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#Trump #EU #Türkei #Kurden #Syria #NATO

Hatte eben ein sehr interessantes Gespräch, was ich hier so auf #Twitter noch nicht gefunden habe, nämlich den überaus finsteren #Schachzug, den Trump mit der Aktion vollzogen hat!

Der Gedankengang wird etwas länger. 🤔 (1/20)
(Meine) Behauptung:

"#Trump hat die #EU in eine #Patt-Situation gebracht & verfolgt im Endeffekt einen geplanten #Verteidigungskrieg gegen #Russland" (2/20)
Der Rückzug der #US-Streitkräfte mit dem "Blahblah" ggü #Erdogan war strategisch genauso geplant.

#Erdogan ist charakterlich schwach genug, in diese #Honigfalle zu latschen. Außerdem muss er sich wegen seiner Wiederwahl in seinem Land als der großer Macker behaupten. (3/20)
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[1] That is what the Leader of the Free World has done with his ill-considered decision: hospital bombing #Assad & hospital bombing #Putin are supposed to protect #Kurdish hospitals in #Syria from hospital bombing #Erdogan.
[2] Minorities have been suffering under the Assad regime for decades. The US President has now driven them into the arms of their executioners to escape ethnic cleansing. The #Ezidis should therefore consider giving up their homeland in #Syria altogether, as they did in #Turkey
[3] With only some 800,000 members worldwide, the #Ezidis have no choice but to leave their homeland in order to survive and escape the endless wars, in which they have no chance of survival.
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My two cents on #Kurds-Assad deal:
1) on paper, it aims to push #Turkey back from #Syria border but in reality #Russia is signalling to TR that t/ road to neutralizing YPG/PKK passes thru Damascus &thru talks w/ Kurds. So, Russians are providing TR w/ a taste of 1998 Adana pact?!
2) Russia is seeking to convince #Turkey that Moscow can fruitfully mediate btw Ankara & YPG/PKK to a) prevent war in N Syria by creating TR's buffer zones & b) help dampen TR's security concerns by deploying Syrian army in #Manbij, #Kobani & possibly elsewhere. TR's reaction..👇
3) Unless there is a bigger deal btw US-#Turkey, Ankara would prefer to have Syrian troops in the border than YPG/PKK. This depends on effectively reviving/modifying the Adana pact. If implemented swiftly & safely,the deal might (long-term) drag TR into rapprochement w/ Damascus.
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#BREAKING: I just received confirmation that #US Army Special Forces are forced by #US Government to block the roads to #Manbij on #Syria Arab Army. Possibly that #Trump has already made a deal with #Erdogan! But things might change tonight!
It is also possible that #USArmy SOF has temporarily blocked the roads in-order to evacuate heavy equipment it had in its observation posts around #Manbij. Or perhaps they still try to convince #SDF to take-over remaining important #ISIL commanders imprisoned in #Manbij prison?!
#BREAKING: #VOA's journalist who is on the ground in NE #Syria is now witnessing that how #US has stopped #Syria Arab Army from preventing massacre of the Kurds in #Manbij by #Turkish Army & its terrorists. #US Special Forces have stopped #Syrian Army!
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Syria Options
@realDonaldTrump please consider

#Erdogan is conducting an ethnic cleansing
Turkey is committing numerous war crimes
#ISIS prisoners are escaping
We are complicit now
Even if only by inaction…
#Turkey has been threatening this for 2 years
We've negotiated to stop or contain it

The Kurds are an ally against ISIS
But Turkey is a NATO ally by treaty
Though they haven't acted like one for a long time
We have no mechanism to remove them fm NATO…
The PKK has been conducting attacks in Turkey for a long time

Turkey could have invoked Art. 5 of the NATO Treaty saying all members must respond to an attack on one…

They have gotten NATO collective defense help previously
due to problems w/ Syria
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46. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
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1. Why Trump can't stop the #Turkish attack on #Christians and #Kurds in Syria:

#Putin and #Erdogan own him and his family. @FBIWFO @DefenseIntel @CIA @ODNIgov @RepAdamSchiff @MarkWarner @DefenseIntel @EsperDoD
2. Here is the Trump Giuliani link the heart of the NYC Putin Trump criminal enterprise I p.
3. But it's not just @Trumphotels: It's about all of Trump's money from the Russians beyond the Hotels.

Erdogan is helping Putin run Trump as Kremlin intel asset. The damage is now done and likely too late to reverse course for Trump. Here is how they did it.
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1. @TheDemocrats are blowing the opportunity to remove Trump. We all ready have what we need to #impeach. At trial when a defendant admits it, you shut up and sit down. The thing that will REMOVE @POTUS is Syrian Christian Kurdish Genocide for the Jihadist @trpresidency #Erdogan.
2. Every one of the @HouseDemocrats & @SenateDems must say address this: "Trump must stop genocide of #Christians and #Kurds and not exchange their lives for money from his Istanbul property." Do that every time they get a microphone.
3. Force the @SenateGOP @HouseGOP to deal with it. They are already doing it and credit to them. Trump has lost @FoxandFriends on this issue. @SpeakerPelosi we can have 70% demanding his removal in 1 week. You know how fast people turned on Nixon. The #Evangelicals are against
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1- Llegué a Rojava el 09-10. Hace un mes y medio que tengo el billete. A las 17 llegué a casa de mi hermana en #Tirbespiye, 30km de mi ciudad #Qamishlo. La operación turca contra mi gente y tierra había empezado a las 16h.
2- Pensaba que sería como siempre: unos ataques concretos y palabras vacías de #Erdogan. Pero, desgraciadamente, estaba equivocada. Esto no es guerra, es un genocidio.
3- la aviación bombardea diferentes ciudades y pueblos de la frontera de unos 600km. Las Fuerzas kurdas responden a ataques, pero nuestras fuerzas no son el segundo ejército de la #OTAN.
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in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, Russia and G-Britain were competing for influence over the Ottoman Empire.After the latter's defeat in1918, the best solution was to allow the establishment of the Turkish Republic and not to be subordinated to either Russia or Britain.
The two countries simply and brutally resolved this problem, and the cost was a complete abandonment of minorities. What is happening these days between #Russia and #NATO regarding the "backward" rivalry to win Turkey threatens the rest of the peoples of the historic Mesopotamia.
The world is watching what is going on in NE Syria. Turkey invades not to achieve political goals, but to complete the destruction of the culture of Mesopotamia. This is not a lecture in history, but since 1923, this country had been founded on panic from two things:
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#USA #Pompeo s'est entretenu avec #LeDrian au sujet de l'incursion de la #Turquie en Syrie. "La France est notre partenaire fort en matière de sécurité internationale et nous continuerons à travailler ensemble pour nous opposer aux menaces mondiales"
#Turkey #Syria #Kurds #SDF
J'ai supprimé un tweet qui présentait des images qui ne correspondaient pas au contexte.
merci à @Azadnebi de la rectification 👍
#USA Faisant face à 1 réaction violente après avoir semblé donner son feu vert à l'attaque de la #Turquie contre les #Kurdes en #Syrie, le président #DonaldTrump a appelé la pression sur l'allié des #EtatsUnis de l'#OTAN en menaçant de sanctions sévères…
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Turchia (1923-1960)

Arduo sintetizzare ma ci provo

Sembrano esserci alcuni elementi che entrano ed escono pedissequamente nella storia di questo paese.

L'anelito di un Leader autoritario
Il forte nazionalismo
La tensione dialettica tra Islam e Stato Laico
Il Golpe Militare
Per capire come siamo arrivati ad #Erdogan bisogna partire dall'inizio, da Ataturk.
Mustafa Kemal, il "Padre dei Turchi".
Una figura carismatica che arriverà a vette che sfiorano il mito.
Il 29 Ottobre 1923 nasce la Repubblica..
La fonda lui, dalle ceneri dell'Impero Ottomano
Kemal è un generale dell'esercito. Viene dal movimento dei Giovani Turchi ed è imbevuto di illuminismo. Anticlericale e propugnatore di un forte nazionalismo.
Il motto "con il Popolo, per il Popolo" voleva una società unita, senza lotte di classe, e soprattutto turca.
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#BREAKING: Trump signs executive order to sanction #Turkey over #Syria - The sanctions may include #Turkish gov officials (Possibly #Turkey President #Erdogan. #TurkeySanctions See Document Below!!!
Please Share!
#Breaking Update: There is also a “Caveat” within this #Trump ExecutiveOrder for #TurkeySanction: It will NOT be implemented right away. It will be effective when #Trump gives the “Go”.
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#Qatar fully support the #Erdogan Gov attack on northern #Syria. Signaling an all out #MuslimBrotherhood war on the minorities in the Middle East. Now it is official.
Washington cannot but stand with the beleaguered minority communities in Syria and the #Levant, because the American people support them, and it is an official policy of the #Trump Administration and the US Congress.
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @VP @SecPompeo
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @VP @SecPompeo For couple years from Washington to Warsaw, from Paris to Budapest, conferences, dinners and speeches were delivered with passion, "in defense of minorities in the Middle East." Now these communities are being attacked & their villages destroyed in Syria. Now is time for action.
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Das hat ja nicht lange gedauert: #Erdolf ähhh #Erdogan, Möchtegern-Sultan der #Türkei, nimmt sich ein Beispiel an #China: Entweder die #EU schweigt zum geplanten Genozid in #Kurdistan/#Syrien oder er schickt die Geflüchteten los in Richtung Europa. /MS…
Einmal mehr zeigt sich: Appeasement gegenüber rechtsradikalen Kräften (nichts anderes war der "Flüchtlingsdeal" mit der Türkei) hat immer langfristig katastrophale Auswirkungen. Um #Pegida & die #AfD ruhigzustellen, hat Kanzlerin #Merkel einen Pakt mit dem Teufel geschlossen. /MS
Ebenso ist die gesamte #EU gescheitert. Gescheitert daran, ihre eigenen Werte der Mitmenschlichkeit und der Hilfe in der Not zu verteidigen - sowohl im eigenen Gebiet als auch weltweit - , und gescheitert daran, mit den Autokraten der Welt fertig zu werden. /MS
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The president's decision on #Syria based on the empty #EndlessWar rhetoric paved the way for #Erdogan & #Turkey's invasion and will be strategically disastrous for American interests for years to come as I explain👇
We chose the #Kurds as our proxy precisely because we didn't want to fight #EndlessWars - they did the heavy lifting for us. The president could have explained how he accomplished all this with his "infinite wisdom" while other presidents did not, as I explain here 👇
One outcome, among the many bad outcomes in #Syria will likely be the resurgence of #ISIS, which makes this an even worse decision than the premature withdrawal from #Iraq by Obama and #Biden. There's no excuse here. We've seen this happen before, as I explain 👇
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La Turchia, nostro alleato (!) NATO nel silenzio complice dell'Europa e del mondo inizia un tentativo di genocidio e pulizia etnica contro i il Popolo Curdo
Per favore, smettetela di dire "mai più" quando si parla di Olocausto… via @repubblica
@repubblica Ovviamente, tutto è iniziato con un bombardamento alla cieca contro regioni abitate d amigliaia di civili
L'Europa e le cancellerie dei Paesi "democratici" si mobilitino al più presto.
@repubblica “Resistere è vivere” è la parola d’ordine dei Curdi.
Così scrivevo nella prefazione del libro "Kobane dentro".
Oggi non sono i tagliagole dell'ISIS, ma la dittaura nazi-islamica turca
Vi ripropongo il testo (penso valga la pena leggerlo):…
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#Breaking Turkey announces the start of its operation in the territory currently currently by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces

In a phone call, Russian president Putin urges Turkish president Erdogan to “assess the situation carefully” so that the Turkish operation does not hurt “peace efforts” in Syria (the Astana process).
The Turkish invasion, dubbed “Spring of Peace”, will likely be in stages over several months.

Probably a play on the word for one of the two towns, with large Arab population, that the operation might start with — Ras al-Ayn (Serê Kaniyê).
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Trump's proposed concessions to Turkey:
–$100 billion trade deal
–a solution to a ban on Turkey’s contributions to & purchases of the F-35
–a White House visit

In return, US asked for a safe zone in NE Syria.

Erdoğan refused, and Trump capitulated.…
#pt This is what the National Security Council official who heard the call meant when he said “Trump was rolled … he was definitely out-negotiated" by Erdoğan ... The president has no spine."…
French President @EmmanuelMacron met on Tuesday with the spokeswoman for the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (#SDF), to express #France's solidarity with them in their fight against ISIS #twitterkurds…
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The #Ukraine call is enough to impeach Trump. His refusal to respond to House subpoenas makes #impeachment even more likely. Despite Democrats’ strategy to keep the impeachment inquiry simple, the House should subpoena the transcript of Trump’s call w/ #Erdogan.
2/ Trump will no doubt refuse to comply. But an #HJC investigation of the #Erdogan call will winnow fact from fiction & eventually yield witnesses, perhaps another whistleblower.
3/ There are critical reasons for looking more closely at the #Erdogan call. On its face, Trump acted unilaterally against a US ally in support of a dictator hostile to that ally — an abuse of presidential power. Digging deeper, the call has an appearance of #QuidProQuo
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Urging Calm Amidst Hysteria On #Turkey #Syria- 1- Without explicit green-light from #USA it will be a very limited (for show) maneuver; 2- This is being used here in #Turkey for temporary political gain (uniting the opposition with current admin); 3- #Russia also has put limits
Take in the macro picture (Forest instead of the trees): A major offensive by #Turkey is opposed by: #USA #Syria #Russia & #Iran. Only a brief limited muscle-flexing show is allowed. #GeopoliticalTheater
Here it is #Turkey “Still Preparing”. For the last 5 days, 1 minute they say “we are going in shortly, as in the next 24 hrs”, the next minute “we are preparing” or “we are waiting for XYZ ...”. The written on stone “Sep 30” deadline in #Syria expired 9 days and 11 hrs ago.
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#Turquie L’armée et ses alliés franchiront sous peu la frontière avec la #Syrie.
"Les militants des #YPG ont deux options: ils peuvent faire défection ou nous allons les empêcher de perturber nos efforts contre #ISIS."
#Turkey #Daesh #EI #Kurds #Syria…
#Syrie "Au cours d'un appel téléphonique avec le président Recep Tayyip #Erdogan dimanche, le président #Trump a accepté de transférer la direction de la campagne contre l'État islamique à la #Turquie."
selon le porte-parole d'Erdogan, dans le #WashingtonPost
#Syria #Turkey #USA
#Syrie L’offensive de la #Turquie & ses alliés djihadistes viserait Tal Abiad & Ras al Ain dans quelques heures (à confirmer).
Cette nuit, des cellules de l'#EI ont attaqué des postes de police & d'autres centres à #Raqqa.
#ISIS #Daesh #Turkey #Syria
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#FCPE : simple #communautarisme ou vraie infiltration #islamiste ?

[#thread ⤵️]

Qui trouve-t-on parmi les membres du conseil d’administration de la #FCPE ?
Quatrième ligne, deuxième en partant de gauche : OZCELIK Mustafa, administrateur.…
Mustafa ÖZÇELİK figure aussi dans un autre organigramme : celui de la #DITIB, branche française de la Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı turque : président de l'antenne d'Epinal, membre de l'assemblée générale, membre du conseil du surveillance de Strasbourg.…
La Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı (Présidence des affaires religieuses), administration étatique turque directement rattachée au cabinet du Premier Ministre, a pour missions officielles de “s'occuper des activités liées aux croyances de la religion de l'#Islam”,...
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A word about this. A working theory, if you will.

This is a highly complex. It's not as it seems on the surface, as it has been presented by MSM today. I don't trust 'em. I asked myself questions all day.

Here's what I came up with...
The Landscape

Along with the major flagged countries, several groups exist within Syria all fighting their own fight, for their own reasons. Major Kurdish-based ones to know...

•Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
•Peoples Defense Units (YPG)
•Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
When the #MSM uses the word, "the Kurds" , they are either intentionally blurring the lines or trying to over simplify things. Either way, they take us all as dummies and it's disingenuous.
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