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Know the past, do the future better. Assoc Professor #5050FoundationUC @UniCanberra. Enemy of making the perfect the enemy of the good. Personal tweets. #Impact
3 Jul
Pod pointer: ⁦@juliahbanks⁩ discusses #PowerPlay@HardieGrant⁩ with ⁦@CroweDM⁩ ⁦@smh⁩. #auspol 1/…
👆Cannot wait to read this book: @juliahbanks @HardieGrant!👇 #auspol 2/
👆If you’re not handy to a bookshop can be bought online here:…👇 @juliahbanks @HardieGrant #auspol 3/
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16 May
Rereading #NikiSavva’s excellent ‘Plots and Prayers’ @scribepub - gems everywhere including this Abbott quote via @cpyne from Pyne’s backbench days: ‘The DLP is alive and well, and living inside the Liberal Party.’ 😳 (Of course, it’s Pentecostals now...) #auspol 1/
More #NikiSavva ‘Plots and Prayers’ @scribepub. Dutton (Shorten-like) had measured up the Lodge drapes only to find himself well & truly suckered by those on a mission from god. #auspol 2/
More #NikiSavva ‘Plots and Prayers’. Morrison & Robert prayed together before the ldrship vote. Scott asked staff, ‘Text my family & ask them to pray for me.’ He had few Parl House friends outside his prayer group. Pyne was one & ‘would prove critical to his success.’ #auspol 3/
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28 Apr
@QuentinDempster Thread🧵. Received this morning from an outraged #APS insider in a position to observe the performance of key departmental heads over the past several years (ID protected here for obvious reasons): ‘How gobsmacking is it that Pezzullo, with his litany of failures...’ #auspol 1/
@QuentinDempster ‘How gobsmacking is it that Pezzullo with his litany of failures gets called brilliant, successful & effective in the media? Why aren’t journos saying he’s transparently trying to promote himself (to) Defence even though everyone knows he’d totally stuff that up too?’ #auspol 2/
@QuentinDempster I have no ‘in’ to the current APS so asked in response, ‘What litany?’ This is the string of links they sent in reply.… #auspol 3/
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