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Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance, an alliance of people spied on by the #SpyCops of Britain's political secret police.
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May 20 213 tweets 76 min read
#spycopsinquiry starting again - you can watch/listen via

First thing this morning , the Inquiry will be reading out summaries of the evidence of officers: HN2152; HN350 and HN308.…
Richard Reeves Scullly joined Special Branch in 1968, doesn't remember exactly when he was in SDS but it's thought to have been around 1977.

May 19 227 tweets 127 min read
The #spycopsinquiry starts again soon - for Day 9 of this set of hearings - more info at…
You can listen to this morning's hearing via Youtube

#spycops Today we are due to hear about Richard Walker, HN368 – a summary of their evidence will be read out by a member of the Inquiry staff.

This is based on the Witness Statement he's provided to the @ucpinquiry

Walker isn't being called to give oral evidence
May 18 239 tweets 215 min read
The #spycopsinquiry starts again soon.
You can watch this morning's proceedings at
morning Today's hearing is devoted to the evidence of just one man: Geoffrey Craft.
Also known as HN34.

You can download his witness statements from the @ucpinquiry website...
May 17 153 tweets 57 min read
#spycopsinquiry is about to start again for Day 7 of this round of hearings - you can watch from 10:10 onwards at

#Spycops We began with a summary of HN2401's evidence being read by a member of the @ucpinquiry staff, Elizabeth Campbell.
This officer's name is Anthony Greenslade.

He joined the police in the mid 50s, and Special Branch in 1960.
May 16 114 tweets 41 min read
Next, he was asked about the Registry Files he earlier admitted to taking along to the SDS safe house, e.g.…
Was this because the managers wanted to target those individuals or because the #spycops officers asked for info about them?
The managers He went on to explain that these requests for info were usually accompanied by notes (often from other parts of Special Branch) so he would put the notes in the bags too and take them to the #spycops
May 16 132 tweets 69 min read
#spycopsinquiry due to start again at 10am this morning - this will be streamed via Youtube from 10:10 onwards (due to the 10-min delay on all reporting) - at .

More info about today's hearing at…

#Spycops First up we'll hear a summary of evidence from HN3095 being read out by a member of @ucpinquiry staff, Elizabeth Campbell.
HN3095, William (or Bill) Furner was part of the #spycops unit when it was first founded, in the summer of 1968. He worked in the office, in an admin role...
May 13 100 tweets 49 min read
#SpyCopsInquiry restarts soon with more evidence from HN218, Barry Moss - one of the #spycops managers

Listen at…
We see a Circular sent by the SS to Chief Constables about 'subversive activities' in schools, asking them to share any information about this.

Was Moss aware of it?
By the time you were DCI of the SDS unit?
Maybe “but I wouldn't swear to it”.
May 13 132 tweets 106 min read
Day 5 of this round of evidential hearings is due to start at 10am - you can watch the first part of the proceedings - from 10:10am onwards - at
#spycops First we'll see and hear from Elizabeth Leicester, who was part of the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) - originally known as the Socialist Labour League (SLL).
May 12 34 tweets 13 min read
The afternoon session of the #spycopsinquiry is now underway - you can watch it on

#spycops First we saw a report about the Easter 1980 rally in Skegness…

It includes a very long list, running to 50 pages, of names of people who had attended the event. Some of them are listed as entertainers
May 12 134 tweets 129 min read
Today we start hearing evidence in this round of the #SpyCopsInquiry

Starting at 10am is @LindseyAGerman - long-term member/ organiser of the @SWP_Britain - targeted by multiple #spycops over the decades @LindseyAGerman @SWP_Britain The @ucpinquiry has imposed a ten minute delay on all reporting, and on the youtube stream, which you can watch from 10:10 onwards - at

May 11 190 tweets 137 min read
Dave took a photograph of 'Tony Williams' and supplied a copy to the Inquiry Regarding the Torness Alliance, this was a UK wide campaign to oppose the building of a new nuclear power station in Scotland.
May 11 86 tweets 87 min read
Day 3 of this round of the #SpyCopsInquiry starts in 5 mins - watch at

We'll be live-tweeting - along with @tombfowler - throughout the morning (yes, it's due to finish for the day at lunchtime)

#spycops @tombfowler First is Rajiv Menon QC, representing Tariq Ali, Ernie Tate and Piers Corbyn.
You can now download their written Opening Statement from…
May 11 5 tweets 2 min read
Shocking revelation from the #SpyCopsInquiry yesterday: The CPS decided there was a good chance of securing a conviction for the officer who stole the identity of the dead infant Rod Richardson, but bringing a prosecution is "not in the public interest"… The CPS took its decision last year, 2 weeks after Rod Richardson's mother, Barbara Shaw, had died. It says it is because the officer followed his training. In which case they should prosecute the trainer (Andy Coles, now a Tory councillor in Peterborough…)
May 10 41 tweets 19 min read
Mitting is responding to some of the points made - says it would be 'gargantuan' and a waste of public money (?!) to find all of the relevant 'Registry Files' and other documents held by the State. Kilroy repeats that the #spycops operations were obviously unlawful - Mitting says her submissions are "forceful and well-founded" but he's unwilling to respond immediately on the question of lawfulness...

May 10 20 tweets 5 min read
One of these #spycops was HN348, known as 'Sandra Davies', who spied on Diane and her family for two years. The Women's Liberation Front (WLF) held many meetings in private homes and Sandra went along to them. Sandra said herself that she never witnessed any criminal, subversive, disruptive or violent activity on the part of WLF members. The group was engaged in leafleting, holding meetings and attending demonstrations.
May 10 7 tweets 4 min read
The #SpyCopsInquiry is due to start again after lunch - you can watch the 'action' on youtube - at Charlotte Kilroy QC is due to return, this time representing two individual core participants, 'Madeleine' and Diane Langford. Watch live at
follow us or @tombfowler

May 10 78 tweets 57 min read
The #spycopsinquiry is due to start again at 10am.
Today we'll hear Opening Statements from the Home Office, but also from many of the 'Non State Core Participants' (i.e. people who were targeted by the Special Demonstration Squad and other #spycops ).
You can watch online... We put together a report on yesterday's hearing -…
You can download yesterday's Statements & related evidence from the #spycopsinquiry site:… incl the full transcript:…
May 9 28 tweets 38 min read
The #SpycopsInquiry recommences this week, with Opening Statements being streamed online today, Tuesday and Wednesday.

More details of this set of hearings:

Live evidence will be heard from Thurs 12th onwards, and we'll be live-tweeting...
#spycops David Barr QC is explaining what to expect over from the #SpycopsInquiry over the next few weeks. We are due to hear oral evidence from 7 former #spycops managers and 2 "civilian witnesses".
May 13, 2021 162 tweets 107 min read
The #spycopsinquiry is starting again
this afternoon's moving transcript will appear on in about ten minutes....

(1) Why did HN96 believe that the SWP were 'the most disruptive, from a public order perspective, that were currently active'?
(as he says in his witness statement)
May 13, 2021 129 tweets 105 min read
Next up today at the #spycopsinquiry – and again you can see the moving transcript for yourself at – is 'HN96' – who used the cover name 'Michael James'

He infiltrated the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and Troops Out Movement (TOM).
His real name is restricted.
He will be giving oral evidence for most of today.
May 13, 2021 46 tweets 23 min read
Today, the #SpycopsInquiry is due to hear a summary of HN155's deployment first thing in the morning.

Then we'll hear from HN96, from 10:30am onwards.

(1) Towards the end of the day, we're due to hear from two of the risk assessors (David Reid and Brian Lockie) who have had dealings with HN155.