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Throwback to that time we helped keep Oleg Deripaska's lobbyist from Mercury Public Affairs, David Vitter, out of the Governor's Mansion.

#Vote @wilsonforla, Louisiana.

#LAGov #LALege…
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🧵(1/3) This Sunday, I remember the sacrifice, resolve and determination of those who faced brutal attacks by law enforcement and White vigilante groups as they sought to march from Selma to Montgomery for the right to register and #vote.
Led by #HoseaWilliams, #JohnLewis, #AmeliaBoynton, and others, this momentous day in #CivilRights history, known as #BloodySunday, “galvanized public opinion and highly influenced the passing by Congress and signing into law by #PresidentJohnson #TheVotingRightsActof1965. (2/3)
Let us not allow the clock to be turned back.

#RestoreVotingRightsNow #PassJohnLewisVotingRightsAct #TheVotingRightsActof1965 (3/3)
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Thread on how can we be patriot ?
Do read it & if thought useful then do re tweet .

In a longer run we need to strengthen our democracy. The question that come to our mind is ,How can we do it ???
The answer is simple and you know it right . The asnwer is by actively taking
participation in elections either it may be of gram pradhan or of a lok sabha . I think this is the only way we can we can raise our voices. I have seen youth, many of my friends also, who have turned 25/26 years old and have not even given a single vote . Why guys ?
You are the brighest of minds and i believe it, honestly. Yes don't give a smile at your phone screen now . Vote is the only power you have as common citizen . Do your own research for the candidate which you are going to vote ,Think about their track records at your
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#Brésil Le peuple envahit le #Congrès à Brasilia, dans le cadre d'une #manif contre Lula. Ils ont aussi pris le palais présidentiel, le Sénat etc
Les médias vont être obligés de dire qu'ils manifestaient massivement depuis des semaines contre les résultats de l'#élection de Lula?
#Brazil Les manifestants sont entrés dans le palais présidentiel. La police a fait plusieurs charges de dispersion mais les manifestations continuent autour du Congrès.
#Brésil les manifestants sont entrés aussi dans le #Sénat. On rappelle que cela fait des semaines que le peuple brésilien protestait en masse contre l'élection de Lula, sans un mot des médias, qui vous diront sûrement que ce seront des gens d'extrême droite bien sûr
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“We are deeply disturbed by the 20-yr track record that places Judge Alito on the far right of the judicial spectrum, esp when it comes to women’s & #civilrights. If #SamuelAlito is confirmed…many of our fundamental rights will be at great risk, & could well be lost entirely.”⬇️
2/Prophetic: “Dear Senator, NOW is strongly opposed to the elevation of Judge #SamuelAlito to the #SupremeCourt of the United States, and with every passing day, more information appears that re-confirms our opposition. We urge you to review his record, writings…
3/“…and judicial philosophy, and join us in opposing his nomination.Not only is NOW disappointed that President Bush has proposed to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor with yet another white male ultra-conservative, but we are deeply disturbed by the twenty-year track record…
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⚖🌐 Is #climatechange on its way to the world's highest court?

A 🧵 on one of the most important pieces of #strategiclitigation one one of the world's most pressing issues.

#internationallaw #internationalaffairs #climatechange #InternationalCourtofJustice #negotiation
This week, Vanuatu and fifteen other nations circulated a draft #UnitedNations #GeneralAssembly #UNGA resolution requesting an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice relating to the obligations of States in respect of climate change.
This is an important development in a process that I've written about before:…

A few key points of note in the draft resolution:
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A Thread: Atlanta residents and advocates are gathering for a Moral Mass Meeting to lift up the importance of a movement that votes! They are joined by @RevDrBarber & @liztheo, Co-Chairs of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.

#OurVotesAreDemands Picture of Moral Mass MeetingPicture of Moral Mass Meeting
@RevDrBarber @liztheo 🎵 🎶 Don't you wanna vote?! What's on the ballot is voting rights! #OurVotesAreDemands
@RevDrBarber @liztheo "More than 1 million people that have already voted in this runoff & millions more are casting their ballots for justice, truth & freedom. We will hear from folks this evening who have the power to make their voices heard & to change life and policy better for everyone." @liztheo
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WATCH NOW: Moral Monday Rally in Georgia | A Moral Call to Vote…
The National Co-chairs of The Poor People’s Campaign (@UniteThePoor) & Rev. Dr. Alvin O’Neal Jackson address the crowd in Atlanta, GA #MoralCallToVote
"As of right now, we are still homeless. I am here to talk to those mothers that are homeless right now that are in the hotels waiting for someone to knock on the door to give us food for our kids for that day. I'm asking for our children's sake, that we #vote." - Zan Armstrong
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🕚Today at 11am PST we'll be discussing how #longtermcare facilities can better protect residents' rights, including the right to #vote. Watch the livestream 👇@justiceinaging @CalAging @annachodos…
Welcome to today's briefing in partnership with the @CAPublicHealth's #VaccinateAll58 campaign and @CalAging. Our first speaker today is Blanca Castro, CA State Long-Term Care Ombudsman and a "fierce defender" of the rights of longterm care facility residents.
Ombudsman is a Swedish word that means advocate, says Castro. There are about 300k people in CA, she notes, who go into some 12k long term care facilities in the state.
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An ongoing 🛢️ about why Raphael Warnock is not the right choice for Georgia:

Vote @HerschelWalker


"Warnock is not the moderate he portrays himself to be. He has ties to socialists and extreme groups...has attacked American evangelicals from the pulpit. He is a divisive figure with far-Left policies, and all Americans should stand up against this hate.”…
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Fraude potentielle des élections en #France & US?
En attendant les #Midterms, Momotchi & @les_deqodeurs font un top 10 des choses louches et étrangement similaires de ces élections. Ici sur les machines de vote où on peut entrer les votes à la main sur PC…
Machines de votes en #France, si vous voulez vérifier par vous même
#US Elections #Midterms Les Républicains sont en tête pour le moment!
House: 200 sièges contre 179 des démocrates
Sénat 49 sièges contre 48 On croise les doigts
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Just had the most surreal voting experience. Volunteer asked for my name & I said it. She asked me to spell it. We began the rigamarole of me spelling out my “foreign” name. After I spelled out my first name, as I was starting my last name she looked up & said “Wait, the AUTHOR?”
Someone tell the ten year old girl who came to this country from Iran with a “difficult” name & who had to wait years to get the privilege of voting here, that this would one day happen.
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#HoCoMd #Election2022 - I am supporting @DanNewberger & @JackyMcCoyBOE in the non-partisan race for @HCPSS Board of Ed. I have spent a lot of time reading about all of the candidates. McCoy & Newberger, endorsed by @MomsDemand, are committed to ending #GunViolence in our schools.
.@JackyMcCoyBOE has been a teacher for decades & is endorsed by our local educators. She has dyslexia & achieved a graduate level-degree so understands what supports make it possible for students with learning differences to be academically successful.
.@DanNewberger is a parent of HCPSS students & a Navy veteran with a Master in Public Policy who has worked in military, corporate, and non-profit sectors. In those roles, he has had to achieve consensus among people w/ widely divergent opinions, a critical skill at this time. /3
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🧵@AmericaEthiopia endorsements

#US #ElectionDay #ElectionDay2022 begins today, Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Here's a recap of @AmericaEthiopia endorsements.

#Vote as a bloc.
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My roommate was recently released after serving 27 years in prison for petty theft. He never broke the rules while inside, so that means he has never used a cellphone. He came home to find out our entire lives exist on this device. 📲🧵
He struggles to receive help because he doesn’t know to how text, pick up calls, or listen to a voicemail when he misses a call. When I try to teach him how to use his phone it is extremely overwhelming for him. Keep in mind, he was incarcerated in 1995!!!
I only served 10 years compared to my roommate’s 27. Even so, when I was released I was still shocked by all of the technological advancements that we consider commonplace today. Like talking TVs. I love telling my TV to go to Netflix.
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My friend and fellow disability advocate Angela Wrigglesworth Titcombe shared her voting story today. She said:

"I voted today, but I don't have a cute look-at-my-sticker, proud-to-be-an-American social post. I have this pic instead. This is the new voting machine in Texas.” 1/7 A row of voting machines wi...
“It's a touch screen that requires a person to reach out & hold their arm steady for the 100 screens, yes, 100, necessary to vote. It must be touched in numerous places, then the voter must feed 2 sheets of paper into the machine to print their selections.”
(TX has LONG ballots.) Image
Angela continues, “The former machine could be accessed within an inch of one's body & had multiple selections per page to limit scrolling. And then you hit SUBMIT.” #CripTheVote #Disability #Vote #2022Midterms 3/7 A voting machine with tacti...
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We are less than a week away from the elections. @AAPD had prepared a number of resources to mobilize the disability #vote!

We created 51 state disability voting guides - One for each state & DC. #DCStatehoodNow

These guides are also in Spanish.…
State Disability Voting Guides go over:
- How & When to Register to Vote
- Ways to Learn abt People & Policies You Can Vote For
- Rules 4 Voting In-Person or By Mail
- Info on Accommodations & Your Rights as a Disabled Voter
- What to Do If You Run Into Problems
Here are the Spanish state disability voting guides!…

#CripTheVote @RevUpCampaign #Disability #DisabilityTwitter
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@GOP @DNC #VOTE #DemocraticParty #Republican
Enough is enough! Not I nor anyone else should have to sit you down and dress you down for your behavior, nor have to tell you to do your job! We shouldn't have to remind you of your oath!
Yet here I am, dealing with a pack of kids!🧵
Your conduct is unacceptable, childish, and corrupt! That applies to both sides! Sit your asses down and close your mouths for a change. LISTEN!
WE, the American people, the voters, are the BOSS. YOU are the employees. Period.
Not the rich, not the lobbies, not other governments.
YOU work for US. So you have two choices: Do the job we assigned you or get removed and punished for your crimes. You may act like a bunch of corrupt little 5 year olds, but you are not 5! You are adults, and consequences for your actions exist!
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1/ 🗳🗳History shows the 15th Amendment in 1870 gave Blacks the right to vote, but it was not until 1966 that all barriers were removed allowing them to vote freely.
2/ Blacks always understood 🗳as one of the basics of citizenship, and often used creative ways to reinforce the importance of voting. Historic Springfield Baptist Church, founded in 1787, used a “church repair” fundraiser to amplify the concept of 🗳.
3/ SBC held a mock election in
1944 assigning each member to a political party and a state. My uncle Andrew Bell was assigned Pennsylvania. His name is at the top of the last column. He canvassed the community for votes and funds.
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#SupremeCourt hearing PIL challenging Central govt move to link Aadhaar numbers with electoral voter IDs/rolls.

Matter before Justices Sanjay Kaul and AS Oka. Image
Sr Adv Shyam Divan: Right to vote is one of the most scared rights. [Takes Court through plea and relevant enabling legislation]

#SupremeCourt #aadhaarcard #vote
Justice Kaul: You argument seems to be lacking Aadhaar should not deny one voting or even on having it , it should not be compulsory.

Divan: Yes that is my principle stand.

#SupremeCourt #aadhaar #voting
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Et voilà le travail voilà comment la fraude rentre en action
Lula etait annoncé gagnant.
Et pure coïncidence, voici une vidéo avec une machine de #vote qui ne marche pas quand on veut voter Bolsonaro. #fraude
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Understand this:

Most pollsters try to do a good job and accurately predict what will happen based on what’s happening now and what’s happened in the past.

But some pollsters want to convince people that there’s no point in voting at all.
Professionals try to predict what will happen based on things like how different groups of people have voted in the past, how likely they are to vote and a lot of other factors. They don’t KNOW. They take an educated guess about what you will do (vote for A or B - or DON’T vote).
The truth is that the honest pollsters don’t really tell us, the voters, what’s going to happen. We determine what will happen by voting and who we vote for. Or not voting. That’s a decision too.
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@juliasm18659356 @JohnWest_JAWS @PennyMordaunt @RishiSunak This follows on from Brexit Coup in 2016, which our #UkSecServices #Police #ElectoralCommission #DCMS #Parliament #Cps #Politicians all ignored because they were too cowardly to stand up to Tories. Some LabourPolitians were complicit: Hoey /Lexit ; for example.
@juliasm18659356 @JohnWest_JAWS @PennyMordaunt @RishiSunak So even though people like @carolecadwalla @IanCLucas @BylineTimes @ByDonkeys @Heidi_Cuda @RealBristolNews kept on providing the receipts- they were hounded / ignored. In USA Trump launched Jan6th and all the same names came up in Court again and again. In U.K. it’s ignored.
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🧵1. These are the words of Cathy Woolard, chair of the Fulton County (Ga) Board of Registration and Elections (BRE):

“ I am still working on my thoughts about the state of our democracy and elections in particular. For decades elections departments were the skeleton crew…
2. … of county governments that operated on razor thin budgets, under invested in staff, equipment and process improvements only to spring into action with temp staff and rented equipment in Election years. Until 2020.
3. Fast forward to today. We have gone through Redistricting of local, county, state and federal district lines and acquired state mandated expensive new large and heavy voting equipment with specific electrical and physical space requirements.
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