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Physicist, cancer & radiotherapy researcher, trialist, data nerd. Unendingly curious. Global traveller. Associate Professor University of Leeds #radonc #medphys
Apr 16, 2021 23 tweets 10 min read
I cleared my schedule in anticipation of 2nd jab side-effects, and I’m aching all over with muscle pains, so it’s just the right time to channel my inner grumpy old man (I’m moving like one anyway).
In other words:
🔹Time to critique #ESTRO2021 abstracts! 🔹
#radonc #medphys Standard disclaimer:
I’m just one abstract reviewer. My opinions and dislikes may not be representative.
I’m not targeting any specific authors - so even if you feel this hits too close to home, it’s probably not you that I’m thinking of (five other people did the same!)
Nov 28, 2020 15 tweets 11 min read
Is there a radiation dose-response relationship for rectal cancer managed non-surgically?

Short answer: Yes - at least based on published patient series

Longer answer: See our #ESTRO2020 Poster Highlight - or thread below

#radonc… ImageImage Non-operative management of rectal cancer is becoming increasingly important - more and more patients are offered observation instead of surgery if they have a complete response after (chemo-)radiotherapy #radonc #ESTRO2020 Image
Nov 21, 2020 11 tweets 9 min read
For the first question: No trials showing higher pCR w/ higher dose. Trials are actually remarkably consistent (no difference):
#jc questions #radonc ❗️*However* ❗️
pCR doesn't matter to the patient! Only OS or QoL does! And pCR / tumour regression is not a surrogate for radiotherapy effects on OS, so why should we care about it? #radonc #jc
Dec 18, 2019 11 tweets 4 min read
After reviewing 'predictive modelling & radiomics' abstracts for #ESTRO202, I had quite a few thoughts. I've finally found time to organise them in a semi-coherent manner

To follow: Some common pitfalls in modelling & radiomics abstracts for clinical conferences #radonc #medphys First of all, the basic stuff:
Get somebody who’s never seen your study before to read through the abstract - to ensure fundamental information isn't missing.
(And no, you won't notice yourself, because you’re too concerned with whether you can squeeze in another AUC value ...)
May 20, 2019 22 tweets 11 min read
Part II of today’s tweetorial for International clinical trials day: #CTD2019 #ICTD2019

Why do you want to give physicists a central role in your radiotherapy trials?

#medphys #radonc
@ipemnews @EFOMP_org @aapmHQ @EORTC @CTRad_CChan First, what characterises medical physicists?
- We're quantitative, systematic & analytical
- We're trained in modelling, data visualisation, & interpretation of evidence

(And sometimes we - by which I mean me - go exploring in caves, which is almost like running a trial 😅)
May 20, 2019 14 tweets 7 min read
Today is International Clinical Trials Day! #CTD2019

In the spirit of #CTD2019, I thought I’d take a bit of time to talk about medical physicists and radiotherapy trials #medphys #radonc
@ipemnews @EFOMP_org @aapmHQ Why should radiotherapy trialists care about medical physicists? And why should physicists involve themselves in trials?