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adhd/autistic female (shitposter, too). Go birds
Oct 29 20 tweets 4 min read
Japan has this halloween tradition of mundane costumes and its my fave ever. (Costume reveal in alt text)

A thread. Guy locked out of hotel room A guy whose name tag chain is too long for some reason
May 31 5 tweets 2 min read
As an autistic adult, here is a concept I thought of that would have REALLY benefitted me and prevented burn out. (Every autistic is diff, though!)

🫶using “masking” to the childs benefit. Allowing them the power to be themselves, while also getting by in an NT world. 🧵#autism Ex: “Hey, B. We are going to the grocery store. And you’ll have to __wait in a line__ and you probably don’t want to! But you are special. (*Use whatever term you want-fairy, superhero, princess.*) and you have to try your best to blend in with everybody else while there.
Apr 2 10 tweets 5 min read
Autism exists. That’s not what we mean by awareness. 🧵

We mean you probably know and love someone who is autistic, and you don’t even know it. YOU may be autistic and not even know it! I was diagnosed at 35. Despite showing all these “classic traits.” It was missed but, know…… A very literal second grade...ImageImage So, what we mean by awareness is: listen to us and help us how we need to be helped. We don’t want a red carpet or an award, we probably just want a little more silence. and for society to understand and accept us, as we are.