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only-slightly-mad scientist, int’l law prof, author of books on civilians & war. fears tyrants & nukes; welcomes spiders & refugee children. loves whitewater.
6 Apr 20
QUARANTINE DAY 25 my bored teenage son is now giving comments on my op-ed drafts. and he is out for blood.


"what does this add? delete"

"this drags on and is boring"

"i think every instance of you using parentheses should be cut and you should never do it again." 1/
"you have a citation for everything but this. provide evidence"
"this really adds nothing in my opinion except makes it seem like you hate young people"
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4 Aug 19
THREAD: Some of my followers object to my sharing the manifesto of the white supremacist terrorist who just shot up El Paso, a town I recently visited and where I have friends. To those who believe I did this to support the terrorist, fuck you. To those interested in my reasons:
1. Short version: I encourage you to read this manifesto so there is no doubt in your mind or anyone you speak to that this is the act of a white supremacist terrorist. No talk of "mental health problems." This is anti-immigrant, white supremacist terrorism.
2. More nuanced version: I am a scholar and educator specializing in political violence. I primarily use Twitter to share and receive information. As an informed American citizen I generally try to look at primary sources when I can find them and encourage others to do same
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24 Jul 19
WEDNESDAY CONCENTRATION-CAMP-TWEETING THREAD: Proof those concentration camp guards I chatted with earlier this week are big fat liars: @AngelCanales @NBCNews @CBSNews @CNN @USAToday @Newsweek @aljazeera @democracynow @texastribune @nealsoftpower
@angelcanales @NBCNews @CBSNews @CNN @USATODAY @Newsweek @AlJazeera @democracynow @TexasTribune @NealSoftPower 1. What CPB Officer Sandoval swore to me Saturday, July 20: "There are no children in this facility. I would know if there were children."

What @NealSoftPower Rosendorf caught on camera just hours before: children.
@angelcanales @NBCNews @CBSNews @CNN @USATODAY @Newsweek @AlJazeera @democracynow @TexasTribune @NealSoftPower 2. What CPB Officer Mason said Sunday July 21: "We take them to Clint, they get placed through the Office of Refugee Resettlement with a relative or a family like you."

What CBS reported last night: "ORR does not allow qualified American families to take these children in."
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22 Jul 19
THREAD: While speaking to this guard yesterday at Paso del Norte detention center, who asked I edit his face out of the photo I took:
Me: "What should I tell my son about the pictures he's been seeing in the paper, when I tell him I came down here and spoke to you?"

He: "Tell him we're doing our jobs the best we can with the resources we have."
Me: "You're doing your job. But what do you personally think? Do you think it's right?"

Guard: "It's on the books, it's the law Congress pass, and we're enforcing the law, the oath we took."
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