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Naval dude stuck in-land; hopefully not for much longer 🤞 🍁⚓ No one who uses the term "woke" as a pejorative is a decent human being
Jul 10, 2023 10 tweets 4 min read
Well this is disconcerting, but not surprising. A #CanMilTwitter🧵

The #CAF / Government of Canada keeps on trying to do quick fixes for both recruitment and retention. But quick fixes that ignore fundamental structural problems don't work at all.
1/10… Is it a good thing that we can hire permanent residents now? Sure thing! Is it going to make up for the fact that almost no one can afford to wait a year+ for the CAF to get back to them, and most applicants will have found other better jobs in the meantime? Hell no.
Jan 1, 2023 17 tweets 7 min read
Happy new year #CanMilTwitter ! And it's bound to be a very important year for the CAF (this is a warning). Here's my hot take for the day / year (a 🧵). Everyone knows that we're in the midst of a retention and recruitment crisis. We're hemorrhaging personnel. (1/17) This is due to an ongoing inability to change the org into an actual employer of choice. Right now, we absolutely aren't. The numbers don't lie.

Retention is the key, we need to be far better at keeping our folks. (2/17)