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14 Jul
Waiting for @LACoSheriff to start his weekly press conference. I’ll be live tweeting here.
Hasnt started yet but will begin “shortly”….
Alright, @LACoSheriff is now live.
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23 Jun
Lt. Deedrick also claims to have found 4 missing persons on the Venice boardwalk, one of which is allegedly an autistic man from the UK. He says he is going to connect with INTERPOL after the press conference.
Lt. Deedrick of @LASDHQ says that the HOST team exemplifies Maslow's hierarchy of needs by providing food water and shelter and also security through trauma informed care. This seemingly contradicts @LACoSheriff previous statement about it being wrong to help the unhoused.
Lt. Deedrick says a significant portion of the boardwalk population is "nomadic travelers" or people allowed to keep a "dual residence". Many shelters do not allow residents to keep most of their belongings, which is why they store things outside.
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23 Jun
Sheriff Alex Villanueva, Lt. Geoffrey Deedrick and business owners from the Venice Beach Boardwalk are about to gold a press conference about @LASDHQ strategy in Venice. I'll be livetweeting the conference here, and you can tune in here: facebook.com/LosAngelesCoun…
.@LACoSheriff kicks off the press conference by calling out people on social media making fun of his "cowboy hat", saying he wears it because of his fight with skin cancer.
Sheriff Villanueva now showing a photo taken the Southern California newsgroup depicting an encampment w/ the caption "A National Disgrace...A Local Tragedy." He falsely states that most of LA's homeless population comes from outside of California and are ruining tourist spots.
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9 Jun
Sheriff Alex Villanueva began today's live video by calling @PplsCityCouncil "White Billionaires City Council". He then says Mike Bonin had a breakdown on social media, and that he and the City Council have "failed", forcing him to intervene.
He says that unhoused people "do not belong in LA...you need to pack up your bags and go back to the state you came from."
Sheriff Villanueva says it's "his job" to return Venice to the businesses and "regulate public space...you don't get to occupy public space on your own and damage it for everyone."
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9 Jun
The LA County Democratic Party is now discussing the resolution to ask Sheriff Alex Villanueva to resign. I’ll be updating here.
Speakers in favor include Julia Martinez, who’s son was killed by alleged Banditos members and Franky Carrillo, who was framed for a murder by deputy gang members. knock-la.com/lasd-franky-ca…
Carrillo says he thought Villanueva would change the department who framed him, but he was wrong. “Alex, it’s time for you to resign.”
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20 May
The @LACountyCOC is meeting now. The agenda includes body worn cameras, deputy “cliques”, and COVID-19 in jails. Sheriff Alex Villanueva is expected to join at 12pm. I’ll be live tweeting here.
Family impact statements have been moved up to the top of the meeting. We are hearing now from Hilda Pedroza, the sister of David Ordaz Jr., and their father. Ordaz was killed by LASD deputies in the midst of a mental health crisis earlier this year.
Ordaz’s father says that he wants justice and for the deputies to see consequences. He says that there were children present at the shooting who could have been hit by the bullets. He wants the deputies fired.
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20 May
After about a 30 minute delay, the @LASDHQ 2021 Hate Crime Summit is now underway. I’ll be live tweeting here.
Not a lot of masks in attendance. I’m watching virtually so it’s difficult to give an estimate. I’ve seen at least 10 bare faces, including several panelists.
The national anthem has concluded. Now a video showing the history of the department is being shown. Lots of archival photos of LASD personnel throughout the years.
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16 May
The Citizen app is currently encouraging users in Los Angeles to hunt down a person suspected of setting the Pacific Palisades brush fire. They are offering $30,000 to anyone who catches them. Image
Hosts of the broadcast are repeating unsubstantiated “tips” as facts and asking people to “hunt this guy down”. One of the tips just played out in air as being a lie. The hosts are flummoxed but continue the broadcast.
It’s unclear where exactly this photo came from, or how the hosts of the Citizen broadcasts have identified the person as a suspect. Comments asking for that information have been ignored.
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19 Apr
Currently in the Community Conversation hosted by @LASDHQ and @LAPDHQ. Sheriff Villanueva and Chief Moore are answering questions from county and city residents.
Some families who have lost relatives to both of these departments have attempted to ask questions in these virtual forums and been ignored. It’s happened to me, too, as a member of the press. Lets see if that is any different today.
Chief Michel Moore of LAPD just said that “homeless people...threaten the sense of safety of communities.”
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23 Feb
KCRW is moving forward with denying any of the things I and other employees of color experienced at the station.
KCRW was aware of what I was going through for months. It’s heartbreaking to see them choose to deny my and other’s experiences. Here is my resignation letter from the station, which details more of them.
I reference the investigation KCRW points to in their statement. As I said in the email, I tried multiple times to get updates on it before my departure, to no avail. It concluded after I left. Several of my witnesses were never contacted.
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25 Nov 20
Here in El Sereno where activists are trying to prevent the eviction of families from vacant homes owned by CalTrans. CHP is stationed outside ~15 properties.
Minutes after the activists wrapped up a press conference at least 50+ CHP officers in riot gear descend on the homes. You can hear the officer try to stop me filming
CHP is using a battering ram to take down the door
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25 Nov 20
Here at LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s house where activists have gathered to protest his being vetted for a position in the Biden cabinet.
About 10 police officers have arrived on scene, just a few minutes after activists arrived.
A neighborhood cat has joined the protest
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1 Aug 20
BREAKING: @LASheriffDept is having a party at @SassafrasHW on Vine in Hollywood. Acting on a tip, I went to the scene and captured photos of deputies drinking on the street, littering, and no one had on a mask. Bars have been closed under guidance from Gov. Newsom since 7/13
These guys said their names were Chris and Daniel Moreno. They enjoyed some White Claw before littering and heading into the bar.
There's a Daniel Moreno listed as a correctional officer on Transparent California. He makes $138,832.98 annually enforcing the law. Chris Moreno is also listed as a correctional officer, and makes
$207,608.03 annually according to Transparent California. No masks tho.
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