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A national grassroots movement of diverse veterans & military families mobilizing against Trump and his dangerous agenda #VetsVsHate #VetsAgainstTrump
9 May 19
BREAKING: Common Defense surveyed our 125,000 members to see how politically engaged progressive military veterans are feeling about the 2020 primary.

Here’s what we found:

1) @BernieSanders 29.1% (up 5.1% from Jan)

2) @ewarren 20.7% (up 10.7% !!)

3) @JoeBiden 18.2% (up 0.2%)
4) @PeteButtigieg 8.5% (new to our survey)

5) @KamalaHarris 6.2% (down 1.8% from January)

6) @JayInslee 1.6% (new to our survey)

7) @TulsiGabbard 1.6% (up 0.6%)

8) @BetoORourke 1.4% (down 12.1% !!!!!)

9) @CoryBooker 1.1% (down 0.9%)

All other candidates got <1%
In our survey, we asked Common Defense veterans and military families to tell us why they support their top choice of candidate.

The responses were remarkably consistent!

Here are a few representative examples:
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14 Jan 19
We polled our members about 2020.

Among Veterans only, here were the top picks:

1. @BernieSanders 22.5%
2. @JoeBiden 18%
3. @BetoORourke 13%
4. @ewarren 9.5%
5. @KamalaHarris 6.5%
6. @amyklobuchar 4%
7. @SherrodBrown 3%
8. @CoryBooker 2%
9. @TulsiGabbard 2%
For context, we asked respondents to self-report who they voted for in the 2016 Democratic primary.

Among veterans:

1. @BernieSanders 49%
2. @HillaryClinton 44%
3. Didn't Vote 5.5%
4. Other 1.5%
Among only veterans who voted for @BernieSanders in 2016, the top four preferences for 2020 are:

1. @BernieSanders 42%
2. @ewarren 10%
3. @BetoORourke 10%
4. @JoeBiden 8%
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1 Sep 18
Under Trump and his new hand-picked VA Secretary, instead of fixing the @DeptVetAffairs, they’re bleeding it dry.

The number of unfilled jobs has gone up by 12,000 since last report.

They sabotage the VA, so service suffers. Then they say “Service sucks! Privatize!”
A few greedy billionaires in Mar-a-Lago are trying to destroy the VA so they can profit off us.

But what’s happening with veterans isn’t isolated. It’s happpening in public education, where @BetsyDeVos undermines our public schools, then uses the sabotage as a pretext for cuts.
It’s happening in the military, where corporate interests, empowered by a revolving door of senior officials, siphon more and more “Defense” money into expensive boondoggles so they can make more profits.

The troops get less for training, basic gear. They need sleep not gizmos.
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14 Jun 18
Fun Fact: one of the disbursements Trump made in an Iowa was to a supposed “Veteran Service dog” charity, which has only ever given a dog to Sarah Palin, and which is run by a GOP political operative with a felony conviction for charity fraud.…
Following #VetsVsHate holding a protest outside of Trump Tower in May 2016, calling out @realDonaldTrump for using Veterans as props for racism and bigotry while lying about having donated to Veteran charities, Trump was forced to donate the missing money. /2
Trump held a press conference in Trump Tower where (along with commenting on Harambe the gorilla, calling a journalist a “sleeze,” and attacking the Veterans protesting outside) he announced where he’d donated the missing money.

$100k went to the “Puppy Jake Foundation.” 3/
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13 May 18
Let’s talk about the Iran Deal, and why it’s viewed so differently than the negotiations with North Korea. 1/
Let’s start with some facts: the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the JCPOA, was the gold standard for arms control. There were basically no experts who thought the USA should break the deal, and not a single other country in the world who joined us in doing so. 2/
The Iran Deal accomplished most of what we’d want from a deal. Here’s some basics:

-Iran had to give up 100% (you read that right) of the fissile material it had that was usable for making nuclear weapons. So even if Iran broke the deal, they’d be starting from scratch. 3/
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3 May 18
New from @ProPublica, some of the most violent and extreme white supremacist hate groups include active duty military troops, and actively recruit veterans. /1…
Reminder, when @MilitaryTimes did a scientific poll of troops, 1-in-4 said they know a white nationalist serving alongside them in uniform, and 1-in-20 openly responded to the poll with white supremacist statements. 2/
The situation has only gotten worse under Trump, as hate and white nationalist sentiment has come out in the open in many units. We hear constantly from people of color and women who are choosing to leave the military because they are afraid, and commanders do nothing. /3
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17 Dec 17
THREAD: It’s clear that Trump doesn’t actually care about having an effective military, or keeping us safe, his priority is white nationalist purges. #VetsVsHate
Yesterday, the White House shared a video of President Trump once again using the military community as props to advance his bigoted and un-American agenda.
In the video, Trump accused immigrants of being a national security threat, and called for extreme and unprecedented reductions in legal immigration, intentionally tearing apart families.
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9 Nov 17
As Veterans Day approaches, we're proud to join with frontline LGBT membership and legal organizations to #HonorTransTroops
Over the next hour, we'll be hosting a nonpartisan twitter chat to answer questions about the #TransBan and the work of our organizations.
Please join us in sharing your stories, asking questions, and showing your support by using the hashtag #HonorTransTroops
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23 Oct 17
BREAKING: @MilitaryTimes has just released a scientific poll of U.S. military troops. The things it found are game-changing. 1/
A majority of troops say White Nationalism is a national security threat. They say it's more dangerous than Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. 2/
Troops report that White Nationalism is a serious threat, say it's no comparison with "protest movements"/"civil disobedience". cc: @NRA 3/
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17 Oct 17
THREAD: It's shocking that Trump still hasn't contacted the families of the 4 troops killed in #Niger, but that's just half the story. 1/
Calling the families of fallen troops is, after all, the absolutely lowest bar. Trump fails even that, which tells us something important 2/
It tells us that Trump lacks any real empathy for the millions of troops under his command. That has bigger implications beyond these 4. 3/
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