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We're 4 months away from the 2020 election. I'm so excited that Missouri @MomsDemand supporters have so many Missouri Gun Sense Candidates to support! Make sure to follow these candidates on twitter & sign up to help their campaigns!
Missouri @MomsDemand Gun Sense Candidate for Missouri Congressional District 8 @ellis4congress
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ICYMI: a Week 1 #BookClub recap of discussion on Chpts 1-4 of "Un-Trumping America" by @danpfeiffer.

Chpt 1: "Trump: an abomination, not an aberration.” How should this affect democratic framing and messaging?

A: Talk about values. "Protections" vs "regulations", ex: the ePa.
Chpt 2: @danpfeiffer writes “Democrats respond to hope. To win elections, we need to inspire nonvoters to become voters.” Who or what is giving you hope for November 3rd?

A: #BlackLivesMatter protests, recent #SCOTUS decisions, dynamic & diverse local candidates.
Chpt 2 (cont): How are you inspiring nonvoters, undecided voters?

A: Telling stories to make politics personable. Highlighting success of (local) government. Effectively communicating the voting process (focus on early 🗳️) & providing resources.
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1/ In yet another spectacularly foolish, cruel and illogical decision, ICE announced yesterday that it would not allow students already in the US to remain, should their university offer only online options for fall 2020. Why? #StudentBan
2/ There is no reason. There is no rationale for why we need to uproot the lives of hundreds of thousands of students already here, suffering under our profoundly inept response to a global pandemic. No reason at all except xenophobia and racism.
3/ Let's use a specific example of a real human who would be impacted by this stupid policy. My research assistant, who I'll refer to Z, came from China to NYC to study technology at Parsons, part of The New School. She is an amazing student, hardworking, creative, responsive.
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Well, it finally happened. This #ICE International #StudentBan got me back into the “organizing effective lobbying action via twitter” game.

Want to make sure our lovely international students can keep their visas? Here’s how to do it:


Before we fight the #StudentBan, let me establish my credentials. I’m an expert on higher education lobbying. Just had a paper published on the subject. It is pretty good. You should check it out.…

Also, I’ve done this before…

In 2017, I offered some advice in a twitter thread about how graduate students could stop the #GradStudentTax. Well, we won that battle. So, let’s buckle up and use the same principles to win this one against the #StudentBan.

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I asked @KembaWalden, who is an expert in election security legal issues, about some of the projects she's championing at @Microsoft - read on below #ShareTheMicInCyber #Election2020 👇
@KembaWalden created and lead The Law of Election Security, a roundtable of cyber and elections lawyers from the private sector, and state and federal governments to think creatively on how to improve laws around elections - most recently focused on legislating digital forgeries.
Right now, @KembaWalden is supporting Microsoft’s efforts in campaign security, election integrity, and disinformation defense. Recently, we expanded our offering for #AccountGuard.….
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It has been a long four years. But I created this video to remind us to stay strong. #NoMoreYears #Vote

Please turn the sound on, and share this video widely.
@JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump
Also, if you haven't done so already, consider getting an absentee ballot. Despite what Trump says, it's the best way to vote during a pandemic.
Lastly, if you're fortunate enough to be able to spare a couple bucks to help keep making videos, I humbly accept via my profile link. The production budgets are 100%l out of my pocket. But a simple thank you will do, too!
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Let’s look at this, the Senate has “an affluent membership” composed mostly of white men, who are about 30% of the population but hold 71 of the seats” out of 100. Source- The May 20, 2019. White men are 30% of the U.S. Population.
White men are 30% of the U.S. Population. @senatemajldr & @realdonaldtrump have confirmed their 200th FederalJudge. 76% are men and of this number 85% are white men. Did you get that? 85% of newly confirmed judges are white men.
#moscowmitch has confirmed mostly young, conservative white men to the federal bench to life time appointments for a reason.
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#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @DanScavino @parscale

Who was the New Black Panther Party?

Where are they now?

What is the punishment for voter intimidation?

Do you get punished if you intimidated for those who win?

Should you?
Why did to Obama Administration obstruct their prosecution?
What did Eric Holder have to say on the matter?…

Who is Malik Zulu Shabazz?
Where is he?
Where was he?…

#TrustThePlan @DonaldJTrumpJr #ArmyForTrump #CHOP
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Whatever you do, don't retweet this, or it might crack @realDonaldTrump's fragile ego.

You guys, Trump is going to be super angry. 6,000 views in 35 minutes... over 300 retweets. If we don't stop retweeting, he might have a complete meltdown tomorrow.
Oh, and tomorrow is his birthday. So that would be horrible if it somehow ruined his special day.
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Y'all ready for a long ass thread about voting by mail? A warning: gonna link to some Heritage Foundation stuff via the White House website 😳. But, we gotta confront problems head on. Here’s the ammo you need for your friends who disagree that vote by mail can be safe! 1/
Obviously voter fraud exists. There’s also electoral fraud. Some use these terms interchangeably, but they’re different. FindLaw has a good explanation of the differences:…
Voter fraud is mostly by voters, while electoral is by officials (but not always) 2/
OK, what about all those cases?! Sounds scary, and yeah it’s actually pretty terrible when it happens. There's been elections swayed by voter fraud! At least, at local and state levels & turnout is low. Trump claims millions of fraudulent votes from 2016. Truth? Let’s dig in…3/
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Trump promised to disrupt. He has disrupted. The question for American voters in November is do they want 4 more years of "captain chaos" or do they want to return to a more stable, normal, orderly, calm, boring method of presidential leadership. It's just that simple.
And yes, of course, I understand that (1) Trump is the symptom not the cause, (2) there is no going back the SQ-ante, (3) long-term socio-economic reforms are needed, (4) dont forget about the anger of the white male working class, etc. These big policy debates are important.
But on one day in November, it's a straightforward binary choice. Four more years of "caption chaos" or not. #Vote.
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Ok I did a lot of research for you #Americans and have been for years along with others. Please ignore #Anonymous, they're #DeepState. I know it's a lot of writing but it's for people that want to wake up. Link in the thread!
#trump #vote #WakeUpAmerica #riot #BlackLivesMattter ImageImageImageImage
#Simpsons #simpsonspredictions read the whole thread if you're into "woke" shit. I did a lot of work today aha I'm not America but I'm worried for you guys! Links I'm thread for videos. Image
"nocturnal rainbows" by hopsin:
"for a better day" by avicii:
out of shadows the documentary:
fall of cabal the documentary:…
No hate pls
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This is the group at Pioneer Courthouse Square. The PEACE truck just arrived. Several hundred people gathered. @fox12oregon
Excuse the language.

Be the change you wish to see in the world painted across this truck.

The driver captivating a thousand people across the street from Pioneer Courthouse Square. @fox12oregon
Another powerful speaker. @fox12oregon
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Hiya! #PSA
The @NAACP publishes yearly report cards based on how House & Senate members vote on legislation pertaining to civil rights. If you truly want to be an ally to @Blklivesmatter go to:
@ava @JordanPeele @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @BarackObama see how your state & local reps scored on #NAACP report cards. Some of us are #voting today. #vote in November. Vote every single time you can!
It’s your duty, your voice & a way to actively support #BLM #YourVoteMatters #KnowledgeIsPower
Who scored an F? Who is failing?
Prepare to NOT be shocked. Their favorite color is green but they're red in the face @GOP
Thing is, they still draw in lots of money from corporations that supposedly support & stand in solidarity with the Black community. (More on that below)
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1. 🇺🇸 The future of our Republic is at stake.
Survival as a Nation.
We Rise or We Die.
We, the People.

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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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In 2016, black voter turnout dropped in a presidential election for the 1st time in 20 years. While turnout among Millennials & GenXers was up in '16 (yeah!), turnout among black Millennials dropped by nearly 5 points. Don't give away your power. #vote
The rate of voting differs widely between demographic groups. The percent of eligible voters who said they cast a ballot in 2016:
59.6% white
59.6% black
49.3% Asian
47.6% Hispanic
Source: @pewresearch…
#Bernie Sanders needed to overperform with voters under 30 to win the nomination. Instead, younger voter turnout dropped by almost 3% compared to 2016. Don't give away your power. #vote
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1/ thread
How safe is it to go out?
Find your local COVID data.

E.g., my son lives in SF Bay Area w/3 surrounding counties: San Francisco, San Mateo, & Santa Clara.

- no. of COVID cases
- no. active cases
- no. of deaths…
And/or look for other local data, sometimes called "dashboards" to help find your data too.…
3/ Add local data up. Find %'s

SF SM SC Total
# Cases 2,320 1,791 2,546 6,657
# Active 2,280 1,715 2,407 6,402
% Active 98% 96% 95% 96%

# Deaths 40 76 139 255
% Deaths 2% 4% 5% 4%
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Trump, LYING HIS ASS OFF. In Nov when @JoeBiden whips his ass Trump will pull this BS and say he’s challenging the legitimacy of the election. What he says here is what the GOP does. Trump STEALING and SABOTAGE of election. #Michigan #TrumpDeathToll95K 1/
Trump projects what Republicans do. He mentioned Mike Garcia. Well, this is how Garcia won. This is what GOP will do this November: cheat. Trump’s GOP buddy Devin Nunes admitted to ballot harvesting for Garcia last week... 2/ #TrumpDeathToll95K #Michigan
In the video Devin Nunes from California, says of Mike Garcia: “it’s a traditionally Republican seat”(which it is.) Yet today Trump said it was Democratic. Key: this story is where Trump got his frenzy. But he omits context: #TrumpDeathToll95K #Michigan 3/
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Our paper with @cemoyvat is now published with @ElectoralStdies: We studied how #Turkey voters form their assessments of how the economy is going, based on survey data. Access:
Our findings testify both to the capacity of the individuals to anchor their economic performance assessments to personal experience, and to the #media's ability to weaken this anchor. 2/n
With an new method we get personal income growth over the previous year and show that this growth predicts more positive assessments. But those watch pro-govt TV have upwardly biased assessments. These results obtain w partisanship is constant, and for opposition voters too. 3/n
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"Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers
own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to
create deposits, and with a flick of the pen they will create enough
deposits to buy it back again.
However, take it away from them, and all
the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear,
for this would be a happier and better world to live in.
But, if you wish
to remain the slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery,
let them continue to create deposits."
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💥The trouble with the GOP and the CDC - Lancet, leading medical journal - Thread…
Funding to the CDC for a long time has been subject to conserv politics that have increasingly eroded the agency's ability to mount effective, evidence-based public health responses.

In the 1980s, the Reagan admin resisted providing the sufficient budget that the CDC needed to
fight the HIV/AIDS crisis. The GWB admin put restrictions on global and domestic HIV prevention and reproductive health programming.

The Trump admin further chipped away at the CDC's capacity to combat infectious diseases.
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📌What Amendment to the Constitution gave woman the right to vote? I feel it is important to honor the woman and men who fought to give us that right! Aug 26, 2020 is the 100 year anniversary. Let's take a trip back in time and talk about it. #Suffrage #19thAmendment #vote
📌 In 1878 the Amendment was first introduced in Congress. It would take decades to pass. Many woman who marched, attended silent vigils, and fought valiantly would not live to witness the historic event.
📌In 1916 Rhode Island Union Colored Woman Clubs ask Congress to secure the Suffrage Amendment
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Your #vote is incredibly important, but how can you vote without going to your polling place on #ElectionDay? You can cast an absentee ballot!

Check out this thread on voting during #COVID-19. 👇🏽
ALL states have a way of submitting absentee ballots. Absentee voting is also known as “mail-in voting.”

See your state rules for more detailed information:…
Did you know? 👀

✅17 states require an excuse for voting absentee
✅28 states and D.C. offer no-excuse absentee voting
✅5 states hold all vote-by-mail elections

How does your state handle absentee ballots/ voting by mail?

Find out:…
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