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11 Jun 20
The Alfa Bank hoax:

A conspiracy to manufacture the illusion of a secret communications channel between Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization, only to later be "discovered" as evidence of possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign
In mid-to-late June 2016, a group of "self-appointed guardians of the Internet" began to investigate whether Republicans, like the DNC, had been hacked by Russians.…
Around late June 2016, unusually frequent DNS activity between Alfa Bank and a server affiliated with the Trump Organization was detected, allegedly indicating a connection between persons connected to the Trump campaign and Russia.…
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25 May 20
Comey leaked the Renteria memo, in addition to the Flynn memo?

h/t @joebev49…
Might explain the NSD's confusion here:
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23 May 20
"If you remember, Jim Comey was fired on May 9th, and Andy McCabe, almost immediately, in response to Comey's leaked memos on May 16th, put the president into a criminal investigation. And then Rod Rosenstein appointed Bob Mueller as the Special Counsel."…
Only took a year to narrow it down!
"The President tweeted on Friday, May 12th, that I better hope there's not tapes. I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday, May 15th, thinking there might be one. I asked my friend to share it with a reporter on May 16th because I thought it might prompt a special counsel."
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23 May 20
"And so, at the July 29, 2016, meeting at the Perkins Coie office in D.C., Mr. Sussmann mentioned to you the connection between the server at Alfa Group and the server at Trump Tower"
"Mr. Tea Leaves didn't actually know there was a connection in late July, did he?"

"it says here, clearly, he first became suspicious in late July, then began keeping logs, then research over a period of time"

"But in late July, all he had seen was suspicious server activity"
"according to your first recollection, Mr. Sussmann told you the FBI had been informed in July"

"But there's absolutely no evidence the FBI was informed in July"

"There's not a shred of evidence anywhere that anybody was aware of this supposed server connection in late July"
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22 May 20
"FBI agents received a batch of hacked documents"

"hacked material that hadnt been dumped by the Russians"

"The source that provided the document had previously supplied other information that the FBI was unable to uncorroborate"……
...curious if General Flynn had some sort of a personal or business relationship with the FBI's source of the Renteria memo.
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21 May 20
"Millian wrote me that he was baffled and upset when former ABC newsman Brian Ross asked repeatedly if the Chamber of Commerce was a front for Russian espionage."…
"It was all pre-planned and Pre-scripted by Mosk and Ross. They kept on asking the same kind of questions till they got the angle they wanted. They needed specific answers and my 'YES.'"
R: Some people wonder whether you're working for the Russian government.

M: Absolutely no.

R: Are you involved in any way with Russian intelligence agencies?

M: Absolutely no.

R: Do you report back to them?

M: Absolutely no.

R: Do you they ever ask you questions or?

M: No.
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21 May 20
"In a letter, Nikulin says interrogations by the FBI took place on November 14-15, 2016, and on February 7, 2017. He says he was offered to take the blame for breaking into Hillary Clinton's emails for Trump on the orders of Vladimir Putin, but refused."…
Q: Why was the FBI trying to bribe a 30-year old Russian hacker into taking the fall for HRC's email hack?
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20 May 20
7/27: "London Legat Boetig received information from U.S. Embassy London DMC Dibble related to the hacking of the DNC's website/server."

7/28: "Source E acknowledged Russia was behind the leak of DNC emails, had agents within the DNC, and also cyber operator emigres in the U.S."
"ABC texted me on 7/28 asking if I knew Carter Page"

"On 7/29, Sergei Millian sat down with ABC News"

"Initial targets for the hack story was Carter Page and Sergei Millian"

"One of the scenarios to frame me was the DNC hack"

"Kavaleck's notes say DNC hack, mole, and my name"
R: You are an American citizen. How long have you been a citizen?

M: Just recently.

R: Just recently.

M: Yes, naturalized.

. . .

"I am old enough to remember they had been falsely writing I’m Russian from 2016 to 2018. They needed a Russian, folks!"…
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20 May 20
"Clinton knew about the Times's unpublished story. She was hoping it would be pushed onto the front burner of the election, and was crestfallen when the headline finally appeared on the 31st: "Investigating Donald Trump, FBI sees no clear link to Russia."…
"Assistant FBI Director Trainor greeted Michael Sussmann warmly and introduced the other people he brought with him. All I can recall is everyone had a long title with the word 'cyber' or 'counterintelligence' attached to it."…
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19 May 20
"Sergei Mikhailov is accused of working with the CIA"

"Two sources indicated he was a mole inside the FSB"

"He passed info to U.S. agents that led to a USIC report alleging Russia hacked the DNC"

"He may have been selling info for at least seven years"…
"In 2016, 'FSB agents' Mikhailov et al successfully used false intelligence to deceive Christopher Steele and others, who the DNC and Perkins Coie were bribing that year. An obstruction of justice jackpot!"
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15 May 20
As far as I can tell, the Renteria memo has nothing to do with General Flynn, yet...
I wonder...did Flynn ever get access to intelligence on the Renteria memo?
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15 May 20
"Did Obama order, and did AG Lynch certify, a court-exempt electronic surveillance warrant on a foreign power, and it just so happened that Flynn's phone call with Kislyak ended up in incidental collections? What other explanation is there?"

-Dan Bongino…
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14 May 20
Origin of Ukraine probe: Late summer 2014?

#Steele #Winer #Burt…
Project Charlemagne:
April 2014 - April 2016 (?)…
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13 May 20
On closer inspection:
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11 May 20
"Diligence is a CIA front company or 'spin-off', operating an industrial espionage network. Top staff include members of UK and US intelligwnce agencies, originally created by former Bush administration members to obtain private contracts from Enron."
"Bloomberg reported how KPMG was infiltrated by Diligence in 2005. BGR represented Alfa Group Consortium, whose archrival, IPOC, was being audited by KPMG's Bermuda office. Diligence's CEO, Nick Day, posed as an MI5 agent and got an accountant to drop off inside information."
"From the start, Diligence's goal was clear, if far from simple: Infiltrate KPMG to obtain advance information about the audit of IPOC, an investment fund based in Bermuda."…
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10 May 20
Any idea what caused Steele to associate Sergei Millian and Simon Kukes?…
Other than the tenuous theory that Kukes was somehow funneling Kremlin money into the Trump campaign (which I assume is the idea Steele is trying to get at here), I can't find a singular event that could cause someone to come to associate the two.…
Kukes donations to the Trump campaign:

3/12/2016: $2,700
6/23/2016: $2,700 ($100k to TVC)
7/13/2016: $2,700 ($49k to TVC)
9/28/2016: $2,700 ($99k to TVC)
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10 May 20
Sources tell NBC's Ken Dilanian that Manafort's typed notes from the Trump Tower meeting "contained the words 'donations' and 'RNC' in close proximity"

The notes, in fact, did not include the word "donations"……
These weren't handwritten.

These were typed notes.

How did multiple sources hallucinate the same non-existent word to the same reporter.
Without any evidence, this reporter from Open Secrets the next day blindly presumed that the mystery RNC donor described in Manafort's notes must've been none other than Russian-American, Simon Kukes.…
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8 May 20

"So I had a discussion w/the CIA in December 2016, and then early February 2017"

"I wanted to share info w/the CIA about possible contacts between the Trump Organization and Russia"

"The info came from a client (Baumgartner?), who learned of the info in summer 2016"
"Why did you go to the CIA with this information?"

"It was, in large part, in response to President Obama's post-election IC review of potential Russian involvement in the election."

"When did you first reach out to the CIA in this regard?"

"December 2016."
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7 May 20
"In numerous recorded communications, Igor Sporyshev and Victor Podobnyy, the defendants, discussed their work as SVR agents covertly operating in the United States"…
"On April 8, 2013, Igor Sporyshev made the following comments to Victor Podobnyy about targeting 'Female-1' and 'Female-2' as potential intelligence sources located in New York City"
"Also on April 8, 2013, Igor Sporyshev and Victor Podobnyy discussed Podobnyy's efforts to recruit Carter Page, a male working as a consultant in New York City ('Male-1'), as an intelligence source"
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