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Historian | School of Public Policy, University of Maryland-College Park | Policy and politics of cities, nonprofits, philanthropy, and welfare.
28 Feb 19
Reworked my course on nonprofits and social innovation for #BHM to open each class in Feb with African American history. A thread on the sources I used and how this history helped me frame the seemingly neutral "third sector" as a site of struggle, power, and change 1/
For context--this is an intro course for 40 undergraduate @UMDPublicPolicy @DoGoodatUMD students interested in nonprofits and social innovation. Each class meeting contains both lecture and discussion. Here are the topics we covered: 2/
Nonprofits: The Boston Black United Front and their denial of charitable status by the IRS to discuss nonprofits as spaces for politics, black power, and policing by federal agencies.… 3/
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