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1/ I've been a student of #airassault in the #canadianarmy for some time, and thanks to great sources such as this one, have done some thinking on the VDV assault on #Hostomel. TLDR: AAslt remains relevant. The attack failed because of Russian errors.
2/ What follows is a thread on some of the planning and execution errors in the #RFAF AAslt on Hostomel on 24 Feb 22. My intent is to make sure we don't take the wrong lessons from this battle, and ID some good ones. @RCAFOperations @101stAASLTDIV @16AirAssltBCT #canmiltwitter
3/ First, the successes. The RFAF successfully surged a VDV battalion with aviation fires in support 100km beyond the FLOT, achieving operational surprise. They also destroyed at least two AD sites on the Dniper River with joint fires, according to #RUSI…
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It turns out @MriyaAid and @MriyaReport can get even sketchier. There is no bottom.

Lt. Col. @MelanieLake knew she had a duty to act and report @YAmzallagh to CAF due to his unethical behavior. Instead, she continued to work with him, because he was fundraising for @MriyaAid. Lake, in a July 21, 2022 message to a Mriya Aid official, ac
"No Canadian Forces personnel have ever been authorized to be involved in the Mriya Report." Department of National Defence spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier
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Happy new year #CanMilTwitter ! And it's bound to be a very important year for the CAF (this is a warning). Here's my hot take for the day / year (a 🧡). Everyone knows that we're in the midst of a retention and recruitment crisis. We're hemorrhaging personnel. (1/17)
This is due to an ongoing inability to change the org into an actual employer of choice. Right now, we absolutely aren't. The numbers don't lie.

Retention is the key, we need to be far better at keeping our folks. (2/17)
Unlike all the other employers we're competing against for people, we only hire entry level positions. If we want a senior technician, we need to hire a few dozen a decade and a half ago and hope some of them stick around long enough to promote into that role.Β (3/17)
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A big ol' whopping $2.7 million for ISS end-user devices for the integrated soldier system.

Coincidentally, I am writing a paper about the integrated soldier system and cyber. So let's take a look together!

#cdnnatsec #canmiltwitter #cdnpoli
So what is the Integrated Soldier System (ISS)?

In modern warfare, when the military tries to connect everything to everything, the ISS is the military's (notably the Canadian Army) to turn soldiers into walking sensors.

But what does this mean?…
Remember the game of telephone? Where a message moves along and changes little by little until, at the very end, the message is completely different.

Now imagine a similar game of telephone when soldiers attempt to communicate intelligence to an aircraft or artillery.
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Time for some niche #canmiltwitter content, and because @TimDotChoi asked:

Why the TAPV is not the M117, why we ended up with the TAPV, a bit of what goes into thinking about donating defence materials, and some armoured vehicle sustainment.

A meandering Saturday night 🧡...
First off - what's up with the M117 Commando? Unlike in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦, US Military Police perform significant security tasks like convoy protection, which demanded a niche vehicle - something to fill the gap between unarmored HMMWVs and front line APCs/IFCs like the M113 or Bradley.
The goal was to provide enough armour and firepower for rear area threats, while still remaining relatively affordable and simple to maintain & operate. Because they were still a lot more $$$ than up-armoured Humvees, the fleet remained extremely niche until the 2003 Iraq War.
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Inspired by @RCRBuck and my recent discussion with @DavePerryCGAI and @CAGlobalAffairs, I want to take a moment to talk about:

Burden sharing and the cyber components to NORAD modernization (re: Joint All Domain Command and Control [JADC2]) #canmiltwitter
So what is JADC2? You'll often hear it described like it is a single capability or strategy, but in reality, even the United States is trying to figure out the specifics of it.

The best way of understanding JADC2 is that it is about connecting everyone and everything.
Connecting all sensors is A LOT of data. Not only do you need to bring all that data together, you need a way to process all of it and get information to commanders in a timely fashion.

Easier said than done when you have a massive mix of tech that was made to not work together.
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