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Just before the psychologist told me whether or not the multi-disciplinary team had concluded I was #autistic, she asked me what I thought about getting an #autism diagnosis.
While I was being assessed I had done a huge amount of #research on #autism, I’d also joined an online forum and had conversations with many autistic people, and I’d reviewed the whole of my life from an autistic perspective.
Being autistic was a much better explanation for exceptional aspects of my life than anything else I’d ever found. Not just difficulties, challenges and disasters but abilities, achievements and triumphs.
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Autism and collecting - a thread.

This is old school, real time, I'm figuring it out as I go along thread time. It's like last October all over again. Strap in, share away and let's go...

#Autism #autistic #thread
Everyone knows autistic folk love to collect things. Maybe even *need* to collect things. Often these 'things' can be related to a hyperfixation, but not always. Collections are so fundamental, they often feature in diagnosis, for better or worse. /2
The classic stereotypes are very masculine - collections of model trains, road numbers, action figures, video game achievements etc. This is, of course, because autism understanding is still about 50 years out of date and still highly dependent on male tropes. /3
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Hey fellow #ActuallyAutistic read the explanation of #autism by @BrainWorxInc "These challenges are often symptoms that indicate a child’s Pons and Midbrain are underdeveloped, which occurs when their primitive reflexes have not been fully integrated"
"When this happens, a child will live in a continuous state of fight or flight, which interferes with their natural ability to grow and develop in a typical manner".

They sell "trainings" to develop your midbrain by crossing your hands just so & sitting in a certain position.
Although at one point in the "workshop" the woman said something that actually made sense " not make it about me, like stop thinking how embarrassing it was...I used to get very mad at them when they insisted doing things their way and I guess I was mean to them".
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Imagine you're 17. Your fave person is your mom, a single parent and your #1 advocate, especially when you're bullied for your #autism. Suddenly, she gets sick. You try everything to help her but she worsens. An ambulance comes and takes her away. You never see her again
They say your mom has #covid19. You feel guilty; did you infect her? You have to self-quarantine for 2 weeks; you're also now responsible for your sister, who's 13. You call the hospital every day to check on your mom but one day when you phone, they say: oh, she passed away.
Now you're really alone. There are so many things you don't know: When your dad's getting back from abroad. The relatives you're suddenly living with. Whether you'll go home or back to your school, where you've been making friends and honour roll. How long your grief will last.
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@CSBA_Now or California School Boards Association is a membership-driven association that provides policy resources and training to members and represents the statewide interest of public education through legal, political legislative, community and media advocacy as stated on
CSBA's website. @CSBA_Now offers
Premier Business Affiliate memberships to law firms that school districts use to litigate against families with disabled students. In particular, one law firm @F3Law Fagen, Friedman & Fultrust, is a Premier Business Affiliate at CSBA. This Premier
Business Affiliate membership is $25,000 per year. @CSBA_Now states "CSBA introduces its members (school board) directly to business affiliate companies, providing the unique opportunity for affiliates to shape current and potential customer attitudes toward products & services”.
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⭐ Parent Blaming & PDA ⭐


Unless you have an #autistic child with #PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) - it's very hard to fully understand the difficulties & complexities of day to day life - both for the parents/caregivers & the child
Please don't rush to judge - parent blaming is such a toxic yet common & sometimes automatic occurrence
It takes a little more effort, but pls take the time to listen, understand & remove your assumptions - when you come across a seemingly 'bad' parent.
There will always be a reason why a parent may appear to be 'too soft' towards the child;
Why they're not 'disciplining' their 'naughty' child.
Not every child responds well to 'traditional' parenting & due to the #PDA child's extremely high #anxiety, other approaches are needed
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Autistic children are going to be returning to school over the next few days. Here's some things to be aware of and things to help.

A thread.

#autism #autistic
1. Autistic children might be better informed on Covid than you expect. Talk to them maturely, don't patronise. Listen to their worries. #autism
2. Autistic children may be extremely unhappy at returning to school if they perceive it as dangerous. It'll trigger that 'unjust radar' we seem to have. Talk over the risks realistically, without hyperbole either way.
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For #WeeklyPapers this week, I've chosen to present a new paper that is explicitly about autistic men.

While there is a lot of autism work which has mostly/all male samples, looking at male lived experiences *in their own right* is still surprisingly rare!

#Autism #AutisticMen
"What does success mean for autistic men? A narrative exploration of self-determination" (2020) Webster & Garvis, ADLI

Most of my work has focussed on non-male autistic people, so I'm looking forward to reading qual work that looks at male exps w/gender lens, not as 'default'

Most outcome work assumes/shows neg adult outcomes, so want to talk to aut men who see themselves as successful. 10 men interviewed, self-determination theory emerged as key theoretical lens. Success felt to come from work, self-awareness & self-reflection.

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@EpigeneticWhisp Wakefield thinks he's waiting til 2nd term for the commission.

Has to wake more ppl up about risks of vaccines - Operation Warpspeed is doing it. Taking on big pharma (as we know) is a huge battle.

Looks like he's starting battle against pharma w drug $:…
@EpigeneticWhisp @2ndfor1st Wakefield's response when asked about commission in Jan 2020:
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Here you have it, folks, #Hollywood was seemingly instructed to make the 2008 flick Contagion

"We made that Movie ON PURPOSE" with 'honesty' and 'good science.' #DrLarryBrilliant /2015

Who is "WE"?




#CDC & #WHO consulted on the film Contagion.
Who else was involved?

"We shall still be pursuing #coronavirus four years from now," says Brilliant who used work for the #WHO back in the '70s.…

WOW| Convincing Lies?

Here, Dr. Larry Brilliant whose vita includes roles with the World Hoax Organization #WHO, #Google and the #GratefulDead, says studies LINKING #Vaccines & #Autism were fraudulent and that Injections are the best thing in MEDICINE.

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One of the harder parts about moving into senior leadership roles is scheduling. Your calendar will fill up *fast*. If you can make decisions, if you can cut through red tape and get things done, people *will* expect time from you. #ActuallyAutistic #AutismAtWork #Autism

If you're going to survive this transition (or, better yet, thrive) you'll have to get good at triaging all of your invitations. You'll need to be able to decline some, delegate others, negotiate for shorter meetings or move to email. #ActuallyAutistic #AutismAtWork #Autism

Additionally, you'll need time in your day that's just for you. If you do nothing else, block off your lunch break. Take that *full hour*, and protect it. Because believe me, people will ask you to make it a "working lunch". Don't. #ActuallyAutistic #AutismAtWork #Autism

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Paper 32 of 2020! I'm back!

'When my autism broke': a qualitative study spotlighting autistic voices on menopuase (2020) Moseley, Bruce & Turner-Cobb, Autism

Picking up this paper in response to a Twitter chat yesterday

#Autism #Menopause #AutisticElders #AutisticWomen

Onset of menstruation can be very difficult for aut women, but this is first paper looking at onset of menopause. 7 aut ppl assigned female at birth (AFAB) took part in online focus group, age 49-63. Found lack of knowledge, impact on masking, and need for support
Lit Review

Autistic women are historically under-researched and their experiences under-represented

Esp lack of lifespan work, which is important as being bio female carries specific health events and risks, esp around reproductive trajectories

#Autism #Menopause #WeeklyPapers
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This hits hard. Last week at my eval I was told that if I don't start putting on a better neurotypical performance for my colleagues and evaluators, I won't pass the clerkship. PASS, not honor. Let me break it down. 🧵
"You accomplish excellent things but we have to tell you to do them first." This is literally part of #autism. If you don't tell me to do something, it probably won't occur to me that I should do it. Especially in brand new environment- I don't know what's normal/expected.
"You don't look at people enough when they are presenting on rounds" I'm concentrating. We're standing in a group outside a patient's room, and there's beeping, side conversations, people walking around, more Autistic brain does not filter these sounds for me.
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Years have fallen
Swept away
From her eyes

Creases #bear
Pain of tears
Never wailed

Tides of green
Have tsunami of
Stories veiled

Dreams stacked
As secrets in lashes
In a blink

Of life revealed
In ebb of her eyes
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I'm going to do a thread on things I can't do as an #autistic person. Please share/retweet this thread. #autism #ActuallyAutistic /1
I can't tell how you feel by looking at your face. #autism #ActuallyAutistic /2
I can't focus on one thing for more than 15-20 minutes. I am always switching between things. It's too difficult to focus. #autism #ActuallyAutistic /3
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#Autism industry organizations will let you burn at the stake on their behalf to complete contracts

If they wanted this conflict to end they would make efforts to end it, letting Jeremy and Paula take the fall instead of just responding to critique and improving

Profit > People
Instead of properly phasing out behaviourism they are happy to let their parent advocate partners take the heat

“Whatever gets results” is the behaviourism model, harassment received on the orgs’ behalf is just a sacrifice in the name of greater control over profitable services
Are you angry with autistic advocates Jeremy and Paula for us sticking to our principles no matter what?

Why aren’t you angry at the org who instead of responding is letting you take the full front of our critique?!

We aren’t going to change, the only variable is your action
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This is an excellent visual of the Autistic Spectrum by artist Rebecca Burgess. The spectrum definitely is not linear, or “mild to severe” 😡🙄 Us Autistics have a range of strengths & challenges in different areas that differ from person to person. #Autism
On the areas in this picture, I have high Executive Functioning needs, my sensory needs are high- but not as high as many other Autistics. My language and motor needs are low (but I do have them, they are just hidden) and my perception needs are in the middle.
All of my Autistic friends will have different levels of needs in different areas, even if we appear to be similar to each other. No two Autistic people are the same, which is why the linear spectrum concept is so unhelpful.
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Guess what?

You can't cure autism, because it's not a disease or illness.

Talk of 'curing' autistic people is like wanting to wipe our personalities.

If anyone wants to argue, describing comorbid conditions and their symptoms - I'm talking specifically about autism. Not learning disabilities or depression etc.
And autistic people who wish you weren't autistic - that is entirely fair enough. I know where you're coming from though I wouldn't want it myself.
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A 2020 study on #autistic camouflaging strategies! They identified four types and made some interesting observations on how they affect diagnosis.

[a thread]…
Participants were mostly intellectually-able female autistics, and they looked at differences between diagnosed and undiagnosed people. /2
This line in the beginning was hilarious to me:

“there is growing evidence to suggest that neurotypically presenting autistic people continue being autistic at the cognitive level”

lol do you think???? /s

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#dreadpirate #ADHD #ASD #neurodiversesquad -

What's one thing that you wish your Neurotypical partner/partner/sibling/teacher/classmate/manager knew about #ADHD, #autism that would make life a little bit easier?

... don't need to limit to one, I know that can be hard :)
- I'm not looking for excuses

So often when talking about #ADHD, it can feel like others think that I'm just looking for excuses, that I'm being lazy and simply not trying.

- "Have you tried trying?"
- "Have you tried focusing?"

.... I am all the time.
- We are not all a little ADD

I often find that those who dismiss ADHD by saying things like "oh, we are all a little ADD" tend to be very dismissive and confuse occasional disorganization challenges with executive function
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Ten things you wish you knew when your child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder - A thread. #autism
There is a huge community of parents of children with #SEND. Wether it be Facebook groups, Instgram or twitter. Find your tribe. 1/
Parenting courses aimed at children with #SEND...Please attend them! They are not there to tell you how to parent or imply you can’t. They are there to help. Here you will meet others who know exactly how you feel and it’s here you will find out you are not crazy! 2/
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Finally had a talk today with the chief resident, who I've been working closely with and who will be writing my evals. Told him I'm autistic, explained my needs. He just sent me an email detailing exactly what I'm expected to do each day 1/3
And I want to cry. There are so many things on here that I haven't been doing because I didn't know I was supposed to. No one ever told me. I saw the other med student doing some of them, but figured she had been told to. I had no idea. 2/3
How much better could my performance have been up until now if I had known from the beginning what was expected of me? The hidden curriculum is extra hidden for neurodivergent students. Accommodations are so necessary. Communication is so important. 3/3
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Our new study is now out in @nature! We identified repeat expansions as a substantial genetic contributor to #autism, in collaboration with 38 researchers across @SickKidsNews, @UofT, @illumina, @verilylifesci, @autismspeaks & more ⤵️ (1/9)

Thanks to advances in #genome sequencing, there have been improvements in clinical diagnosis & gene discovery for a variety of human disorders. Despite this, the number of genetic factors identified so far contribute less risk than expected - aka "missing heritability" (2/9)
This is also true for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Despite >100 genes implicated in ASD, the genetic factors identified so far can only explain ~20% of cases 🤔 We thought that some answers to these genetically unsolved cases may lie in repetitive regions of the genome. (3/9)
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