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The #spycopsinquiry is starting again
this afternoon's moving transcript will appear on in about ten minutes....

Why did HN96 believe that the SWP were 'the most disruptive, from a public order perspective, that were currently active'?
(as he says in his witness statement)
Was this borne out by his experience of them at demos?

His statement only refers to a few “scuffles” with the police and violent exchanges with the far-right.
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Next up today at the #spycopsinquiry – and again you can see the moving transcript for yourself at – is 'HN96' – who used the cover name 'Michael James'

He infiltrated the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and Troops Out Movement (TOM).
His real name is restricted.
He will be giving oral evidence for most of today.
You can read more about Michael James (HN96) on pages 256 – 268
of the CTI opening statement:…
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Today, the #SpycopsInquiry is due to hear a summary of HN155's deployment first thing in the morning.

Then we'll hear from HN96, from 10:30am onwards.

Towards the end of the day, we're due to hear from two of the risk assessors (David Reid and Brian Lockie) who have had dealings with HN155.
We hope that today's hearing ends on time, at 5pm.
The last few days have run much later than expected. Which is not really acceptable for those who have had to rearrange their lives, work and care commitments around the dates and times of these hearings.
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This afternoon's session is starting now. A moving transcript will be shown – with a ten minute delay – on

In the meantime you can watch reactions to this morning's evidence – from HN126 (cover name 'Paul Gray') at…

You can read the witness statement of HN126:…
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Today, the #SpycopsInquiry is due to hear summaries of two officers' deployments HN80 & HN106, introduce some documents associated with HN356, and then hear evidence from HN126...

The Inquiry will be streaming a moving transcript on Youtube:
If you're based in England or Wales, and would like to hear an audio-stream featuring the officer's voice, you'll need to register on the @ucpinquiry website for access via a Zoom webinar.

There is a ten-minute delay on all of these options – and on our tweeting/ reporting.

@ucpinquiry First today we will hear a summary of HN80.
You can read more about 'Colin Clark' on pages 215 – 224
of the CTI opening statement…

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NB: There is a different youtube link for those who want to see a moving transcript of the evidence we hear from 'HN354' this afternoon
While you're waiting for the afternoon hearing to commence....

catch up with reactions from some of those who witnessed this morning's evidence at the Amba hotel....
You can read HN354's 'consolidated' witness statement (the supplemented version that he submitted in this year, adding to his original statement made in November 2019) at:…

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Today, the #SpycopsInquiry is due to hear from HN354, who used the name 'Vince Miller' to infiltrate the Socialist Workers Party from 1976-1979.
Read more about him at…
@UndercoverNet The Inquiry will be streaming a moving transcript on Youtube: (in the morning)

@UndercoverNet The documents being referred to should be uploaded so you can read them for yourself:…
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We will be tweeting about today's #SpyCopsInquiry hearing - so will @tombfowler - or you can listen to what's said (and watch a moving transcript of the words) over at in about quarter of an hour...

@tombfowler Today we are hearing from a non-State core participant/ witness. She has been granted anonymity, so is known as 'Madeleine' – she will not be shown on screen but you can hear her voice.
@tombfowler ‘Madeleine’ is the pseudonym of a woman who was deceived into an intimate relationship by an undercover officer, ‘Vince Miller’ in 1979, while she was an activist with the Socialist Workers Party.

She has not been provided with his real name.
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His memory loss was less extensive than the other former #spycops we've heard from. But memory loss can be a selective thing.
He clammed up when asked about the events in Southall on 23 April '79 & claimed not to remember anyone in the @metpoliceuk discussing Blair Peach's death.
@metpoliceuk ...even though we know that #spycops attended Blair's funeral, and spied on the subsequent campaigning for justice ever since. Coates said he couldn't remember any discussion of all that within the SDS.

@metpoliceuk Although he was able to share some clear memories of the offensively sexist jokes & banter he heard in the #spycops safe-house....
#institutionalracism Image
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'HN304' (aka 'Graham Coates') gave evidence at the #SpyCopsInquiry today.
"Would more formal training have helped?"
He replied:
"Yes, I think so"
Luckily that now exists, created by @out_of_lives Image
@out_of_lives Watch @siobhni and @MPeakeOfficial explain #InstitutionalSexism - privacy - consent - & the right to protest (words by @out_of_lives ) as part of this new #spycops training resource.

#ACAB Image
@out_of_lives @siobhni @MPeakeOfficial Watch @tamdeanburn explain the kind of dilemmas #spycops might face in the field - and show how role-play can be used to find solutions to a selection of scenarios Image
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Starting again after lunch, the #spycopsinquiry -
moving transcript of HN304's evidence will appear at

(in ten minutes....)
HN304 was asked about his memories of the Grunwicks dispute.

He remembered that it was something to do with the discrimination faced by Asian women workers.

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Day 12 of this set of #spycopsinquiry hearings is starting now

Today is devoted entirely to the evidence of one former undercover officer, HN304, aka 'Graham Coates'.

He has a lot to say about his time in the #spycops unit, the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS).
The hearing began at 10am - and you will be able to watch an exciting moving transcript of what is said on Youtube, with a ten-minute delay -

Or follow proceedings on Twitter - @tombfowler will also be tweeting live from the Amba hotel room in central London, and hosting occasional short FB live sessions, with non State core participants & other observers giving their reactions to the evidence
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Today we hear from Celia Stubbs, a non State core participant.
Her witness statement is now at…

You can watch on
There is a ten minute delay in place, which we'll do our best to stick to as we tweet
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The #SpyCopsInquiry is starting again -

Watch at
First we heard about a statement that has been provided by the second wife of 'HN300'

The family are concerned that publicity from the Inquiry will interfere with their right to private life so have asked for his real name to be restricted.
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Having heard from Richard Chessum, a 'non State core participant' (ie someone who was spied on), the #SpyCopsInquiry is due to hear from another former undercover officer, 'HN200', this afternoon.
This is being streamed on youtube, with a ten-minute delay:
This means you'll be able to see it (and our tweets about it) from about 15:15 onwards.

In the meantime, you can read a summary of HN200's deployment on pages 171-174 of the Counsel to the Inquiry's opening statement:…

He used the cover name 'Roger Harris' to infiltrate the International Socialists (IS) – the Twickenham branch – and also reported on the Troops Out Movement (TOM).

He was deployed between April 1974 and October 1977.
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The #SpyCopsInquiry is taking a short break. Next we'll be hearing from a non State core participant, Richard Chessum.
You can watch this morning's hearing at

The opening statement of Richard Chessum and 'Mary' is at…

This morning's session is being streamed with a ten-minute delay...

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The #SpyCopsInquiry is starting again - you can watch this morning's session at
We will hear summaries of HN353 (who used the cover name 'Gary Roberts') and HN351.(who used the cover name 'Jeff Slater').
Neither man will be providing any evidence in person.
HN353 used the name 'Gary Roberts' ( this identity was stolen from a deceased child).
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This afternoon's #SpyCopsInquiry hearing will start just after 2pm.
If you'd like to see a moving transcript of what is said (10 mins after it's said) you can watch this on
Or follow our and @tombfowler 's tweets...
@tombfowler David Barr (Counsel to the #SpycopsInquiry ) took us back to the Star & Garter hotel car-park.

HN298 – using the cover name 'Michael Scott' – was arrested at this demo, blocking the British Lions rugby team bus (they were about to head off on a tour of apartheid South Africa).
@tombfowler HN298 claims to have been in the road at the time of his arrest. He has no recollection of his actions on the day, but says he “would have been going through the motions” (of participating in the direct action).
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The #SpyCopsInquiry hearings have started for another week.

First of all, we hear Elizabeth Campbell for the Inquiry, giving a short summary of 'HN301', who used the cover name 'Bob Stubbs'

Stubbs is of the opinion that he was chosen in part due to his dark complexion which may have assisted him to infiltrate groups focusing on Middle Eastern politics at a time when Palestinian hijackings were of significant concern. .
He was initially tasked to infiltrate the Palestinian Solidarity Committee – a group with no terrorist links
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The #spycopsinquiry starts with Summary of evidence for former #spycops officer HN 301 alias "Bob Stubbs" he was recruited for his "dark skin" he infiltrated the International Socialists / Socialist Workers Party 1971 - 1976
He says that HN343 alias "John Clinton" was like an informal mentor to him.
He was given a car and had a drivers licence in his cover name.
He got a job as a lab tech in order to improve his cover at the start of the employment as a Palestine activist also worked there.
This tactic was unsuccessful as he could not get close to the activist he was sent to target. So he quit the job and got a job as a handyman at a mechanics and started attending International Socialist meetings
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Great to see #spycops placards and signs at yesterday's #KillTheBill demo in London
The #SpyCopsInquiry hearings recommence on Tuesday morning - catch up on the last few weeks at and
@out_of_lives ImageImage
@out_of_lives We don't trust the police.
Nobody can.
We remember the #SpyCops

Check out the new podcast series at ImageImageImage
@out_of_lives The police continue to spy on all kinds of campaigners, and curtail our right to protest.
This is why it's important to oppose the proposed new Police Crime & Sentencing Bill... ImageImage
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The #SpyCopsInquiry starts again this morning, hearing from Lord Peter Hain.
He was involved in campaigning against apartheid.
As his opening statement says:

"From the 1960s onwards, the international movement against the Apartheid regime in South Africa was one of the world’s largest social movements. Abhorrence at the racist and murderous regime was shared by people aroundthe globe."
"They formed campaigns in support of those in South Africa who were struggling for change and people in Britain played a central rolein campaigning for, and eventually achieving,that change"
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There were lots of Portugese students in London, who were opposed to Salazar, the fascist dictator of Portugal at the time.

Organisations would send delegates to these meetings.
She was secretary of the Dambusters Mobilising Committee and says it never occurred to her that #spycops would have attended their meetings.
They campaigned to stop British (and other European) companies from financing or getting involved in this controversial dam-building project.
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[UCPI 00000 8660]…
STST's first national conference took place in March 1970. Both of today's witnesses are listed as attending it.
Jonathan pointed out that the speech reported on was given by Peter Hain, who was“by no means an extreme leftist”
(we'll hear from Peter Hain himself tomorrow)
The Stop the Seventy Tour campaigners felt that it was important to hold as many demonstrations as possible, at sports grounds all over the country...
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