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A Weird-Space-Western Comic Series, vibes of "Outlaw Star", "Fallout" & "Samurai Jack". #IronVerseComics @WikidPublishing Links: https://t.co/cRsvtXjtDG
22 Jan 20

For instance, in his latest video.

He's cals this the "Slow and Steady" technique for growth.

Adapt that to comics and you have the #IronVerseComics approach. Explained further below v!
1. Good leadership. A guiding hand to ensure the other reasons.
2. Offer something unique they can't get anywhere else.
3. Make that thing AMAZING and worth their time EVERY TIME.
4. Have a consistent "hook". Something folks can get comfy in. #5 Below v!
5. If you can maintain all these things above. You will make an impression. That impression WILL spread. It will be the truth of what you are doing. People appreciate Quality honesty. It's so difficult to fnd these days.

Anywho, sub to @MikeCompany17 and keep an open mind.
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30 Nov 19
Kinda neat fact, although we've had Merchandise piracy, we've not had Book piracy or far as I can tell even resale. :)

We are barely known (that helps), but more than that, I think each of our backers wanted to support us, not just consume a product.
It is up to us as creators to foster #opportunities for folks to see the difference, understand the difference, and communicate our abilities to PROVE the difference, between #Consumption, and Investment.
As creators we definitely understand #Investment, but communication is often tough.

Many of us are naturally #Abrasive or #Shy. Neither lending expertly to marketing or community engagement. You can learn to leverage either but it's often not a given.
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24 Aug 19
SO yesterday, and today, are the first times I am genuinely considering leaving comics. I just am not tough enough to be successful out there, nor are the pathways I see towards success any fun, or drive me forward. I've lost the drive.1/10
I never make rash decisions, so I'm here for awhile, wanna see Jack #2 finally get to it's amazing supporters, there are tons of talents who are linked up with me, who deserve the best I can do, but really, I have to redfine "why" or nope out..2/10
The path I've tried to walk doesn't seem to lead towards growing success, so I am letting down the folks who, in this ridculous endevour, lended their support and efforts, and, I am just heartbroken in so many places, at my failures, and at the choices I am left with. 3/10
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