excessive surveillance and restrictions on individual freedoms. Only if you are used to think and act freely, without fear of repercussions, in all things, you have the independence of thought and audacity to create truly new insights.
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