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@MCWardMD @_ShankarSiva @biniamkidaneMD @maraantonoff @BrendonStilesMD @EvanThomas84 @gerryhanna @WashURadOnc @JeffBradleyMD @SBRT_CR @TomVargheseJr @fifimcdrmh @Mat_Guc @PercyLeeMD @OncoAlert @DrAndrewLoblaw @alison_tree Thanks for bringing this point up. If you haven't practiced in an underserved community in the U.S., you don't realize the degree of selection bias that exists in patient population. 1/
@MCWardMD @_ShankarSiva @biniamkidaneMD @maraantonoff @BrendonStilesMD @EvanThomas84 @gerryhanna @WashURadOnc @JeffBradleyMD @SBRT_CR @TomVargheseJr @fifimcdrmh @Mat_Guc @PercyLeeMD @OncoAlert @DrAndrewLoblaw @alison_tree In my career working in NH and MA, a significant minority of my patients who could not or would not leave the community for an academic center. In Massachusetts insurance is required but many aren't accepted at major academic centers. 2/
@MCWardMD @_ShankarSiva @biniamkidaneMD @maraantonoff @BrendonStilesMD @EvanThomas84 @gerryhanna @WashURadOnc @JeffBradleyMD @SBRT_CR @TomVargheseJr @fifimcdrmh @Mat_Guc @PercyLeeMD @OncoAlert @DrAndrewLoblaw @alison_tree Many good people don't have the ability to go to major centers for care. They deserve the opportunity for options offered to healthier, wealthier, more mobile, and/or more educated people. 3/
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Our lab’s inaugural manuscript is out (PMID: 31424293)!!! First #tweetorial (1/n) #chemtwitter #radonc #academicchatter #newPI #sciencetwitter #livercancer
We have been exploring molecules that can specifically bind to liver cancer to improve upon existing modalities for diagnosis and surveillance. 2/n
So, why liver cancer? About 800,000 people are diagnosed with liver cancer worldwide, with as many people dying from the disease annually. In the U.S., incidence and mortality appear to be increasing. 3/n
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OK #medtwitter #scitwitter #doubledocs #radonc and #newpi tweeps: I have been charged with discussing "Recruitment and Retention of Physician Scientists" in #radonc at a panel for @ASTRO_org #ASTRO20. What are we doing right? What could we improve?
DMs or public tweets welcomed! Would love to get a diverse cache of perspectives! Please spread the word! Apologies in advance if I missed some folks. I'm still getting the hang of this twitter thing.
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[THREAD] Cancer Ontologies and Healthcare Hashtags [Updated: May 24, 2019] (missing 2019 In Press manuscript from @subatomicdoc)
cc: #ASCO19 @chanyoonchea + #HLHsm
Healthcare Hashtag Project - via @symplur @healthhashtags…
Ontologies @symplur @healthhashtags - CTO, OTO, HTO, Cardiology, Pathology, Radiology, Urology
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Part II of today’s tweetorial for International clinical trials day: #CTD2019 #ICTD2019

Why do you want to give physicists a central role in your radiotherapy trials?

#medphys #radonc
@ipemnews @EFOMP_org @aapmHQ @EORTC @CTRad_CChan
First, what characterises medical physicists?
- We're quantitative, systematic & analytical
- We're trained in modelling, data visualisation, & interpretation of evidence

(And sometimes we - by which I mean me - go exploring in caves, which is almost like running a trial 😅)
But importantly, we understand the opportunities and limitations in current technology & are uniquely placed to understand current gaps in knowledge.

We can ask

“How can we best utilise technology to improve outcomes?”
“Will this be achievable in daily practice?”
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Today is International Clinical Trials Day! #CTD2019

In the spirit of #CTD2019, I thought I’d take a bit of time to talk about medical physicists and radiotherapy trials #medphys #radonc
@ipemnews @EFOMP_org @aapmHQ
Why should radiotherapy trialists care about medical physicists? And why should physicists involve themselves in trials?
The short answer: It makes trials a whole lot better!

The slightly longer answer: It ensures maximum value from data that we are entrusted by patients

And the properly detailed answer will take a couple of tweetorials ☺️
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Radiation to the prostate for metastatic prostate cancer is now endorsed by NCCN 2019. This topic can be a bit confusing, so here is a tweetorial for residents & community practice #radonc docs (including my #CleClinicCancer colleagues taking oral boards soon). #pcsm 1/21
I recently pieced together some key points on primary prostate RT for M1 for a resident teaching session, which I thought I’d share here. Apologies in advance if any typos or errors in this thread. 2/21
First, some definitions. mCSPC = metastatic castrate sensitive prostate ca. MDT = metastasis directed therapy (surgery or SBRT to all sites). Oligomets = 1-3 or 1-5 mets. 3/21
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@ARRO_org It's a fluke or the tide is turning in #radonc. Hypercompetitive students drawn to the "hot" field may go elsewhere d/t concerns discussed. Hopefully other quality students who may have otherwise been intimidated by match will join us instead. We may be better off. Time will tell
@ARRO_org WHOA😮 Went to bed, then early tumor board, then @ASTRO_org #CHEDI leader call & now 20+ notifications. Want to clarify some points: 1. ~30 open slots of 200 if true is NOT a good look & nothing to be happy about. Period. 2. This is either a fluke or the start of new trend 1/n
@ARRO_org @ASTRO_org 3. Could very well be that concerns mentioned here & SDN (valid or not) are turning folks away from rad onc. These concerns, esp oversupply, should be taken SERIOUSLY and INVESTIGATED with transparent findings that are disseminated to the best we can predict 2/n
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(1/n) Excited that final version of work led by @D4N__ studying evolutionary repeatability and collateral sensitivity is out. #mathevo #clecliniccancer… @CCLRI @NatureComms @CWRUSOM
(2/n) This collab between @CompSciOxford @CCLRI @CWRUSOM & @MoffittPSOC is an extension of @D4N__ ‘s initial theory paper that proposed ‘steering evolution’ as a method of extending the use of existing drugs to control infection. #AntibioticResistance…
(3/n) using the fitness landscape metaphor, we reasoned that instances of collateral sensitivity need not be repeatable, as evolutionary branch points could lead to multiple peaks - which could have different sensitivity profiles.
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