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@CultExpert This relationship between former cult members and the Evangelicals who deprogram them + their ties to the Republican party is a fascinating recurring theme.
@CultExpert The Nazis used cult tactics, too.
@CultExpert When one considers these conservative "purity test" it all make more sense. The pledging of loyalty to a set of bizarre, evolving, principles. And, if you don't adhere to them; well, you're thrown out of the group — you’re just a RINO.

You are excommunicated.
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#BlackHistoryMonth wraps up today but we can engage with #BlackExcellence round the year via these #BlackTwitter accounts.
Wherever you live, we invite you to learn more about these #Communities & institutions that are shaping the story of #Canada.
🧵with favourite accounts.

Join them in their goal to “reduce the racial disparities in health outcomes & promote health & well-being for people from the diverse Black communities in Canada with emphasis on the broad determinants of health, including racism." #BlackHistoryMonth

@blackartndialog is "dedicated to supporting, documenting and showcasing the artistic and cultural contributions of Black artists and cultural workers in Canada and internationally." #BHM

Explore their incredible FREE for the public gallery here:
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Henry Brown of Springfield, Illinois, is best known to history as the Black man who led Lincoln's horse on the day of Lincoln's funeral. But Henry Brown was much more than that.... #presidentsday @CCP_org @ALPLM @illinoisIHLC @HopeCM @NWIHistorian @nu_hgso #BHM
Born in North Carolina in 1823, Brown left home as a young person and migrated to Ohio and Ind. before settling in Ill. He and Mary Ann King fell in love in 1847. "A mutual admiration and a matrimonial engagement was the result of their first meeting," a county history recorded.
An A.M.E. minister, Henry Brown presided over a church in Springfield but frequently traveled to other churches. He and Mary Ann had ten children together. Brown served as a delegate to the first statewide Black political convention: Chicago, Oct. 1853.…
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#OTD in 1865 Charleston, South Carolina Mayor Charles Macbeth surrendered the city to Lieutenant Colonel A.G. Bennett of the 21st United States Colored Troops. The city had been under siege since the summer of 1863 and its harbor contained Ft. Sumter, where the war began.
Confederate General Beauregard ordered the evacuation three days earlier, nearly four years after he commanded the initial assault of Ft. Sumter in April, 1861. By the afternoon a company of the 54th Mass. (USCT) was helping to extinguish the flames set by the retreating rebels.
Many of the first Union soldiers to enter Charleston were from the USCT and they left a wake of liberation for Black Charlestonians who were legally enslaved the day prior. Days later the 55th Mass. (USCT) walked the streets of downtown singing "John Brown's Body."
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#OTD in 1884 the Chicago Tribune reported on Senate hearings regarding the Danville Massacre in Virginia. The massacre took place on November 3, 1883. The Chicago Tribune’s reporting highlights the tension between white Democrats, Black Republicans and voting at the time. Image
The Danville Massacre (also referred to as the Danville Race Riot) was a violent white backlash to bi-racial democracy in Virginia during the Readjuster movement. The Readjuster Party supported legislation to help alleviate the state's debt incurred during the Civil War.
Danville had thriving majority Black population by the 1880s. Many whites in the area described Black political power as "Negro rule." The Tribune's report quoted a white witness who stated that the Readjusters imposed "the worst rule any people were ever cursed with."
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"I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way.
There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder. This is not something that I am going to run by anybody. I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed. ...
If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right."
-Colin Kaepernick

#blackhistorymonth #bhm #colinkaepernick #imwithkap #nokapnonfl #stillwithkap
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#CivilWar veteran Theophilus L Covington widowed two women and was a widower once before his own death in 1911.

I still have significant gaps in his story from his birth to 1875.

Where should I start? Maybe chronology will be key. So... #BHM #USHistory #MIHistory🧵
1st sign I have of him is 1860 census where we see his wife Anna Ward Covington and daughter Gertrude, aged 2, born in Michigan. Living in Owosso, Shiawassee County - which became a sundown town. No Theophilus. 2/
During the Civil War, there were income taxes so I find Theophilus L Covington (fabulous uncommon name) in Houghton County Michigan by November of 1862 operating a saloon. 3/
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Dr. Thomas Unthank was the father of Kansas City Black hospitals. Born in 1866 to formerly enslaved parents in Greensboro, NC, Dr. Unthank wld bcm the founder of several Black hospitals during segregation, including America's first public hospital entirely staffed by BA's.
His dedication to providing adequate and accessible Healthcare to Black Kansas Citians helped elevate the Black community as a whole. His impact ws felt nationally as the institutions he helped found were among the few that would to train emerging Black medical professionals.
Every department at General Hospital Number 2, which was the public hospital spearheaded by Dr. Unthank, was staffed by Black Americans. Doctors, including surgeons, dentists and pharmacist etc, nurses, aides, maintenance, administrative etc, were positions all filled by BA's
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Charles White Art Appreciation 🧵
Love Letter III, 1977
#BlackArt #BHM
Charles White
The Mother, 1953
Charles White
Negro: USA, 1949
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Arthur Tays was a showman, restaurant owner and more in Iron Mountain, MI.

Son of formerly enslaved Union veteran Rev. Christopher Tays, he grew up in Missouri. #MIHistory #BHM #Unerasing
Seeking medical attention was almost impossible for a Black man in Iron Mountain circa 1900. Tays died as a result of a tooth allowed to decay so badly his jaw went with it.
He left a wife, Rose, and a son, James. Rose was white but found herself shunned in short order regardless. Rose and Jimmy went to Chicago.
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Why African Americans left the Republican Party

"This decline can be attributed to a general upswing in Lily-White challenges across the South – initiated with President Herbert Hoover’s blessing ."
Republican Party Politics and the American South, 1865-1968…
On The Lily White Republicans

"He spoke with no bridled tongue of the political OUTRAGES in Arkansas and FortBend County, #Texas, and stated that he recognized the fight was to OVERTHROW the Negro Republicans in the State."


- Maud Cuney-Hare
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In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we celebrate and thank all of the African Americans who have helped make space exploration possible.
Learn more about them and their contributions in this thread.

Christine Darden's career is most noted for her work in sonic boom reduction, prediction, and supersonic wing design. She became the director of Program Management Office of the Aerospace Performing Center and received the Congressional Gold Medal in 2019. #BHM
Guion Bluford was chosen as one of the first Black astronauts in 1979 and flew a total of 4 missions from 1983 to 1992, accruing a total of 688 hours in space. He is an accomplished pilot and has written several papers on computational fluid dynamics. #BHM
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As a kid, I loved learning about some of our Black inventors. It was fascinating for me to learn that some of the things we take for granted—things all around us—were the creations of Black inventors. #BHM
As a dressmaker, Sarah Boone's sleek edits to a horizontal wooden block turned into what we now call the ironing board.
Mary Van Brittan Brown was a nurse in Queens, New York when she designed a system of cameras and monitors to help her feel safe from unwanted guests.
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For Black History Month I wanted to share an interesting story about my own family, dating back to the 1800s. From slaves to free people. 🧵 #TouchTheAncestors
My Granny Corrine was born in 1916 in Arkansas to a woman named Cora. Cora was born during reconstruction, raised by a mother and father both born into slavery. Cora's father's name was Thomas, and his father was born in Africa. And that's where our line stops. 1/
It's well documented that our family's love of education goes way back. And the roots were laid during reconstruction. Thomas committed himself to establishing a family environment of curiosity, and this was passed on to one of his sons, and Cora's brother, William. 2/
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Ummmm... yess but like no
See @nationalpost here's the poignant salient thing...

That much fuel should never be congregated in any setting. In any densely populated setting near critical infrastructure.

@OPSChiefSloly can request that support ready LilyPads...
Here's why?
Leaders lead...
Technically a metric that needs to be thoroughly calculated is... how many litres are "pooled" in the most densley parked areas.

Or newly formed illegal wooden structures. Ottawa is essentially a powder keg... that cannot be ignored
See the aim of this thread is to acknowledge system(s) of governance, are proximal & not independent of. Our confederation is & always has been "decentralized"

If @OPSChiefSloly requests it, they are obliged. There are numerous merits
@JimWatsonOttawa & @ottawacity
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The intersection between Black history and foreign policy is a rich subject that often gets overlooked. In light of February as Black History Month, we’ve rounded up a list of books that offer a few entry points: [Thread.]…
2/ In “The New Age of Empire,” @kehinde_andrews examines how institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, and U.N. perpetuate the logic of colonialism in the guise of development—with the United States at the center.…
3/ Political scientist Adom Getachew’s book “Worldmaking after Empire” takes a compelling look at the evolution of Black internationalist thought throughout the postcolonial period.…
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Redoing this so it's clearer that it's a thread. 1/x

A book rec a day for #BHM.

Everyone should read Black writers all the time, constantly, and I try to rec wonderful books regularly, but trying to use this as a way to point attention at great voices.

Let's go.
Starting with a revelatory poetry collection that still has me under its spell. @YesAurielle
’s debut “explores race, gender, desire, & violence in the lives of Black gxrls” with raw power & truth, and does exquisite, breathtaking things w/language.…
Day two, @austinchanning’s I’m Still Here, an essential, moving memoir about claiming agency & selfhood while moving through majority white spaces (many of which claim to be diverse! And inclusive! And yet!)…
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In 2004, wangari Maathai was the first African woman to win a Nobel peace prize.

She was also the first woman in East and Central Africa to receive a PhD.

She was a trailblazer who fought for the environment and connected conservation to people's livelihood.
@JoDivaRunner Image
Wangari Maathai was such a strong & independent woman that her husband filed for divorce citing she was " too strong minded for a woman" and he was " unable to control her"

After the divorce he wanted her to stop using his name so she changed it from mathai to Maathai💅🏽

#BHM Image
In 1977, Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement, an environmental organisation focused on the planting of trees, environmental conservation, and women's rights.

As a professor at the university of Nairobi, she advocated for Equal Pay. She was a woman ahead of her time.
#BHM Image
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Lois Mailou Jones Art Appreciation 🧵
Initiation, Liberia, 1983
#BlackArt #BHM
Lois Mailou Jones
Portrait of Hudson, 1932
Lois Mailou Jones
Arreau, Hautes-Pyrénées, 1949
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Rosewood, FL was a thriving town with a bustling economy. The population was 95% Black & most of its residents owned their own homes & businesses.

That was until a white woman got beaten by her extramarital lover & told the town it was a “n*gger” to hide it from her husband #BHM
Fannie Taylor — the white woman — lived in Sumner.

A white town that was a few miles from Rosewood.

In Gainesville — which was 48 miles away — the Klan was holding its biggest rally ever in that city.

500 people attended.
Fannie’s husband gathered an angry mob of whites from Sumner, enlisted many of the Klan rally attendees from Gainesville and whipped them up into a frenzy.

They were told of a black man named “Jesse Hunter” who’d escaped prison & were convinced he was being hidden in Rosewood.
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This Black History Month let’s see if I can share 28 of my favorite living black artists!

I’m a start with @asieybarbie, self taught concept & character artist whose glossy depictions of black women as super heroes, extraterrestrial beauties and just bossy has always drawn me ImageImage
Jvzmina was on my list of black artists to celebrate this month, but we’re doing it today because I love this post she made ⬇️ featuring a bunch of her art. It has honestly been love at first sight, as her beautiful portraits, concept artwork (1/2)
And fan art always go beyond the boundary of the “category” they might fall in. With an eye for color and texture, attention to emotion and mood, jvzmina’s work is in a world of Its own (2/2)
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NEWS: On the first day of Black History Month, former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has filed a race discrimination class action to shine a light on the racial injustices that take place inside the @NFL.

Read it here:

#NFL #BlackHistoryMonth
Nearly 20 years ago, the NFL adopted the Rooney Rule to address the lack of Black head coaches in the league.

The rule requires NFL teams to interview diverse candidates for vacant head coach, general manager, coordinator & other senior roles.

It hasn't worked.
Roughly 70% of @NFL players are Black. Meanwhile, out of 32 teams:

-Not a single team has a Black owner

-Only one team (3%) has a Black head coach

-Three teams (9%) have a Black QB coach

-Four teams (12%) have a Black offensive coordinator

-Six teams (19%) have a Black GM
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When you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. The mere imparting of information is not education. If a race has no history … no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world & stands in danger... Carter G Woodson
Why Black History Month?

In 1929, Carter G. Woodson started “Negro History Week” to combat the whitewashing of education, what he called “mis-education” of Americans meant to support the racial caste system that had been in place for centuries.
It is often forgotten that BHM was created because American history books erased Black people. The myth of White supremacy, firmly rooted in American imagination (see: Manifest Destiny, The Cornerstone Speech, Curse of Ham, etc.) demanded it. #BlackHistoryMonth
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Happy first day of #BlackHistoryMonth! To celebrate, we'll periodically take time to honor the brilliant Black minds that have contributed to our field over the years. A thread: Image
First up in our series: @6Gems, who founded @BlackGirlsCode after noticing the severe underrepresentation of minorities in the startup world. Bryant's nonprofit has enabled many young black girls to create meaningful work & go on to become leaders in their communities. #BHM2022 Image
@6Gems @BlackGirlsCode Katherine Johnson was a human computer whose calculations were essential to @NASA's Project Mercury, Apollo 11, and more. When the space program switched to digital computers, Johnson helped confirm the accuracy of their calculations. Image
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