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Director of International Affairs Research at @ADL. Former Turkish lawmaker. @IPP_FoRB Steering Group. @HarvardCMES PhD. #StefanusPrize laureate.
Mar 31, 2019 18 tweets 25 min read
Preliminary observations on #TurkeyElections:
1) The opposition (#Nation bloc) making major gains, including the capital Ankara & Antalya.
2) HDP proved to be kingmakers - swayed votes to the #Nation bloc.
3) AKP losing significant votes & mayors to its #Peoples bloc partner MHP. Preliminary prediction on #TurkeyElections: AKP cadres have seen that #Erdoğan's strategy of framing the elections around the theme "existential threat" has backfired, and will start complaining of losing votes, municipalities, & spoils to their ultranationalist partner #MHP.