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Today at the #spycopsinquiry we'll be hearing from four different lawyers, all representing various groupings of 'Non State Core Participants'


These hearings are being live-streamed on Youtube, so from 10am onwards you'll be able to watch the proceedings as they happen -
First up today is Rajiv Menon KC
He represents three men who were politically active in the period covered by this 'Tranche' of the @ucpinquiry – the years 1968-82 – Tariq Ali, Piers Corbyn and Ernie Tate.

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Helen Steel is a left-wing activist known for her involvement in #McLibel, that lasted 10 years, & was eventually taken to the ECHR, where Helen & David Morris won their case against the UK Govt on the grounds they'd been denied a fair trial.

Helen & David were part of London Greenpeace, a small campaigning group that existed from 1972 to 2001.

In 1986 they distributed "a few hundred copies" of the leaflet: "What's wrong with McDonald's: everything they don't want you to know", in London…
The leaflet accused the company of paying low wages, of cruelty to animals used in its products & other malpractices. The group were not affiliated with the larger Greenpeace International organisation, which they declined to join as they saw it as too "centralised & mainstream".
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#Sexsomnia: Case Closed? with @jadeblueLDN exposes the @CPSUK failings to protect women from out of date laws on consent. Something we know a thing or two about…

A 🧵thread about #spycops #consent #CPS

@jadeblueLDN @CPSUK In 2018, the High Court dismissed a challenge to a decision by @CPSUK not to prosecute former #spycops Jim Boyling under Sexual Offences Act 1956 & for Misconduct in Public Office re. his deceitful sexual relationship with ‘Monica’.…

Part of the @CPSUK reason for saying that #spycops had no case to answer was because (they said) ‘genuine feelings’ were involved.

Listen to the brilliant @MPeakeOfficial voice our reasons for saying this is wrong.

We did not consent.

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The latest round of #spycopspublicinquiry into infiltration of political groups by undercover #spycops officers finished on Friday. Some things that we learnt 1/
A series of managers who supervised the #spycops operations were called before the #spycopspublicinquiry in the hearings. Many gave curt and vague answers or claimed that they could not recall events. Those who run the secret state don't like explaining what they were doing. 2/
All of #spycops managers maintained they did not know that the undercover officers they were supervising had formed sexual relationships with women during their covert deployments. #spycopsinquiry has heard these relationships were “endemic and common” 3/…
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#spycopsinquiry starting again - you can watch/listen via

First thing this morning , the Inquiry will be reading out summaries of the evidence of officers: HN2152; HN350 and HN308.…
Richard Reeves Scullly joined Special Branch in 1968, doesn't remember exactly when he was in SDS but it's thought to have been around 1977.

He worked in the back office processing reports – sometimes making corrections but not filtering the info. He didn't decide which reports were forwarded or who the intelligence went to.
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#ACAB Daily Digest (May 19. 2022)🧵: Two frame meme. Top frame: A SWAT death squad is arrayed beh
The intersection where environmentalism, migrant justice and our malevolent tech overlords collide: CBP is deploying robot dogs to patrol climate-scorched borderlands.…
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The #spycopsinquiry starts again soon - for Day 9 of this set of hearings - more info at…
You can listen to this morning's hearing via Youtube

Today we are due to hear about Richard Walker, HN368 – a summary of their evidence will be read out by a member of the Inquiry staff.

This is based on the Witness Statement he's provided to the @ucpinquiry

Walker isn't being called to give oral evidence
@ucpinquiry You can now download some of today's exhibits and documents from the Inquiry's website…
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The #spycopsinquiry starts again soon.
You can watch this morning's proceedings at
Today's hearing is devoted to the evidence of just one man: Geoffrey Craft.
Also known as HN34.

You can download his witness statements from the @ucpinquiry website...
@ucpinquiry He supplied a very long one (60 pages) in December 2020 -…
and a second one in Februaryy of this year…
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Day 7 of #SpyCopsInquiry – Tranche 1 (Phase 3). Anthony Greenslade tells #SpyCopsInquiry in statement that he “got involved” in the Met’s #spycops unit while working on the bomb squad between 1971 and 1974.

“Morale” on the unit was “low at the time”, he says.
Anthony Greenslade on the head of the #spycops unit at the time, now deceased, but his name is being kept secret: “He virtually ran [the unit] as [a] fiefdom.

“I do not think he was very good at management.”
Anthony Greenslade tells #SpyCopsInquiry that he was brought into train #spycops for promotion exams to improve morale.

He also bought 12 cars for the unit, and found one of its flats to act as a safe house.

He recalls that another officer was brought into help raise morale.
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#spycopsinquiry is about to start again for Day 7 of this round of hearings - you can watch from 10:10 onwards at

We began with a summary of HN2401's evidence being read by a member of the @ucpinquiry staff, Elizabeth Campbell.
This officer's name is Anthony Greenslade.

He joined the police in the mid 50s, and Special Branch in 1960.
@ucpinquiry He worked at Britain's seaports, and after a spell in Anguilla, returned to London in 1970 to work in a section that was concerned with Black Power for around a year.
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Next, he was asked about the Registry Files he earlier admitted to taking along to the SDS safe house, e.g.…
Was this because the managers wanted to target those individuals or because the #spycops officers asked for info about them?
The managers
He went on to explain that these requests for info were usually accompanied by notes (often from other parts of Special Branch) so he would put the notes in the bags too and take them to the #spycops
Barr: 'SP' and 'C' appear on the page – we've been told these are security classifications, and stand for Secret Pink and Confidential. Did you add these markings?
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Day 6 of #SpyCopsInquiry – Tranche 1 (Phase 3). Conrad Dixon, who in 1968 set up and headed Met’s SDS, its initial #spycops unit, briefed Jim Callaghan, home sec, more than once during1968-70, according to statement by Bill Furner, a junior officer in the back-office staff.
David Smith, officer manager at #spycops unit, 1970-74, tells #SpyCopsInquiry in statement: “There was no guidance on intimate relationships, but the officers were treated as mature adults who knew not to bring the police force into disrepute by engaging in such activity.”
The Met’s boss visited the #spycops safehouse for an hour or two, David Smith recalls in his statement.

“The commissioner Robert Mark visited the SDS safe house probably in around 1971 or 1972.” Smith thinks that it was part of a tour of the Met on being made the commissioner.
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#spycopsinquiry due to start again at 10am this morning - this will be streamed via Youtube from 10:10 onwards (due to the 10-min delay on all reporting) - at .

More info about today's hearing at…

First up we'll hear a summary of evidence from HN3095 being read out by a member of @ucpinquiry staff, Elizabeth Campbell.
HN3095, William (or Bill) Furner was part of the #spycops unit when it was first founded, in the summer of 1968. He worked in the office, in an admin role...
@ucpinquiry He provided the Inquiry with two witness statements - one identifying the people who appeared in an early photo of the new unit… and another describing his role and work…
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#SpyCopsInquiry restarts soon with more evidence from HN218, Barry Moss - one of the #spycops managers

Listen at…
We see a Circular sent by the SS to Chief Constables about 'subversive activities' in schools, asking them to share any information about this.

Was Moss aware of it?
By the time you were DCI of the SDS unit?
Maybe “but I wouldn't swear to it”.
The #spycops reported on what was going on inside schools.

There were some more questions about the procedures within the SDS.

Moss already described an “unfiltered approach to intelligence-gathering”
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Day 5 of this round of evidential hearings is due to start at 10am - you can watch the first part of the proceedings - from 10:10am onwards - at
First we'll see and hear from Elizabeth Leicester, who was part of the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) - originally known as the Socialist Labour League (SLL).
Following her, for the rest of the day, is the first police witness of this round: HN218, Barry Moss.

He doesn't want to appear on-screen, so those watching on youtube will not be able to see him...
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The afternoon session of the #spycopsinquiry is now underway - you can watch it on

First we saw a report about the Easter 1980 rally in Skegness…

It includes a very long list, running to 50 pages, of names of people who had attended the event. Some of them are listed as entertainers
German confirmed that one didn't need to be a member of the SWP in order to attend the event.

Barr pointed out that it says “No trace” after many of the names – suggesting that the person had not come to Special Branch's attention before.
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Today we start hearing evidence in this round of the #SpyCopsInquiry

Starting at 10am is @LindseyAGerman - long-term member/ organiser of the @SWP_Britain - targeted by multiple #spycops over the decades
@LindseyAGerman @SWP_Britain The @ucpinquiry has imposed a ten minute delay on all reporting, and on the youtube stream, which you can watch from 10:10 onwards - at

@LindseyAGerman @SWP_Britain @ucpinquiry In the mean time you can now download the witness statement of @LindseyAGerman from…

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Dave took a photograph of 'Tony Williams' and supplied a copy to the Inquiry
Regarding the Torness Alliance, this was a UK wide campaign to oppose the building of a new nuclear power station in Scotland.
The main objections were firstly the threat of catastrophic nuclear accidents (as had almost happened in 1979 at Three Mile Island in the US &in 1986 actually happened at Chernobyl in Ukraine resulting subsequently in an est 9-16,000 deaths from air pollution throughout Europe).
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Day 3 of this round of the #SpyCopsInquiry starts in 5 mins - watch at

We'll be live-tweeting - along with @tombfowler - throughout the morning (yes, it's due to finish for the day at lunchtime)

@tombfowler First is Rajiv Menon QC, representing Tariq Ali, Ernie Tate and Piers Corbyn.
You can now download their written Opening Statement from…
@tombfowler As Menon says, Ali gave evidence in Nov 2020 and Corbyn in April 2021.

Sadly, Ernie Tate's ill-health meant he was unable to give evidence in person to the @ucpinquiry, and he passed away in February of last year, (without ever receiving any meaningful disclosure)
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Shocking revelation from the #SpyCopsInquiry yesterday: The CPS decided there was a good chance of securing a conviction for the officer who stole the identity of the dead infant Rod Richardson, but bringing a prosecution is "not in the public interest"…
The CPS took its decision last year, 2 weeks after Rod Richardson's mother, Barbara Shaw, had died. It says it is because the officer followed his training. In which case they should prosecute the trainer (Andy Coles, now a Tory councillor in Peterborough…)
The #SpyCops officer was exposed in 2013 by activists suspicious of their former comrade. The Met flatly denied the now-established fact that stealing identities of dead children was standard practice & part of their training.
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Mitting is responding to some of the points made - says it would be 'gargantuan' and a waste of public money (?!) to find all of the relevant 'Registry Files' and other documents held by the State.
Kilroy repeats that the #spycops operations were obviously unlawful - Mitting says her submissions are "forceful and well-founded" but he's unwilling to respond immediately on the question of lawfulness...

Another break, before the #SpyCopsInquiry returns, to hear from Owen Greenhall, representing Lord Peter Hain, Professor Jonathan Rosenhead and Ernest Rodker.

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One of these #spycops was HN348, known as 'Sandra Davies', who spied on Diane and her family for two years. The Women's Liberation Front (WLF) held many meetings in private homes and Sandra went along to them.
Sandra said herself that she never witnessed any criminal, subversive, disruptive or violent activity on the part of WLF members. The group was engaged in leafleting, holding meetings and attending demonstrations.
Another officer who reported on Diane was HN45, tasked with infiltrating Maoist groups - he also doesn't remember witnessing public disorder on their or Diane's part.
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The #SpyCopsInquiry is due to start again after lunch - you can watch the 'action' on youtube - at
Charlotte Kilroy QC is due to return, this time representing two individual core participants, 'Madeleine' and Diane Langford. Watch live at
follow us or @tombfowler

@tombfowler Diane makes it clear in her statement that she has never taken part in or been arrested for criminal activity. She has been politically active for many years.

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The #spycopsinquiry is due to start again at 10am.
Today we'll hear Opening Statements from the Home Office, but also from many of the 'Non State Core Participants' (i.e. people who were targeted by the Special Demonstration Squad and other #spycops ).
You can watch online...
We put together a report on yesterday's hearing -…
You can download yesterday's Statements & related evidence from the #spycopsinquiry site:… incl the full transcript:…
First up today, we've had Catherine Brown on screen, making an extremely statement on behalf of the Home Secretary. And now a ten minute break before we start hearing from the Core Participants...

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