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Chapitre 1 : Le sexe et le genre.

La #transidentité soulève énormément de questions et donne lieu à une...

@hackingsocialfr 1/10 Illustration du chapitre 1,...
@hackingsocialfr ... multitude d’#affirmations qui souvent se contredisent les unes les autres. Je ne suis quant à moi pas surprise de la bousculade ambiante, ce thème étant à peu près le plus perturbant qu’on puisse trouver puisqu’il touche à...

#transgenre #lgbtphobie 2/10
@hackingsocialfr ... l’#identité de chacun et chacune, et qu’il vient remettre en question le fonctionnement même de notre société. Nous pensons tous et toutes avoir une idée claire de ce qu’est un #homme ou une #femme et de...

#sciences #recherche 3/10
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Here's @ColetteColfer who will demonstrate how gender ideology is like a religion. "Gender identity is real for people whether it exists or not." 1/#GenspectBiggerPicture
She talks about an article that she pitched to the Irish Times and it was accepted - but mysteriously never got published. She read a book by a man called A James Gregor on political religions in the 20th century - which are secular but have religious characteristics. 2/
Gregor says if claims are falsiifed, it won't lead to abandonment of the claims among adherents. Colfer lists all parallels between religions and trans ideology and all the main boxes are ticked. 3/ #GenspectBiggerPicture
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I am a girl. I am transgender and proud. A lot of people have been sharing false narratives about my family and me, so I’d like to use this special transgender day of visibility to address them 🏳️‍⚧️ (pt. 1) #TDOV2023
1. Since the moment I could express myself, I knew I was a girl. My identity as a woman was never placed upon me,& my parents didn’t force me to transition. Through their unconditional love, they helped me find medical advice from professionals who supported me in my transition.
2.I don’t regret my transition AT ALL. When I was 11, I started male puberty and was put on hormone blockers. Those blockers saved my life and continue to save the lives of so many youths out there. If I were forced to go through male puberty, it would’ve been devastating.
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1 Hallo ihr Cuties

Heute ist #TransDayOfVisibility. Es ist, wie der Name schon sagt, der Tag, der für mehr Sichtbarkeit von trans* Menschen sorgen soll. Doch Sichtbarkeit ist nicht für alle von uns machbar.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TDoV #trans #LGBTQIA #diversity Ich sitze vor einem schwarz...
2 Sichtbar zu sein, kann gefährlich sein. Es kann Ausgrenzung bedeuten, Hass & Hetze zur Folge haben, auch Drohungen und Gewalt sind keine Seltenheit. Viele meiner Geschwister verstecken sich, aus Angst vor den Folgen eines Coming-Outs.
3 Es sollte nicht so sein, aber es ist ein Teil der #transrealitaeten.

Aber warum? Immerhin sind wir ein Teil dieser Gesellschaft. Wir sind Eltern, Kinder und Geschwister. Wir sind eure Freund*innen, Arbeitskolleg*innen und Partner*innen.
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On Transgender Day of Visibility & every day @USAID celebrates the leadership, diversity & agency of the international transgender community, while raising awareness about the discrimination that transgender, non-binary & gender non-conforming people face worldwide. #TDOV (1/5)🏳️‍⚧️
The pride, power, and resilience of transgender people around the world—including in the face of international anti-gender, anti-rights, and anti-democratic coalitions spreading misinformation about transgender individuals—is a lesson and inspiration for all people. #TDOV (2/5)🏳️‍⚧️
As demonstrated by this week’s Summit for Democracy, it is clear that democracies and societies are strongest when the most marginalized in society are guaranteed equal protection and opportunity. #TDOV (3/4)🏳️‍⚧️
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Anyway, since it's Trans Day of Visibility still, I might as well bring back my super hot beautiful pictures from the past onto the timeline for everyone's viewing pleasure 🥰💗🏳️‍⚧️

#TDOV #TDOV2023 #TransDayOfVisibility A picture of Mishima Kitan with flower crown and flowers aro
Wow, absolute banger!!! 🔥

I am getting heatstroke from my own hotness and I need to hydrate 🥤 A picture of Mishima Kitan with white wrangler hat.
Every morning when I wake up, I check out my body and I am so happy to have my body because I am cute and very hot with all of my tattoos 🥰💗

Can't wait to have the rest of my body covered in ink!!! 😊 A picture of Mishima Kitan in a red bikini top.
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Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility from your friendly internet queer Japanese thembo babe (me)!!! 😘💗

I'm happy to be trans, to be queer, and to be living my best life right now!!! 🥰🏳️‍⚧️

#TDOV #TDOV2023 #TransDayOfVisibility A picture of Mishima Kitan in a white wrangler hat.
In the hegemonic society, we may still need to obtain "visibility" but I hope we can move onto Trans Day of Support where trans people (especially those who are further marginalized by other intersectional factors) can receive tangible support because that's what's really needed.
I believe that visibility is a starting point. While I don't have a massive platform, my online visibility has helped me reach a lot of people, organizations, and companies which led me to job offers and other opportunities.
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My new book, Banning Transgender Conversion Practices: A Legal and Policy Analysis (UBC Press) is officially out today. Tragically, it couldn’t be more timely with yesterday’s news that the UK wouldn’t protect trans people from the torturous practices.…
When I began writing this book nearly five years ago, I thought that conversion practices were on a path to extinction, and that my work would merely help finish the job. I am disturbed by how wrong I was—trans conversion practices are on the rise. Title page of a master’s th...
Trans visibility hasn’t helped—the fact that the UK government threw trans people under the bus on #TDoV is a bitter reminder of that. The backlash against trans rights has been severe, and the inclusion of trans people under the bans is increasingly challenged.
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Gender ideology is misogyny. 🧵

"Women have been treated as sexual objects. Yet if sexual objectification is so categorically awful, then why do I want it so badly?

The idea that being seen as a 'sex object' is universally a bad thing is too simple."
— Jacob Tobia
#TDOV Image
"The narrative is that transgender people will come into bathrooms and abuse little girls.

The supposed 'purity' of the victims has remained stagnant.

There are no princesses. Little girls are also kinky."

— Alok Vaid-Menon
Transactivist Image
"While I never really believed the cliché about women being good for only one thing, that sentiment kept creeping into my fantasies.

It’s called forced feminization... transforming the loss of male privilege into the best f*ck ever."

— Julia Serano, trans-identifying author Image
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Alright, I’m late in getting to this, but since its #tdov, I want to talk about visibility in the trans community.

In particular, I want to talk about visibility as both praxis and goal, and why both of those things have largely been failures, particularly for trans women.
Historically, trans people have a fraught relationship with visibility. For decades, *Invisibility* was stressed to by those who controlled our ability to transition.

Meanwhile, we have also existed as objects of public fascination as far as back as the early 20th century.
Visibility as a political praxis, of course, draws from gay rights movement, and especially from the work of folks like Harvey Milk.

Because so much of the rhetoric around gay people had been so ludicrously sensationalized, visibility could quickly debunk those caricatures.
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Trans rights rally underway at the state Capitol #TransDayOfVisibility
The gathering comes in response to HB11, the trans-excluding “Student Eligibility in Interscholastic Activities,” the veto override for which received a majority vote last week #utpol #utleg #TDOV
This is the second gathering of this nature in recent days. Last Thursday, around 600 Utahns descended upon the Capitol for sports equality. My dispatch:…
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In recent days, I've focused on the abrupt resurgence of homophobia within the mainstream GOP. But it's important to remember that the flood of anti-trans hate from the right never stopped. Trans people face a horrific assault on their fundamental rights every single day. #TDOV
Much of the gay community stopped paying attention after Obergefell. But for the trans community, the attacks have only ramped up in the last few years. Transgender Americans have had to plead for allyship and warn what's on the horizon for the LGBTQ community. #TDOV
Anti-trans advocates ostensibly on the left have also stepped up their attacks. I'll never forget seeing TERFs protesting alongside anti-LGBTQ groups before oral arguments at the Supreme Court in Bostock v. Clayton County. Groups that literally want to imprison gay people! #TDOV
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Happy Transgender Day of Visibility.

I’ll be extremely visible in the middle of the @UW campus having conversations about how there is no such thing as a trans kid, and medicalizing children for gender is child abuse.

On this Transgender Day of Visibility we celebrate all the boys and girls who reject stereotypes and know that there is no right way to be a boy or a girl.

We celebrate our girls who climb trees, want to be engineers, and have short hair, knowing that they are fully, 100% girl!
The transgender movement hinges entirely on regressive, sexist stereotypes.

What is a woman? She’s an adult human female.

She is not a hormone level. She is not a feeling. She is not a male with lipstick and heels.

I am not a biologist, but @HeatherEHeying is.
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Trans visibility has always been important, but not always possible. Today it is possible but also, in many ways, has never been more important.
Thanks to the tireless efforts of activists over the decades, trans and non-binary people are now more visible than ever. We owe a lot to our community elders who fought for rights before there was ever a chance, who were yelled at and spit on and beaten for doing so.
We are now in a place where our voices are beginning to be heard. Trans people are gracing the covers of magazines, winning awards, featured positively in media, even producing that media. Some of us are loved by our families, keeping our jobs, living our lives. There is hope.
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Happy #TDOV! This is going to be a thread of ways you can materially support trans people, in times where we desperately need it. This thread is US based. Cis people, please RT this and try to do as many things on this list as you are able. It can save lives. 🧵
Firstly, you can go to to learn about hateful legislation in your state and contact your representatives to push back against pending anti-trans legislation. You can also follow @StepUp4Trans for updates.
Secondly, one of the most impactful things you can do to support trans lives is donate money and assistance to trans people. Trans folks, feel free to attach your need posts here. Cis folks, anything you can spare can make a difference.
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Happy #TransDayOfVisibility!

While communities around the world may use different terms, gender variance has long existed and thrived.

Today we're excited to share a new video with @lilyvetch about the South Asian Hijra community - historically categorised as a third gender.
With so many attacks to the existence and rights of trans people around the world, #TransDayOfVisibility is a crucial time to celebrate the trans community, and to raise awareness of the discrimination they face worldwide.

Read more:…
We all have a part to play in supporting trans equality - today, and every day 🏳️‍⚧️

RT this thread to raise awareness and show your support for trans communities this #TDOV! 💞
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It's Trans Day of Visibility (#TDOV/#TDOV2022) again and, y'all, we're three months and a couple hundred bills deep in anti-trans legislation of various flavors. Let's break it down.
Sports bills: disqualifying trans girls from playing on girls' sports teams. Utah overrode a veto to pass one of these bills to block the single trans girl athlete in the state from playing. Utah's own governor said it was an ugly, low blow.
Commentary: (1) trans girls and women statistically aren't dominating, (2) sports has always favored inborn advantages and if trans women ever do dominate, more power to them!!, (3) any filter for trans ppl catches cis ppl too and is degrading and inhumane (see: Caster Semenya)
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters.
Today is #TransDayOfVisibility and I have thought long and hard about what I need to say about it.
For those of you who do not wish to be visible and wish you could just fade in to the background, I support you.
When I announced to the world that I was Transgender, I looked to Twitter to find like minded folk and if it were not for their visibility and strength I believe I would have seriously struggled to accept myself.
For me, I am not openly visible for the Cis, not for the attention and definitely not for the glory. I am visible so that others may see me and find some commonality in life, so that others may see me and feel that it is possible to be themselves.
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Good morning! It’s #TDOV22 #TDOV2022 #TDOV and I’m in #Berlin, researching the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, (Institute of Sexology/Sexual Science) that operated from 1918-1933. My next book is about its support of #trans lives. See my @sciam article:…
2/ One thing I’m critically aware of is just how much of my research doesn’t feel like #history: progressive movement for inclusivity and understanding undermined by conservative, right wing (nationalist, later fascist) attacks to ‘protect’ by criminalizing LBGTQ #TDOV #TDOV2022
3/ Nazis attacked the Institute in 1933, burning the library in the famous book burn. But the attack didn’t start there. It started years earlier, by the slow creep of hatred, fear mongering—AND LEGISLATION. We can’t let it happen again. #TDOV #TDOV2022…
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Tomorrow is #TransDayofVisibility and truthfully, visibility without power and mobilization just leads to violence so let's get active today leading up to #TDOV. We got you covered at @Trans_Week and I am going to list the most urgent actions you can take NOW.
In Arizona, Governor Ducey has just 3 more days to veto TWO anti-trans bills - SB1165 (banning girls from sports) and SB1138 (banning medical care). Please get loud about these bills, contact Ducey, and take action.…
In Alabama, SB184 is on the verge of passage. This bill would make it a FELONY for parents and doctors to treat transgender adolescents with life-saving medical care up to AGE 19. If passed, this bill would cut off needed care to trans people across the south.
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Transmasculine erasure isn't discussed enough, particularly in the context of ongoing legislative battles. While sports bills have overwhelmingly targeted transfeminine kids, transmasculine kids are consistently used as the scare tactics to attempt to enact healthcare bans. 🧵
We see this narrative of "protecting the children" consistently and disproportionately applied to transmasculine children. While pending healthcare bans usually ban all trans affirming medine, there are specific bans on transmasculine bottom surgeries, comparing them to FGM.
In rhetoric, we see this narrative as well. The famous "don't say gay" (really "don't say trans") bill began after a lawsuit over a transmasculine child. The lawsuit claimed that the child was influenced by their school environment into wanting to socially transition.
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This #TDoV learn how to be a better Trans Ally!

The best thing you can do as a trans ally is LISTEN TO TRANS VOICES and understand your privilege as a cisgendered person.

Please share this post around to teach others on how to be a positive #transally #transdayofvisibility
🧵 ImageImageImageImage
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In one year, the Biden-Harris Administration has made significant progress in advancing equality and equity for #LGBTQI+ people. Below are some ways @POTUS and @VP have re-prioritized LGBTQI+ issues within government and brought LGBTQI+ people back to the table. (thread)
On day one, @POTUS signed an EO preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. This historic EO directed federal agencies to fully implement all federal laws to protect #LGBTQI+ people.…
In June 2021, the #BidenHarrisAdministration announced that Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, reversing the prior administration’s stance. #LGBTQI+…
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MOGAI: o termo e o problema em se posicionar contra o movimento
O termo MOGAI surgiu em 2014. Um grupo de jovens se reuniram no Tumblr - site popular entre jovens - e @Cisphobeofficial cunhou o termo para trazer mais inclusão e, também, já que sempre se descobrem novas identidades e, consequentemente, +
uma "nova" letra é adicionada a sigla (LGBTQIAP+), tornando-a extensa. +
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