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🧵//: This is what masking CAN look like:

⚠️Disclaimer: This post is not sharing every possible way masking can look but I’m just highlighting a few of my own personal experiences of how my masking can look⚠️..

#adhd #Autism #Neurodivergent This is what masking CAN look like:
You pretend to be interested in topics your peers are interested in. “You pretend to be interested in topics your peers are int
Mentally scripting and rehearsing conversational phrases before socializing, making phone calls etc… Mentally scripting and rehearsing conversational phrases bef
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I'm updating #BorgDiem tonight on the porch & it is a joy but the tryborgs are in my head saying, "yr gonna fuck up yr gonna miss a word" & other such perfectionisms. So I'm just telling you: if I miss your word, it's not on purpose. It's my cyborg brain here doing this.
Grateful to mod @BorgDiem for assisting earlier this week when I had a lil medical emergency & could not attend to the new words.

And when I inevitably miss somebody's word, all that happens is you/friend DM me and say, "hey could you add this word I think you missed it!" ♿️
Hey! the dictionary got its first J-word thx to @JessHealyWalton :

JOYFUL as in "a joyful of Autistics" : the word is a collective noun for a group of Autistics

#Autism #AutisticTwitter #BorgDiem
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1/8 Are all synapses created equal? @clembrnrd in @Rico_lab and @MarinLab has found that the building of new synapses is controlled in a cell-type and even synapse-type-specific manner. This is the story @ScienceMagazine… ⬇ thread @dev_neuro @MRC_CNDD
2/8 We approached this question by investigating the wiring of PV+ and SST+ interneurons in the mouse neocortex. These cells have highly related developmental trajectories but play very different roles in adulthood, making them an attractive model for studying synapse specificity Image
3/8 We found that the mTORC1 inhibitor Tsc2 is required in PV+ but not SST+ interneurons to develop excitatory synapses targeting these cells. Notably, Tsc2 is not needed to make PV+ inhibitory output synapses: its function in this context is cell-type and synapse-type-specific. Image
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I've no idea if Twitter is really going down, but if it does I'm here:….
#RIPTwitter #GoodByeTwitter
It's infuriating that a rich, spoiled infant can do so much damage. For someone like myself who doesn't always find being around people easy (#autism/#adhd), this place has been a true lifeline for me & I've met wonderful people. Seeing their tweets has become part of my day.
It's also devastating for freelancers who use Twitter for their jobs, typically writers, designers & artists of all creeds. Twitter collapsing could be the death knell to many careers. It's all so unnecessary. Well done, Elon. Hubris, incompetence & petulance triumph again.
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I’m celebrating the 4th #autieversary #autiversary of getting my v late in life #autism diagnosis today.
Here’s a thread of some of the #threads I’ve written along the way, starting with my 1st anniversary when I wrote about my beloved dogs.
Nearly two years on from my #diagnosis I wrote about how much I had discovered about #autism and myself.
On the second anniversary of my #autism diagnosis I wrote a thread about #bullying (not realising that it was my #autieversary at the time). It was very appropriate though, as bullying and abuse have had a huge impact on me, especially in adulthood.
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1/7 Very excited to share findings of the largest #autism whole genome sequencing (WGS) study, published in Cell @CellCellPress @SickKidsNews @autismspeaks
Over 100 investigators involved.. a true team science effort!
2/7 Of note, the latest release of the Autism Speaks MSSNG resource ( contains whole-genome sequencing data from over 11,300 individuals from families with autism. Image
3/7 Analysis of MSSNG in conjunction with SFARI ( and ASC ( revealed 134 autism-associated genes. Image
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Our #vol35issue8 was published today! First paper is by Paul Smart (from @unisouthampton) who explains how to develop a mechanistic account of extended #cognition. Open access article. @Routledge_Phil @Routledgepsych @tandfonline… 1/7
Next in #vol35issue8 is Alberto Voltolini (from @unito) who asks how subject and intentional object are related if the intentional object is an object for a subject.… 2/7
César Frederico Dos Santos (from @UFMAoficial) distinguishes #numerosity, #numerousness, and #number in numerical cognition in #vol35issue8… 3/7
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"The clinical research psychologist who created the concept of HSP and first wrote about it, Elaine Aron, based the HSP criteria on family members who have since been diagnosed with autism"

How is HSP even a thing after that?

#HighlySensitivePerson #HSP #Autism
"If one looks closely at the description of a Highly Sensitive Person it matches the criteria for autism almost word for word"

My thoughts exactly when I've read about HSP. I was clearly reading about autism.
People, there's nothing bad about calling yourself autistic.
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Police in Michigan are looking for a family of four that disappeared from their home last weekend after the father displayed "paranoid behaviour." #Missing #Paranoia #Family #Michigan #US #Autism #Search #Police #Information
According to authorities on October 16, the family, comprising of father, Mother and their two sons, abruptly left their home in Fremont, which is located roughly 45 miles north of Grand Rapids. Both of the sons are autistic.
The Fremont Police Department, which is in charge of the investigation, and the Michigan State Police, who is aiding, believe they are driving a silver 2005 Toyota Sienna LE minivan with Michigan license plates.
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There is a lot of talk here about "self dx" in adults. Autism isn't a dx. It's a neurotype. A psychiatrist or psychologist can certainly help you RECOGNIZE that you are #ActuallyAutistic, but ultimately, it's something that a person understands and recognizes in themselves. 1/4
If any medical professional can "diagnose" it, it's neurologists using brain scans (and that's still a BIG if and in early stages). Yet, the "official dx" criteria rule those out. Self awareness IS LEGITIMATE. It's nearly impossible for most adults to get an adult dx 2/4
No one to backup your childhood history? SOOL. Mask a lot? Too bad. Maintain social interactions? Can't be! The VAST majority of clinicians know FAR LESS about #autism than autistic people themselves. Not to mention if you're a POC, a woman, trans, or another minority 3/4
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🧵 What your senses experience is real. What you feel is what you feel. If you're cold when others are hot, or overwhelmed by noise when others are not, you really are cold, or overwhelmed, etc.

#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticTwitter #AuDHD #SPD #HSP #sensory #autism
Acknowledging sensory experiences is the beginning of acceptance.

Instead of responding like, "You're cold? It's not cold in here. It's hot. Stop complaining. Get over it."

Try responding like, "You're cold? That's interesting, as I'm hot. Would you like a sweater or blanket?"
Many of us autistics grew up with people around us ignoring, dismissing, or punishing our sensory experiences. As adults, even a little validation can feel like a huge relief.
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Currently, @facebook is running this insulting ad blaming #Autism on @tylenol and claiming there is already a #Settlement. The ads are run by a shell company but the number (877) 338-2751
directs to a call center for @WattsGuerra This ad being published by ...Facebook refuses to ad a hi...Bridge Legal Ventures LLC i...
I received a call back from the firm and they made clear there is currently "no settlement" but they are working to one. @FTC, @FCC @CFPB, how is advertising like this not blatantly illegal, and if it is, why is @Meta continuing to allow it after many, including @PolitiFact...
.. have responded in comments to call how dishonest the #advertisement is?
I get the firm wishes to generate leads, but this method is potentially damaging to an entire community of parents of #autistic children, and the @tylenol corporate brand.
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Heading to LA to do a HDEEG with Tony for a @curesyngap1 supported #SYNGAP1 #biomarker study @UCLAHealth then meeting Drs COBA & @MarcellaBirtele at @KeckMedUSC. 🤞

Grateful @BostonChildrens - @sahin_m & @BCH_PoduriLab added a West Coast site!

Follow this 🧵 today!
Made it to #LAX on @SouthwestAir (thanks to iPads and @angrybirds). So many questions. Reminds me how much we don’t do with Tony because of #SYNGAP1. He’s sporting his @GlobalGenes backpack & @cureSYNGAP1 shirt.
SynGAPians are photosensitive so must remember 🕶. And they don’t really 😓 Sweat. So I brought a cooling vest. Didn’t think I’d need it to get to Lyft. I was wrong. He’s already done.

Haven’t done escalators for a while. Notice the in-toe on the ride down. #hypotonia #Syngap1
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"None of the 72💉s that is currently mandated
for our children has ever been safety tested against a placebo in pre-clinical trials...

Tony Fauci said I was we sued them...

After a year of litigation, HHS came back and said 'You're right. We've never done any.'"
So nobody knows the risk profile for any of those vaxxines. Nobody can tell you with a scientific certainty whether any of those products are causing more deaths and injuries than they are averting."

Start at 17:28…
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1/4 Often Autistic people assigned female birth are missed as Autistic people because for 70+ years research & researchers were only looking for a narrow Autistic presentation.

Lots of women, non-binary people, & men were missed their earlier Autistic identity discovery.
2/4 And Black Autistic people & Autistic people of colour are really overlooked, which must change.

My interests, for instance, were not the stereotype of trains. I was dedicated to buying & applying makeup in a meticulous way.
3/4 I know far more Autistic people interested in snails 🐌 than trains or buses.

We are seeing a shift from non-autistic led theories & understanding of the abstract "autism", to Autistic led theories and discussion about Autistic experience.
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Autistic Special Interests are more than 'hobbies' or 'obsessions'. They have a regulatory element, helping so many autistic people manage their elevated stress levels in a hostile world. They can be a true comfort and sanctuary.

#autism #autistic
They are not treated by non-autistic onlookers with the respect they deserve, seen as an irritation or quirk.

This causes a fair amount of damage.
I wrote a book about it.…
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Here’s another 🧵 about #autism for medics after the popularity of my last one. This time I’ll look at some principles you should follow when prescribing for an autistic pt. My practice mainly involves psychotropes but these are principles that any specialist should follow 1/22
Autistics are more likely to have physical and mental health diagnoses, and are therefore more likely to be on 💊, and so it’s important that we can manage them appropriately. The principles I’ll outline are basically just good medical care, with some special considerations 2/
1 - set aside plenty of time to discuss it. Many autistics struggle to make decisions, and can feel panicked if they feel being pushed towards a certain one. They will often want a lot of information before making a decision. If you don’t have the time to give them that info 3/
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1/My son is 10 &he has autism. Complete with all the communication difficulties& meltdowns. The week his class voted for him as their class rep.
I remember being told when he was 4 he would never talk or attend mainstream education.
Now he is primary 6 class rep 2022 ❤️ #Autism
2/His proposal as class rep for pupil council:
- benches for the elderly
- football goals for the playground
- HEPA filters for classrooms - face mask dispensers for anyone who wants to wear one (n95)
-left handed pens etc
- to be continued! #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance
Fun fact: we are Scottish but he often talks with an English accent. Think posh London accent. No idea why! May be that he loved Mr Tumble 🤷🏻‍♀️
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1/7 Rejection Sensitivity (alt text in picture descriptions) Slide 1: Title of “Rejection Sensitivity” in a multicolo
2/7 Rejection Sensitivity Slide 2: Main text reads: “Rejection Sensitivity, or Rejec
3/7 Rejection Sensitivity Slide 3: Title of: “Experiencing Rejection Sensitivity”
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1/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 (alt-text in picture descriptions) Slide 1: "Situational Mutism is all about the situation
2/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 Slide 2: "Mute around crowds or in front of a lot of pe
3/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 Slide 3: "Mute around strangers or with new people"
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1/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 (alt text in picture descriptions) Slide 1 - title "Situa...
2/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 Slide 2 - title "Situa...
3/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 Slide 3 - title "Be Ac...
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A recent study showed 1/5 of people referred to #psychiatry OPDs are #actuallyautistic. If your clinical experience is that this is much lower, you’re probably missing #autism in your patients. This 🧵 will explain why that’s a problem, why it happens, and how to stop 1/35
The first question some people have is whether or not it even matters, a dermatologist doesn’t need to know if somebody is autistic or not to treat their psoriasis, so do you need to know if they’re autistic or not to treat their depression? Well, you do. For a few reasons 2/
First, there is a differential for depression in autistic people that is clinically very difficult to distinguish from depression but does not respond to antidepressants or therapy - burnout. If you don’t know your patient is autistic, you won’t consider the differential 3/
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