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1/15) El software espía Pegasus, de NSO Group, vuelve a ser noticia
Una investigación, #PegasusProject, impulsada por @FbdnStories y @amnistia, y desarrollada por 16 medios internacionales,encontró hechos relevantes (aunque... poco novedosos).…
2) #PegasusProject encontró, tras analizar 50.000 números telefónicos, que el 'spyware' de NSO logró espiar ilegalmente a 37 personas entre periodistas, activistas, políticos y funcionarios.

"La democracia global está bajo ciberataque",dice @FbdnStories.
3) De esos 50.000 números a los que tuvieron acceso los investigadores, se logró establecer que cerca de 200 son de periodistas, 85 de activistas y más de 600, de políticos y funcionarios de 11 países (México, único latinoamericano mencionado en el informe).
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El #MecanismoCorrupto desde los partidos políticos no es nada nuevo.

Pero en el caso de ARENA habría que revisar su historia en dos etapas, la primera desde su fundación hasta 1989 y la segunda de 1989 a la fecha.

En 1989 ganan su primera elección presidencial.

El día que ganaron, el cuñado del Ex Presidente Cristiani con una botella de cinta azul al centro dijo una frase que muy pocos la entendieron.

A la mierda d' Aubuisson y sus mariachis que ya llegamos los dueños de la fiesta.

y ahí comenzó el primer diseño del Mecanismo.

Alfredo Cristiani es para ARENA, lo que José M Aznar es para el Partido Popular español.

Siempre se consideraron dueños de la franquicia,

El PP es el partido más corrupto de la historia española.

El 90% del gabinete de Aznar o están presos o solo pasan en tribunales.

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NEW: Latin America is awash in illegal cigarettes, many of which were made by the world’s biggest tobacco company: #ChinaTobacco

How did they get there? Major suppliers, we reveal, are in Panama.

Our latest with @cuestion_p 🇨🇴 and @ConcolonPanama 🇵🇦 1/…
Reporters reveal that the China National Tobacco Corporation — a state enterprise known as “China Tobacco” — is connected to a network of Panama-based companies that have shipped huge amounts of its cigarettes to Latin American countries where there is no legal market. 2/
Why would a tobacco company want its cigarettes sold on the black market?

It’s a tactic straight from the Big Tobacco playbook: allow your brands to flood illicit markets, then lobby to legalize them. China Tobacco is just following suit, according to experts. 3/
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Some things are hard to understand because they're complicated, but when it comes to finance - and finance crimes - we enter the real of things that are complicated so they'll be hard to understand.

1/ A person's hand; their fingernails are painted with tiny tre
(If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:)…

The @Propublica #SecretIRSFiles leaks reveal the wealthy pay infinitesimal amounts of tax and the ultra-rich often pay no tax at all.

Propublica is careful to note that all of this is legal - that it's how the system is supposed to work.…

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“Continents are plundered, criminal money is laundered, brutal wars are financed. All with the help of opaque company structures and the governments that host these structures.” 🎙️ @f_obermaier at launch of @KleptoCaucus. #KleptoMonth
The #PanamaPapers showed how offshore secrecy 🏝️ enables crime and corruption, but “there are countless other Mossack Fonsecas out there: financial service providers, consultancy firms and law firms helping crooks and criminals, autocrats and dictators hide their money.” 💸
“ “Corruption eats away at the foundations of democratic societies” @POTUS recently stated. And he was right. But this is not news: it is a fact known for decades. And yet not much has changed. Until recently.” @f_obermaier
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Huh, so Steele & Simpson had a spy get them illicit access to @ICIJorg #PanamaPapers that they used against Trump during the 2016 campaign.

The rats are fleeing the ship & pointing fingers at each other.
Wonder if anyone is facing charges for committing fraud to get access. This article identifies an April 2016 request for Panama Papers docs related to one of Paul Manafort’s shell companies...
Seems Mark Hollingsworth is a magnet for trouble...

So he appears to use journalism as a cover for doing oppo research against targets has a bunch of investigations of Trump on his website, mostly pointing to the same FBI stings we already know about.
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@HuuhtanenPanu @SuomenEduskunta 'Vappupäivänä ja aiemmin keväällä nähty ja koettu poliisivoiman käyttö kansallismielisiä vastaan kyettiin lopettamaan yhteistyössä poliin kanssa ja rauhanomaisten mielenosoittajien annettiin lähettää vahva viestinsä eduskunnalle, ettei EU-liittovaltiota hyväksytä,..'
@HuuhtanenPanu @SuomenEduskunta Lessons from a nation that people power helped to emerge from its 2008 crisis all the stronger | Monday 29 June 2015
- What can our friends in the north teach us about freedom?…
@HuuhtanenPanu @SuomenEduskunta The “Icelandic revolution” through the eyes of a REconomist | Jan 13, 2014
- What is really going on #Iceland? Have they been jailing bankers, creating unprecedented press freedoms and crowd sourcing their new constitution?…
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ICIJ is deeply concerned by reports from Moscow that investigative reporter Roman Anin has been taken in for questioning following a raid on his apartment by Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB).
Roman Anin, the editor in chief of @istories_media, has worked with ICIJ on several major investigations that have exposed global crime and corruption, including #PanamaPapers and #FinCENFiles.
ICIJ Director @RyleGerard says, “We are closely monitoring the arrest and treatment of our cherished member, and partner in investigative reporting, Roman Anin."
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Five years ago today, ICIJ and more than 100 media partners around the globe published the #PanamaPapers — a massive investigation on the rogue offshore finance industry that continues to change the world.
Hundreds of tax probes and investigations were launched.

"I started working on the case basically from the minute you all broke the story," a former U.S. prosecutor who was part of the team that led America's legal response to the #PanamaPapers says.
But after governments fell, new laws were written, criminals were prosecuted, and more than $1.36 billion in unpaid taxes, fines and penalties were recouped, the fight against offshore financial secrecy and chicanery emboldened by #PanamaPapers goes on.
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Very interesting, the corruption that #DaphneCaruanaGalizia was covering before her murder lead to China & included Chinese oligarchs buying Maltese citizenship to become EU citizens through bribery.
The shell company used for the kickbacks, Macbridge, was set up by the mother-in-law of a Chinese executive with Accenture one of the largest & allegedly Swampy global consulting firms. It was a spin off from accounting firm Arthur Anderson implicated in the Enron case. Image
Accenture (formerly Anderson Consulting) has a long history & been in a variety of questionable issues. Facing pressure in the early 2000s for being a US federal contractor incorporated in Bermuda, a well known tax haven.
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I missed this one!

Zurich's oldest private bank flips on it's customers, pay a $22M fine & confess to helping them evade $16M in US taxes. Agrees to hand over the #receipts & help the US prosecute these American oligarchs.

Rahn & Bodmer admitted to helping 340 US taxpayers evade taxes from 2004-2012 by concealing their identities from US authorities. They had a peak of $391M stashed in the bank to hide it from the IRS. Image
Looks like they got caught moving assets to shell companies in Panama after assets in Liechtenstein shell companies became exposed to US authority in 2008.

I bet the #PanamaPapers gave them the keys to understanding these shell companies & enabled authorities to track it. Image
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Nimmt man an, dass es sich bei der #AserbaidschanConnection tatsächlich um handfeste #CDUKorruption handelt, so stellt sich natürlich auch die Frage, wie eigentlich Geld eines kaukasischen Diktators zu deutschen Parlamentariern fließen soll.

Einiges weiß man dazu seit Jahren:
Man weiß zum Beispiel, dass #Aliyev insgesamt etwa 2,9 Milliarden US-Dollar über vier britische Briefkastenfirmen und deren Bankkonten bei der #DanskeBank in Estland in Europa verteilt hat. Damit wurden zahlreiche #Porsche gekauft - und Politiker wie #Strenz geschmiert.
Dieser "Aserbaidschanische Waschsalon" war zwischen 2010 und 2015 aktiv. Seit 2013 hatten jedoch alle großen internationalen Banken ihre Beziehungen zur #DanskeBank beendet, wegen Geldwäscheverdacht.

Alle, außer einer - die #DeutscheBank:…
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Aktuell sind scheinbar alle ein wenig überrascht über die #CDUKorruption und die Verbindungen nach #Aserbaidschan.
Ich bin es nicht. All das ist seit Jahren bekannt und wurde nie aufgeklärt, auch dank Blockaden durch die #CDU.

Hier ein paar Quellen für Interessierte:
Im März 2017 veröffentlichte die polnische NGO "Freedom Files Analytical Center" den über 100-Seiten langen Bericht "European Values bought and sold" über die Korruption europäischer Politiker durch #Aserbaidschan. Mit dabei - zahlreiche #CDU-Abgeordnete:…
Im September 2017 gab es die Enthüllung "Azerbaijan Laundromat", die auf den #PanamaPapers aufbauen. Die NGO gegen Korruption und organisierte Kriminalität @OCCRP veröffentlichte mehrfach. Ein Überblick hier:…
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Vocês viram quem é o interlocutor do Luciano Huck na Argentina?

Maurício Macri, o presidente mais corrupto e autoritário do país desde a redemocratização em 1983.

Vou mostrar aqui apenas uma pequena parte da infindável lista de escândalos de corrupção do Macri. Segue o 🧶
1. Em 2017, Macri simplesmente autorizou a redução de 98% da dívida de 70 BILHÕES de pesos (US$ 4,5 BILHÕES à época) da empresa do PRÓPRIO PAI com o Estado argentino (isto é, com a sociedade argentina).

Ele só voltou atrás porque a reação foi muito dura.…
2. O escândalo dos #PanamaPapers revelou que a família Macri, tão moralista no discurso de combate às corrupção, tinha milhões de dólares em paraísos fiscais e não declarados na Argentina.

Óbvio que deram um jeito de livrar o presidente do escândalo...…
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No-one has been "banned", & it's nothing to do with our "education system".

The irony of dangerous extremist Nigel Farage - our very own shit-stirring 21st century Oswald Mosely - describing a decision taken BY STUDENTS to drop Winston Churchill as a house name as "dangerous". Image
LIAR Nigel Farage has used racism, xenophobia, sexism & Islamophobia to stir up division, has toxic connections to extreme & far-right figures across the world, & Thatcherite beliefs that he has tried to hide from communities in former industrial towns.…
Farage on LBC Radio, 2014: “I was asked if a group of Romanian men moved in next to you, would you be concerned? And if you lived in London, I think you would be”. Asked whether he would object to living next door to German children, he replied “You know what the difference is”.
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So, one of the trading apps that people flocked to after Robinhood shut down trading of Gamestop was WeBull, which is a Chinese company founded by former Xiaomi & AliBaba Executive Wang Anquan......🤔
I'm not sure if this happened yet, but WeBull was expecting to raise over $100 Million in financing from "very big, well-known US investors, one of which would get a board set.

So, who was promised this board seat?
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Bigger than #ElChapo bigger than #PabloEscobar 💉💊☠️💰

Big news then, I guess 👀


Huge numbers! $400 billion+ pa 🌎🌍🌏
National security type influence.

Social - Political - Economic

Where does all that money go? 🤔🔁💸
When illegal drug operations get this big, they cross borders, networks become huge & they need protection/assistance

According to well documented incidents, intelligence agencies sometimes oversee 👀

Political expedience
#VangPao #Laos #KhunSa #Golden🔺
There are loads of other well-documented episodes

The untraceable huge sums of 💰 from drugs come in very handy for clandestine funding of "off the books" type operations


When you're fighting for national interests, can it be justified? #ColdWar ImageImageImageImage
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The world's richest man, Bezos currently has a net worth of $187.5B — more than a third of which was earned between April and September of 2020.…
Canada's covid wage subsidiary released in April 2020 worth 71 billion.…
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1/ On January 1st, the US finally outlawed #AnonymousCompanies—following a more than decade-long campaign by the @FACTCoalition and our members. I personally devoted 12 years to this effort, but there are so many people to thank for advancing this landmark #anticorruption reform.
2/ It'll be hard to name everyone, and I'm sure I'll forget folks (so forgive me). That said, it's not hard to know where to begin...
3/ My mentor, Gary Kalman, who served as the head of @FACTCoalition from 2016-2019 and now leads @transparencyUSA, had the vision and initiative to recruit @bankpolicy to support reform in 2016. That upended the political dynamics on this issue which eventually led to enactment.
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Me lo recomendaron muchas veces y desde hace años. Tal vez si no me hubieran forzado a guardar cuarentena rígida durante meses sin visitar a mis clientes, no me hubiera lanzado al YouTube, mucho menos con un programa de podcast también en Spotify y Apple Podcasts. [Hilo].
Empecé así, con uno de los temas que más apasionan vinculando la coyuntura económica internacional y el mundo de la inversión:

#1 La economía global y Warren Buffett.
Luego bordé la manera en que la política económica encaró las consecuencias de las cuarentenas masivas y forzosas, sobre todo de EEUU que copió todo el mundo, como el WTI a $-40 por primera vez en la historia.

#2 El futuro del dólar y el petróleo.
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This headline never ages. Joseph Muscat’s pet rat Keith Schembri is at it again, this time in the public inquiry into Daphne’s assassination.

>> That crook Schembri was in court today, pleading that he is not a crook<<

"Your problem is that the funds which you had to receive had to come from a shady source."
- inquiry board to Keith Schembri.

#DaphneCaruanaGalizia #PanamaPapers #Electrogas #17Black #Macbridge #Azerbaijan #Bangladesh…
Following his propaganda script, Keith Schembri’s trying to dictate to the board how they should run the public inquiry. He’s quoting Daphne now, after years of discrediting her.
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Looks like newpapers got the #receipts leaked from the Italian cops. Billions in money laundering through major banks for the ‘Ndrangheta organized crime syndicate!
Claimed to be managing $500B in accounts! #ButNothingsHappening
HT @gm2dm
Suspect denies the charges but the investigation continues.
The 'entrepreneur' had to companies in Malta identified in the #PanamaPapers & the records show laundering through some of the usual suspect countries...
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BREAKING: Editor in Chief of major Mexican magazine @proceso targeted with NSO's Pegasus spyware while working on the #PanamaPapers. via @FbdnStories 1/…
2. The malicious text analyzed by @amnesty pointed to smsmensaje[.]mx, part of the Pegasus infection infrastructure that domain we @citizenlab identify as being used by Mexico.…
3. So many journalists targeted w/ Pegasus in Mexico, including @AristeguiOnline @CarlosLoret @raflescabrera @danliza @BarraganHidalgo ... Some family members too. Like Carmen's teenage son. Griselda was targeted after her partner, journalist Javier Valdez was murdered...
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Former PM Joseph Muscat is testifying in the public inquiry into Daphne's murder.

#JusticeforDaphne #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
2. Joseph Muscat has accused the public inquiry board of failing in its mission and of violating its terms of reference.

#JusticeforDaphne #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
3. Joseph Muscat's said of his reaction to Daphne's murder: "I knew immediately that it would mark my political legacy."

#JusticeforDaphne #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
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